Saturday, November 22, 2014

turkey head (macarons)

ok i admit it.
i'm a sucker for cute new packaged holiday items.

so when i saw this at target,
my heart skipped a beat and my eyeballs grew
a mix to make macarons?

there's no grinding almond flour? 
no weighing ingredients? 
no aged eggs? 

now i've made macarons a few times herehere, here, here
and here (whew!), 
and they did turn out for me but i know 
it's a challenge for some. 
so with this mix, i was thinking "short cut!" 
and i couldn't wait to make them.
i didn't even read the instructions til i got home.
except for the ingredients.

all you need are egg whites for the cookie?
so i made them.
i had some issues...
i'm not sure who wrote up the instructions to make these but if you only do 10-12 strokes to mix the egg whites with the cocoa mix, 
then you will get cocoa covered egg whites.

and since when can you take macaron mix and form them into balls?

and i thought for some dumb reason i was supposed to pipe the filling on each one of those circles on the silicone mat it comes with so when i did, the whole mat was covered with mix, making much more than 12 filled cookies.

oh and i piped a little protruding area on half of them.
(you will see the reason for that in a minute.)

anyway, i stuck them in the oven after letting them sit like the instructions say cuz well, you know, you gotta follow the instructions to a "t" when you bake, 
especially baking macarons.

so while they were baking, i made the filling.
peppermint filling?!
oh where art though white peppermint?

the box said white mint filling.
but you taste like buttercream.
so i colored you orange instead.

and then the oven timer went off.
oh feet!!! 
where art though feet?!

should i stay or should i go now?
how do they taste?
kinda chewy.
definitely has that meringue type flavor...

ehh-let's just make these work already.
then stick it on each 
with some candy melt glue, edible glue or whatever you want.

at this point does it even matter?
here's a bunch of them ever-lovin'-yes-you-tricked-me-into-buying-you-you-darn-turkey-macarons-you.
maybe i'll just give extra real turkey for everyone at thanksgiving dinner to make up for these.

ok i'm off to the store to get some...
(some say you are what you eat)


  1. Maybe they don't have the macaron feet, but they sure are cute turkeys!
    Guess what, Lisa?!? You won the giveaway on my blog,..The 100 animals cookie book! Woo woo for you! Please send me an email with your address so that I can send it to the publisher to send you your book:) Here's my email: {Sue of Munchkin Munchies}

    1. shut the front door! no wait keep it open so i can get my book! holy cow i never hardly win anything but isn't it that what everybody says?! LOL thanks to YOU SUE i can wipe the loser label off my forehead (at least for the day) HAHAHA SOOO EXCITED! :>D

  2. Well, they may have not turned out like they should, but they couldn't have turned out better, my brilliant BBFF!! I think they are adorabs and I think I'll just make them with a chocolate cookie! BAM! And, may I be the first to congratulate you on your win?! I'll be expecting to see some animal cookies in your future!!! Dona

    1. thank you thank you my BBFF! guess these are what you call turkey dud turkey cookies :>P couldn't of come at a better time winning that book that will teach me how to make cookies the right way lol! but i must admit the BAM way is always a winner Dona! hehe ;)

  3. Even considering that macaron mix didn't work, you turned what could have been a mess into some super cute turkeys.

    1. thank you Beth! and if i had your mad skills i'm sure i coulda made them even better! ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, these are so cute. Macaron's haven't been my friend, but looks like I must try again! :)

    1. well i wouldn't say these were my friend either but i guess we gotta work on the relationship. LOL! thanks Kim :)

  5. Well I think they are adorable! And I'm very impressed at how you found perfect beaks!

    1. they have them in a wilton candy kit too that i saw at jo ann's! they can turn anything into a candy and i'm there! thanks again J :>D!

  6. I love reading your commentary on following the instructions, it's always tease tease tease ;) Great save making them into cute turkeys.

    1. "tease tease tease" is my way of getting people to read the post Linda lol i like surprises at the end even if these silly turkeys didn't come out the way i imagined! ;)

  7. This is the cutest thing!

    Popped over from the Tell Me Tuesday linkup. :)

    1. thank you thank you Keisha! throwing away macaron cookies in any way, shape, or form, would give me anxiety so i had to fix these turkeys by making them turkeys. LOL ;)

  8. How cute are these? Fabulous. Have never made macarons myself - a bit scary. Hope to say bonjour soon and look forward to more of your recipes...

    1. oh i do hope you try to make them detoutcoeur Limousin! once you get it, you won't stop trust me-lol but homemade ones are the best :) thank you SO much for stopping by!

  9. These are too cute!! Yah, I have always been too intimidated to try making macarons...Target to the rescue!! I'll have to look out for this kit. Thanks for sharing at Found & Foraged!! I hope you'll come back tonight! xo, Laura

    1. awww, thank you Laura! try to make them-they're not thta bad if you follow martha stewart's recipe where you don't have to measure anything. but Target is always there when you need it isn't it? and sometimes when you don't need it too, thus the $100 cart-lol! :>O

  10. The same thing happened to me when I made these, but my "filling" was was disgusting...and the "cookies" stuck to the mat. Big ole fail. Love the turkeys, though! Cute!

    1. HA! is it OK to laugh? i mean, that laughter is more out of insanity cuz i actually bought 2 boxes of these and still have the other box in my cupboard!:>O sorry to hear about your big fail though seriously. i'm giving target another chance to redeem themselves and hope they have a new and improved mix! LOL


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