Wednesday, December 31, 2014

walk down 2014: popular posts

ok this year? 
probably one of the most challenging ones 
i've had as far as personal issues but 
one of the most fun i've had as far as creative issues go.

sure don't wanna bring up those personal issues so let's just take a look at the top 15 reader/popular posts for 2014.
so in no particular order, 
let's begin.

just click on the link below the pic to take you to the post.

cuz as far as my blog goes,
for now,
i'm never leaving this place.
and hope you don't either.

happy new year 2015 everyone!!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

new year's eve baby food sticks

Christmas is over.
my tree is down.
my ornaments are put away in color coated categories.
the christmas cards are placed in neat stacks with my cardstock so i can cut them up 
and make pretty garland for next year.
the lights are rolled up and stocked 
in organized labeled boxes.

then i woke up.


let's just make something for the 
next holiday instead shall we?

how about some babies?
i was thinking i'd make some kinda edible baby treat but 
my fridge is busting out the seam with Christmas goodies that i don't think 
my thighs would appreciate if i made another thing.

so i made some food sticks instead with supplies i got from michael's and hobby lobby.

i just cut out those tiny cardstock circles. 
ok so they aren't exactly perfect circles and more like irregular oval circle thingies but they work!?!

let's give him a place to go.
those silver balls are from michael's.
they come in a bag that are really vase fillers and come in different colors and sizes. 
these balls are about 1/2 inch size and there are even smaller ones in the same bag i didn't use.

now let's get that baby.

you can put these babies on anything you find.
then the party can start.

that's some w-i-l-d party!!!
hope they find that diaper before the new year starts...

Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry merry day with a merry christmas party

the day has finally arrived!!!
merry christmas everyone!!!!

when i look at these from a party i had just 9 days after thanksgiving, 
it makes me realize that it's not so much my age that makes me tired, 
as it is with all the craziness i concote.

but boy oh boy does it bring a ton of happy happy memories.
it's worth the fatigue and i'll do it again like i do every year.

cuz i'll forget the work, 
and i'll forget the stress, 
and i'll forget the money that goes into everything.
but i won't forget the joy.

whatever it takes for you,
whether it's insanity like me or 
a peaceful christmas slumber, 
i hope this christmas gives you nothing but 
happy happy memories.


Sunday, December 21, 2014

yogurt candy ornaments

christmas crunch time.
the only christmas crunch i want to hear about is what's in my cereal bowl.

and so to make a post and do some blah blah blahing there is very little time for, 
i'm going to make this a very picture heavy tutorial that actually took me 2 hours to create for a 
5 minute craft.

i do beleive i need to get my priorites straight!

so without further ado, 
may i present to you,


oh sorry i grabbed a quickie nap there while i had the chance!
better get hopping 
back to wrapping and shopping
and baking and making
and crying and dying
cuz i wanna do SOOO much more for christmas :>O