Friday, April 20, 2012


i'm hot.

like really hot.

as in smokin' bbq hot.

not to be confused with this lady:
but more like this:

 well, maybe not with the curlers but you get the picture...

cuz menopause wants to be my best friend 
and likes to stay over...

a lot.

and i don't even invite her.

hot flash?
it surely ain't no flash!
who makes these things up?

cuz hot + flash=
I think it was someone like this who made the term "hot flash" up.

so i keep my house at a comfortable 
-43 degrees 
and i am fine.

so is my family.

which i want you to meet:
she's got her fancy makeup on for you today!
he brushed his hair for you!
dang! he never smiles right for pictures! 
sorry guys.

everything is under control over here cuz when i hear this from my hubby,
i handle it by being 
cool, calm and collective.
ahhhh! inner peace.

getting old can be kinda fun...(kinda)...

so i can put my best face forward,

and face the world.


    I NEVER CRACKED UP WITH SO LOUD WITH LAUGHTER BEFORE 9AM IN MY LIFE! This is GREAT!!! It's like an incredible stand-up comedy routine but with precise visuals.

    BTW, logically doesn't make sense to live in a hot, humid state with your body conditions. That's why I moved up north to deal with mine while freezing out my hubby. HEHEeeeeeeeee

  2. menopause has twin sisters in EVERY state though! watch out cuz she will be knockin' on your door lookin' for a place to stay...beware! BE VERY AWAAAAAAAAARRE!!!! i heard she climbs thru open windows and air conditioner vents.
    BTW, i went to the store today and my left eye was melting off my face. it was an incredibly awesome day! i love getting old(er).


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