Thursday, March 29, 2012

SHINE cookies make me drool

so it goes like this:

hey y'know, we really should get together!

yeah, i know...i'll call you!

ok. can't wait! it'll be fun (insert smile)

so then we think about our friend  and we wait til they call and set up a date and they wait til you call and set a date, then before y'know it, we are both 95 yrs old and don't remember our friend anymore.

well! i am pretty darn close to being half the age of 95 so i figure i better make that call.

and that i did...

to 12 of my buddies actually.(insert another smile-12 is my favo number!)

thus the start of SHINE. it's the name we call our so-called club of women who need each other's company. each person sets up a date for the rest of us. that's only a once-a-year commitment for each person to set a "play date" for all of us but in total it's 12 times we get to laugh together a year. SHINE stands for:

S-share together
H-hear each other out
I-inspire each other
N-new & improved friendships
E-enjoy each other

cool huh? our first event is "a picnic at the park" where everyone brought something. so i made these:

which are New York Times bestest chocolate chip cookie ever. they should really call it the bestest pain in the butt cookie cuz you have to chill the dough first and wait to bake them which in turn makes me very impatient cuz I adore sugar and always want it now...but I digress..anyway,do you like washi tape? do you know what it is?
basically it's totally cute masking tape. 
look how awesome:

check out THIS site to get some of these!

so I got some of this utterly cute stuff along with some plain CD holders at Target
and made this:

then I added the cookie and:

it's a chocolate chip cookie(sun)SHINE CD!
CD stands for "cookie divine". cuz that's what is is. so dang yummy!
just wrap the cookie in saran wrap first then put it in the CD holder. next, eat it in a corner and do not share.

hehe just kidding you totally need to share the cookie cuz it's oh so good and guaranteed to make you smile. check out the recipe HERE.

now go and make some pretty CD holders out of cute tape shaped like flowers or rainbows or just random designs cuz washi tape rules, make the cookies and share share share the goodness. 
see for yourself :)


  1. Mmmmmmm, I plan on making these at my next forum along with the very clever
    CD cover. Oh and the "eat it in the corner" cracked me up out loud.
    SHINE On!!!

  2. Yes! Me and Little Jack Horner ate in a corner together but then we had to get our own corners cuz our butts got too big after eating too many cookies! hahaha!


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