Monday, July 6, 2015

summer sun souvenir tin

(this post originally published on 
Design Dazzle Summer Camp Series here)

a few weeks ago i was asked by design dazzle to be a summer camp counselor. 
OooOoO what fun that was! 
here's the post in case you missed it.

today i'm here to talk to you about 
your kids and summer vacation. 
do they love getting souvenirs on vacation? 
you know like key chains, tour maps, magnets, little toys and trinkets and such? 
what do they do when they get home with all that loot? 
well, here's something they can use and it will also serve as a really cute memorabilia for both you and your kid! 
it's a win win!

here, check it out:
 with a trip to the dollar tree, you can help your kid put this together before vacation and they'll have a ball filling it up. 

so let's start ok?

first grab a dollar tree pie tin, the kind with the lid, a pair of dollar sunglasses with the arms removed, and cut out some yellow cardstock triangles of varying sizes. 

spray paint the outside of the pie tin, lid and all, and while it dries, gather the sunglasses and triangles.  

here's a quick synopsis for ya:
next up are the sun rays:

then have your kiddo decorate the 
sun's face however they choose! 
mine used perler beads, a flower bead nose, and then finished with a black sharpie. 

i helped with the tacky glue letters 
before the beads were put on top. 

oh and make sure they put "summer 2015" on the lid.
when everything is finally dry,

then last but not least, once the tin is filled 
and the vacation is done, 
there's only one more thing for your child to do:
and there you have it!
ok ok so his story isn't quite done yet, and i used a bunch of old souvenirs he had in his desk drawer so i could make this post! 
but that's only cuz our vacation time is right around the corner and we haven't gone yet! 

but what fun it'll be collecting little souvenirs for the tin. it's also a great excuse not to have to buy a gigundo stuffed animal they crave cuz you can just say,"oh sorry sweetie, i don't think it'll fit in your tin!" 

hehe another win!


  1. Love his idea for lots of reasons! Imagine the fun of opening it on a cold wintry day (oops! that won't happen for you, though, Lisa!) and reliving all the fun of a summer day - and knowing that "this too shall pass" and it will soon be time to fill up another tin!

    1. that's the idea J! and if 35 degrees for about 4 hours in the morning til it gets to 60's count for a winter day, then reliving summer's memories it is! LOL this idea stems from the fact that i am so forgetful lately i 'm not sure what i do from one summer to the next! good thing i have my family to remind me-ha ;)

  2. I do remember collecting souvenirs when my kids were little and this would be such a cute way to store all those summer treasures!

    1. i think having a bunch of summer suns filled with souvenirs from year to year would be really cute to have for childhood memories :) thanks so much Kim! :)

  3. I love your souvenir tin! I have bags upon bags of souvies collected over the years..I feel like the souvenir queen! What a great idea for the kiddos. Your sunny tin would make for the perfect rainy day craft!

    1. i feel your pain Karen! now all i gotta do is come up with an "adult" way to keep all the souvenirs i have too! LOL ;)

  4. Saw this on the Do Tell Tuesday link party. Such a cute idea! Kids will love making these.

    I invite you to share at my link party at Grandma Ideas Sharing Time It goes from Wednesday through Friday night at midnight. (Feel free to share up to 3 links!)

    All the best,

    1. yay! thank you SO much Nina! i'm headed over to your party now! :)

  5. Thank you for sharing at the #summerfamilyfun link-up!

    Holly @ While I'm Waiting

    1. you're so very welcome Holly! and thank YOU for the party! :)

  6. What a fun way to remember cool things they've done. Thanks for linking to the Do Tell Tuesday party!

    1. thank you Lisa! we finally did go on vacation and even after a few weeks it's fun to go and look into the tin to see the little souvenirs :)

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful idea at my Grandma Ideas Sharing Time link party. I so appreciate your participation -- and hope you'll be a regular contributor.

    1. you're welcome you're welcome you're welcome Nina! LOL thank YOU for your party which i hope to get to link for the next one too ! :)


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