Tuesday, October 1, 2013

caramel apple wreath

in my pre-blogging days, i was not really a wreath person. 
i mean, i liked them but i never really had the desire to make one.

then i saw a bunch of posts like "1,000,001 cool wreaths to make" and "make a wreath or you are not an official blogger" and then the one "did you make a wreath already?"

so you know how it is 
when blogs are a big part of your life. 
the stuff slowly creeps into your brain, paralyzing it til there is nothing left to do but succumb to the voices in your head that keep telling you to "make it!...make it!"

and so i gave in, as usual, and made 
my first ever homemade wreath.
why lookie there, are those caramel apples? 
why yes, and chocolate ones too actually.

here's how i made it.
i gathered these materials from walmart and michael's.
and then i got to work on my mandatory blogging wreath.
put that aside a second so we can take another look at those really cute fake apples and get them ready.
so now that your arm muscles are strengthened, 
let's make use of them and paint!
yes i totally used real sprinkles.
you can carefully modge podge it 
or cover it with sealant spray.

i left mine alone.
i am taking the chance for the bugs to attack but so far, so good, as i have the wreath hanging inside my porch door and it's been there for 2 weeks and still looks fine.

ok where were we? oh yeah,
 i stuck the apples in a styrofoam block til dry then laid them on a paper plate, pretending they were real and all mine cuz when will there ever be a chance to have an entire plate of caramel apples?

so it only makes perfect sense.
after i had my share of fake mini caramel apples, 
i continued til finish.
i scored the glitter fall leaf confetti at walmart 
for 97 cents.
and there you have it!
 it's now officially fall at my house.

and the start of october also means 
a TON of halloween posts!
so yeah, since i work M-F, i spent the entire weekend making an obnoxious amount of halloween tricks and treats that i hope you come back to enjoy.

of course that means i am not sleeping but who needs sleep when i can craft all day and night on the weekends?

i mean, not that i make any sense to anyone cuz i am walking around like a complete zombie, but i figure, might as well get in the halloween spirit right?

aaaaaand to those of you who asked where i got my "scary brain" that thinks up crazy ideas, the truth is 
that in 30 days (which will be halloween)
i will officially be

oh. em. gee. willikers.
i'm freakin' bloody old.
i am definitely staying up all night just so i won't miss the last days in my 40's.

the zombie apocalypse has begun. 
have a fun-filled day and see ya soon!



  1. That's cute! I have the exact same ribbon - the black and white stripe- and I love it! And boy, did you hit it right with the pressure to make a wreath if you're a blogger with any amount of craftiness on your site! I have not succumbed - yet. I've taken the coward's way out by buying wreaths at a florist shop. That means I have so much invested I have no choice but to hang them by their little necks as each season arrives! The good news is that it frees me up to make more "stuff" that will sit on a table!

    1. i am not sure i'd call it the "coward's way" so much as the smart way! by the time you spend getting all the supplies for some wreaths, it may be better to just buy it already made, so that you can make more stuff just like you said! goodness there is no cure for us crafters is there? LOL :>D thank you SOOO much for always coming by!

  2. I have seen lots of fall wreaths, but NEVER a caramel apple wreath - you are soooooo clever. Good thing you told me these were fake apples, I wanted to eat one....

    1. HA! eating one may not be the best thing although i must admit these are better looking than the real ones i make! LOL thanks sooo much Kim!

  3. Seriously....ONE.OF.A.KIND.!!!!!!!!!!! That's hard to come by in Blogland!!! I'm so impressed that they are fake, cuz the first pic totally looked real and I'm thinkin'....'uh, real candied apples on a wreath??' Leave it to you! So happy 5-0! I'm still old enough to be your mom.....if I had been a teenage bride. Oh. Wait. I was. Whatever. Hope it's a GREAT one!! Your BBFF, Dona

    1. naaaw we know age is just a number anyway and you're only as old as you feel. so right now i am really 90 and should be your grandma! LOL happy you like my wreath Dona! i was getting hungry making it! LOL :)

  4. This is so clever and unique. I too thought you had plastered real caramel apples on a wreath, and laughed at myself when I saw how you really make this amazing Halloween decoration. Love it. Pinning!

    1. oh you have no idea how you make me do the happy dance when you pin something i made Beth! thank you ever so much!!! :>D

  5. Lisa
    This is just to cute. Thanks for sharing at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.
    Sew Crafty Angel

  6. So cute! The apples on a stick would be cute at a fall party just placed around. Love the wreath. Popping in to say hi & have a nice weekend Lisa. Theresa @DearCreatives

    1. that's a great idea Theresa! just have to make a "nonedible" sticker on it first. LOL! thanks SOOO much!

  7. Cute and unique! I've never seen a caramel apple wreath before. This wreath reminded me of these really delicious apples my mother ordered from the Home Shopping Network, and they're chocolate covered apples with sprinkles. They are so delicious!!!! Anyhoo, you're wreath just created a craving. lol Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!

    1. oh my! and your comment created a craving too for a chocolate covered sprinkle real apple! dang i wonder if eating the fake one i have here will satisfy the craving? lol thanks T'onna! :)


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