Saturday, January 13, 2018

from the archive: rice krispie valentine love letter mailboxes

so hey i was looking at old valentine posts and almost forgot i made these! so today i am being lazy and posting them again cuz they seemed to be a hit 5 (?!?!) years ago!(oh and by the way i'm still bad with social media! lol)

you got mail.

remember that? 
my how time flies! 
now it's odd when someone doesn't have email.
and the social media keeps 
and growing, 

we have FB, the P site that takes most of your hours away from you, the IG photos, G plus, the RsS thing, the little birdie texts, the regular texts, the.. the.. oh goodness! 
do i have to name them all?

anywho, you get the point.
and i spend soooooooo many hours on the internet! way way way too many and i'm not even on half those social media thingies!
it's all too much for me 

and as our world is ever changing, i often wonder what will happen a few years from now. 
will we have a social media button for every letter of the alphabet?

so you can ask your friends, 

"so hey are you gonna join X, Y, Z site? or are you totally against L site? did you trthe H app? how about the elemenopee app?"

ohhh! i'm dizzy thinking about it.
maybe someday i will join all those popular sites/apps but til then,
how's about going back to the old letter in the real mailbox? 
remember those?

apparently they weren't too exciting (probably cuz there were more bills in there than anything else!) which is why we all turn to email and such,
 but what if i mail you something edible?

something like this?
let's make some shall we?

you'll need:
 cool straws (see below)
rice krispies
red gummy life savers
1 red and 1 white airhead candy
red and white candy melts
black food marker
valentine sprinkles
paper for a real note

so while at target,
my eyes caught this:

i placed a regular one next to it so you can see the difference.

oh i was smitten.
it was definitely love at first site.
so naturally they happened to fall in my cart and i was 
gung ho on using them.

so i took the candy,
and grabbed a straw, and did this:
then out of sheer baking laziness, i bought rice krispies instead. 
i was going to use the circle part for the mailbox base but had to change my mind. 
so go ahead and eat that part of the rice krispie like i said.

i cut the krispie cuz i didn't want too heavy of a mailbox that could possibly topple over.

make sure you freeze that krispie first before sticking the straw in it. i froze mine for about 10 or so minutes, long enough to hold the straw or the krispie will get all weird on you and fall apart if it's not cold enough.

once you stick the straw in the krispie, freeze it again for a few minutes to set. 
yes-the candy melt will hold your mailbox up!

once the mailbox is all set and dry,
it's time to:

now let's get the letter!
then for the back:
almost done...
leave the letter sticking out so your sweetie can get it.

what's that? you wanna write a real note?
ok, i did this for my kids:
you're done. and look:

(imagine MY surprise when i saw how i spelled their! :>P)

oh look!

you got mail.
so as you can see, 
you can write anything you want on the love letter!

like for instance,
"please take out the trash. i love you."
"please remember to buy me some reese's cups for valentines. i love you."

and my husband says i'm not romantic?!?!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

diy cool sticker cups

well for the new year i am trying not to stress myself out with coming up with so many ideas that require a lot of explanation for a tutorial.

and although i did have plans to turn these cups into something totally different,
i ended up with these diy cool sticker cups that really and truly need no explanation.
but what the heck here are the billion pics and explanation anyway cuz i guess i just can't help myself.

so much for that 2 second resolution,
made and gone in a blink of an eye. :>P

ok all ya gotta do is buy the tumblers that were actually on 50% after christmas clearance-yippee!

then get the rub-ons or stickers at michaels.
and just go to town.
(or stay home like i did and make these lol)

kinda hard to see but here they are anyway.
they are quite cool in person.

so what the heck was that?
a nothing and silly kinda diy tute. 
but i still like the end result...

i can use these as pen or pencil holders, mini vases, load them up and make them into party centerpieces, fill 'em up for utensils to use at a party, seal them with dishwasher mod podge to actually drink outta them or...or...or as a container for...
jeepers the possiblities are endless!

all i know is i am gonna try to do this with my craft and goodie diy for 2018:
now there's a resolution i think i can stick to!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

peppermint snowman fudge

holy moly it's COLD!
holy moly I LOVE IT!!!

seriously i am so not the florida girl.
i absolutely hate to sweat and rarely go to the beach 
which is only 20 minutes away.

i know, that sounds dumb to some of you 
but i was raised in a northern state with 
4 seasons and that is where my roots are.

i absolutely LOVE winter and think it's the prettiest season.
i never even minded scraping the ice off 
my windshield or waiting for my car seat 
to stop freezing my bottom before i could drive off. 

awww being frozen brings back 
so many good memories! lol

so in honor of all things winter, 
i made these snowmen.

peppermint snowman fudge actually that you can 
custom color to fit any winter day.

they would be pretty in blue and white too!
it started when i found this mold at Michael's that i got on clearance for 70% off!
then i grabbed a 12 oz. bag of white chocolate chips and a can of vanilla frosting and went to town.
just nuke the whole bag of chips at 30 second intervals til melted and stir in the frosting.

divide the fudge into parts to either leave white and/or choose the colors of your fudge.

then fill up the mold.
i just slapped it on top then cleaned up the top.
leave room in the mold for the other colored layers. 
make sure you bang the mold on the counter a few times so the layer settles and then you'll have room for the other colors you choose.

as you can see i used white, red and green.

ok the top layer of green looks like ca-ca (lol) 
so all i did to fix that is push some peppermint on top like so:
then i froze the fudge for 2 hours and popped those little snowmen out to get this:

again i think they would be really pretty in blue and white! 
(especially since christmas is over lol)
now if only i could make these snowmen come to real life 
along with some snowflakes in my town...

Thursday, January 4, 2018

top eight 2017 posts

happy new year everyone!

hope you all had the happiest of holidays :)
my days were so dang full and i had sooo many
blog posts in mind but never got to it from 
all the busy celebrating i was doing.

before we start our 2018,
i'm going back to last year to gather up 
the top eight 2017 posts
from this here blog.
just click on the link below each pic to be taken to the post.
here we go!

easter is coming up before we know it.
why not make some of these cuties?

here's a grad centerpiece that can 
be done for cheap and lickety split too.

ok if no graduates this year,
everyone could use a rainbow :)

oh here's a valentine treat cuz we all know that is coming up-
just look at all the stores that got 
rid of the christmas stuff on dec. 26!

and if you are someone who likes to do 
holiday stuff super duper early,
here's something for the july holiday.

aaand we are back with more grad treats.

ok forget the holidays, 
how about a succulent treat instead?

 or just a treat which can also be used for st. patty's day.

so there you have it. 
lots of treats and a couple of crafts.
which may be the same for 2018...?!

all i hope for is that you'll keep 
coming by to visit and see what i got! :)