Saturday, March 12, 2016

candy labeled bunny eggs in a carton

easter's in the air.
bunnies, chicks and eggs are everywhere.

so are you gathering up your supplies 
to fill up those baskets yet?
darn those baskets never look so big until 
you start filling them up y'know?
and before you realize it, 
by the time they are filled up,
you just spent a buncha dollars.

well i've come to help you 
and your wallet out,
not to mention mine as well,
so you too can have this:
all you gotta do is get this:
then you can make 4 (!!!) easter goodies 
for your sweeties with the price of 
filled eggs and still come out better 
than a full basket filled with more cavities.

first thread some ribbon thru the 2 holes on 
top and snip the ends to resemble ears.
for girl bunnies, do this:
now for the face detail.
just glue 'em on and allow to dry.

bunnies soakin' up the sun...
while they "tan", grab that easter candy.
and fill up your 6 eggs per carton.
then tell the bunnies it's time 
to get back to work.

now no one has to guess 
what's in the eggs :)
now for the carton,
i got target dollar spot letters
and some easter ribbon i had for awhile 
from who knows where.
put it all together and look there's 
NO ROOM for anything else.
oh gosh darn it all, you can't buy 
anymore easter treats to fill it up!

so now everything is labeled, organized, 
and you're set for the next holiday.

i love organization.
hey wait a sec! 
are they those bunnies tryin' to make me 
an april fool already?!


  1. have such a sense of humor! I just love it! But there's nothing funny about this idea....only FUN! Great idea! So did all the candy in the bags fill those? Or was there candy left over that the adults are doomed to eat? (Right...doomed....I'd buy extra if there weren't going to be some left over!!!!) You are the most talented BBFF in the universe!!

    1. no all the candy did not fit in the eggs which meant more for me (you) but you can buy any candy you want BBFF, like the jumbo bags of candy so that oh no! you will certainly have leftovers Dona! :)

  2. Holy cow! That's so simple but so wonderful! I can't wait to try this with my kids! - Jerusha,

    1. simple and wonderful is like disney itself Jerusha right? well disney's wonderful in every way actually :)

  3. These are so cute! And I love the little egg cartons! I've gotta head to Hobby Lobby!! Thanks so much for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!!

    1. yes go get some T'onna-they're in the aisle with the natural crafts and not in the Easter aisle so hope you find them and get to craftin' up some easter goodies :)

  4. This is really cute! Thanks for sharing this idea at Over The Moon!

  5. I am in love with these adorable bunnies, complete with the ears! BTW, I have that egg carton, so now I know what to fill it with! :)

    1. hooray! i bet you could make cookies that look just like these-but wait you would have to make them the surprise-inside kind...oh goodness if anyone could do that it would be YOU Kim! :)

  6. Ah these are a delight! I love Easter treats that can't just be gobbled up in one go... something to treasure (:

    1. oh and your comment is a delight as well, Petite Words! thank you! :>D

  7. This is probably one of the best Easter ideas I've seen in a long time. Those bunnies are too cute! Thanks for sharing your post at the Over the Moon Link Party.

    1. OH MY! thank you ever SOO much Sandra for the HUGE smile you put on my face! :>D! happy easter to you & yours! :)


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