Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter basket and bunny macarons

don't be afraid. 
it's not as hard as everyone makes them out to be.
in fact, cookies with royal icing are much much harder and take more skill.
believe me, as i am a very poor royal icing piper and managed to make these.

wanna see what i'm talking about?
well, let's go!
so many thanks to Michelle (of Sugar Swings) and her super cute reeses's treats for cluing me in on these!
 when i went to walgreens to get them, my eyes were like popping outta my head as i searched the candy aisles. but they weren't there and i was sooo sad (i know i am hopeless). so i got myself a giant bunny peep to make me feel better and headed to the cash register. while i was in line, i looked at the candy next to the aisle and woolah! there it was!
oh i was SOOO happy!!! (i know i am hopeless)

then i put those aside and went to the next step in my adventure and made the following from this recipe.

(but like i said i am the world's worst piper so bear with me...)
when you pipe the baskets, make some whole eggs with no holes for the back of each cookie. i did make the first batch with all holes but i suggest you do half with holes and half without to get the best results.

and i followed the recipe to a "T" so if you want details and helpful clues on these, please check out the recipe there.

then you can get this:

hey look!
it's a macaron basket 
here are a few more details:

and there you have a ton of baskets for everyone!

but wait!!!

something's missing. 
i think it needs one more thing...

i found these beauties at jo-ann's but have seen them at michael's too.
(yes, i went there AGAIN! sigh)

but look the trip was worth it!

i think they are much cuter like this.
oh and before i forget, i used some of the macaron mix to make a few of these:
Ooo! i like these very much.
i didn't even use a template. 
i just winged it.
and did you know drawing on macarons with food markers is a total breeze unlike drawing on cake pops?! you gotta try it!

so there it is.
my last minute "why are you making another treat for easter" treat as my hubby calls them.

and i tell him because i can.
just like YOU can too!
happy happy hippity hoppity easter everyone!!!


  1. I searched Walgreen's candy aisle for over 15 minutes and couldn't find those Iddy Biddy Bunnies. I'm heading back to find them near the register.

    Your macaroons are so fun. I love how you used the tiny bunny as inspiration for your cookie baskets. Pinning:)

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. those darn bunnies were hiding on you Beth! the bag is actually the size of a regular bag of m&m's-i kept thinking it was a larger size bag so i never thought to look by the register. good thing i got a large peep to help me out! lol thank you SO much for the pin-you bring a lot of readers here and i SOOOO appreciate it! :>D happy easter!

  2. HI BBFF!!!! I'm back!!!! And look what I come home to! These adorable baskets AND my box full of fun! Absolutely loved everything!!! My daughter and I are planning a party next month for her 'bestie' just so we can use it all! Thanks again!!! Dona (the happiest BBFF in the world!)

    1. WOOOHOOO! that makes me SUPER happy Dona! i am jumping (hopping) around like Peter Cottontail-well, not really but my heart is! :>D happy easter BBFF!!!

  3. Oh my gosh! What a CUTE idea!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. oh thank you thank you Jess! and thanks for your party too! :)

  4. These look yummy. They look soft and chocolaty. I can't believe how easy they are to put together, I can't wait to try them. The bows really set them off as Easter baskets. I'm stopping by from today's blog hop. I hope your having a great day! I'm a new follower.

    1. WOOHOO! thank you Leslie!!! i'm SO happy you are now following me and that you like my cookies :>D and yes they were really yummy but i wouldn't know that seeing i only ate about 7 (17) or so... :>O

  5. Replies
    1. and how stinking sweet of you to say Rach! thank you! :>D

  6. oh my gosh Laurie i know i have to submit-what the heck is wrong with me? oh i know, it's this dumb computer that i am on but i promise i'll submit soon- i mean i think i can get a new reader or 2 outta the 200,000+ women right? :>O thank you SO much for commenting! most EVERYBODY in blogland knows you! :)

  7. How did I miss these?!?!?!?! I even had the iddy biddies and did nothing with them:( You are a natural at making macarons, and I adore them!!!

    1. well i'm sure glad you see them now Sue! i bet YOU can make an ultra adorable cookie outta those iddie biddies as only you can! and as far as making macarons, i have no clue what i do that makes them come out but i'll just keep doing it i guess...?!? lol


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