Thursday, November 27, 2014

round-up for a happy turkey day

happy gobble til you wobble turkey day!
hope you get to celebrate with 
family, friends, and a plateful of yummies.

in case you missed it, 
here's a round-up of all my turkey day craziness this year.
just click on the caption to take you to the post.
 indian vases
hmmm, wonder what the indians will eat?
these favors will leave room in your tummy for more pie.
tom the turkey guest posts.
see how i kinda managed to save these so-called macarons.

looks like a lot of people do.

will the pilgrims survive the storm?

and last but not least, a meal for you for putting up with all my nonsense.

ok that's it for 2014 turkey time.

one last thanksgiving wish for you. 
i know it's not easter or kentucky derby day but i hope you still get to wear your fancy hat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

turkey time garland

oh it's a busy busy week guys!
so busy that i hired tom the turkey to take over this post...

ok hope you liked my guest poster.
just don't tell him i'm off to 
buy and cook one of his relatives! :>O

Saturday, November 22, 2014

turkey head (macarons)

ok i admit it.
i'm a sucker for cute new packaged holiday items.

so when i saw this at target,
my heart skipped a beat and my eyeballs grew
a mix to make macarons?

there's no grinding almond flour? 
no weighing ingredients? 
no aged eggs? 

now i've made macarons a few times herehere, here, here
and here (whew!), 
and they did turn out for me but i know 
it's a challenge for some. 
so with this mix, i was thinking "short cut!" 
and i couldn't wait to make them.
i didn't even read the instructions til i got home.
except for the ingredients.

all you need are egg whites for the cookie?
so i made them.
i had some issues...
i'm not sure who wrote up the instructions to make these but if you only do 10-12 strokes to mix the egg whites with the cocoa mix, 
then you will get cocoa covered egg whites.

and since when can you take macaron mix and form them into balls?

and i thought for some dumb reason i was supposed to pipe the filling on each one of those circles on the silicone mat it comes with so when i did, the whole mat was covered with mix, making much more than 12 filled cookies.

oh and i piped a little protruding area on half of them.
(you will see the reason for that in a minute.)

anyway, i stuck them in the oven after letting them sit like the instructions say cuz well, you know, you gotta follow the instructions to a "t" when you bake, 
especially baking macarons.

so while they were baking, i made the filling.
peppermint filling?!
oh where art though white peppermint?

the box said white mint filling.
but you taste like buttercream.
so i colored you orange instead.

and then the oven timer went off.
oh feet!!! 
where art though feet?!

should i stay or should i go now?
how do they taste?
kinda chewy.
definitely has that meringue type flavor...

ehh-let's just make these work already.
then stick it on each 
with some candy melt glue, edible glue or whatever you want.

at this point does it even matter?
here's a bunch of them ever-lovin'-yes-you-tricked-me-into-buying-you-you-darn-turkey-macarons-you.
maybe i'll just give extra real turkey for everyone at thanksgiving dinner to make up for these.

ok i'm off to the store to get some...
(some say you are what you eat)

Friday, November 21, 2014

christmas wonderful link party!

rooty toot toot!
it's that time of year again for a christmas link party!

You may have seen Design Dazzle's 
5th annual Christmas Wonderful series is in full swing! 
We've had some fabulous Christmas ideas from some talented bloggers and we're not done yet...the fun continues through the middle of December! Over the years we've shared almost 200 blog posts with hundreds and hundreds of ideas. We thought it would be fun to have a great big link party to celebrate this magical Christmas season because we know YOU have some awesome ideas to share too! Simply link up your project below, which will show up on all of the 25+ blogs participating in our link party. Feel free to link up new projects as well as any past projects that you want to share. The link party ends Decemember 7th. We will be choosing some of our FAVORITE ideas to feature! a few days later The following amazing blogs are participating in our Christmas Wonderful link party:


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

thanksgiving meal cookies on a placemat

it's that time we give thanks for the wonderful things we are blessed with in our lives.

so i made some cookies for you.
it's my way of saying THANK YOU 
for being a BIG part of my blog!

but wait! 
i gotta do more than just give you a plain sugar cookie.
especially since i just made them from 
pillsbury ready sugar cookie dough.

lemme look in my kitchen...
oh good! turkey ingredients!
now we need some side dishes.
lemme look around some more...
mash potatoes!

we need some veggies.
green beans.
and sweet potatoes with marshmallow topping.
and cranberry sauce.

ok let's get some of this to help too.
and put it together for a meal just for you!
oh gosh i can't just serve it to you on a plate.

lemme get a placemat.

oh and i gotta get the good silverware out and 

leave you a note of thanks.
ok now it's all done.

turkey meals that include the WHOLE turkey 
cuz i luv ya so much.
now if i could just get everyone's names i could actually write those on the placemats too...