Friday, February 14, 2014

my 2014 valentine's day roundup

happy heart day everybody!!!
well, another valentine's day is upon us.

if you are feelin' sweet and not in the romantic type way, but in the generous way,
here's a roundup of my heart making insanity that took place these past few weeks that you may be interested in making and giving to your sweetie(s) maybe like for next year?
uh yeah, for next year or whatever year!

 so here's a way to give out some bear hugs. the neat thing about this is that you really can give it for any day, not just today.

if you're not feeling the bear hug thing, you can always make some candy tubes. this craft uses tatoos believe it or not.

are you giving any valentine jewelry away? how about putting it in something edible like a rice krispie box? strange i know but i think it'll make the recipient quite happy and surprised.

now here's some silliness that i think peeps of all ages will enjoy. they are cartoon cake pops if you will. and are nothin' but yummy fun.

so you are not interested in food gifts? ok what about something that looks like food like these
heart soaps?  

and last but not least, you guys seem to really like this craft. these mason jar bags can hold anything really that can fit in it, edible or not. no wonder you like it! oh you are so smart.

ok so there you have it.
a truckload of valentine ideas you can store away for 2015 or later or get hippity hoppin' and do it lickety split before the heart holiday is over.

but before i go, i would like to say something to all of you cuz you all bring me your sweetness each time you visit me.

too forward maybe?
good thing i'm married.
but then again being single's got its perks too y'know.

i'll have to remember this one for my kids if that day comes. heehee

have a wonderfully sweet heart day!
(edible or not)


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D