Saturday, December 13, 2014

elf on the shelf cake pops

hi guys!
no you are not having deja vu, i'm just reposting my elves here in case you missed it on 

it's always a busy place over here and with Christmas right around the corner, 
i sometimes wonder how the heck i'm gonna get everything done.

but then i remember i got my friends to help.
oh look!
 it's the elf on the shelf!
and it looks like he wants to help me make my 99 gajillion christmas cookies i make each year. 
oh and here's another elf to help!
and another!...

and another...
and another!?!
goodness looks like i gotta lot help after all!

so i think i'm all set to roll, and bake and sprinkle.
so i am off to start and..
you want some elf help too?

well goodness i better show you how to get some then!
just roll a mini walmart cupcake, frosting and all and shape to a roundish-rectangularish-bodyish-lookin' kinda shape. 

can't stand making cake pops? 
ok use a regular marshmallow instead!

and don't forget to break up those pretzels for the arms and legs too.

save the cupcake liners and sprinkles for another treat.
we gotta get our elves to help us complete our holiday-to-do list!

ok so let's put them together.
then stick the elf head on top before the candy dries and you're done.

make a bunch!
then when they're done helping you bake cookies, 
hide them in places your family will find to freak the bejeezus outta them. hehe just kidding

i advise you to go on to the next thing on your list...
hey wonder if they can handle a pair of scissors?

This post was originally published here at Design Dazzle on 12/5/2014.


  1. Hi my BBFF!!! I've been gone to Colorado for 2 weeks, visiting family, but now I'm back and loving your elf helper!!! Clever, as usual, girl. So glad to know, that even in my absence, you keep turning out brilliance!! Dona

    1. you're back! you're back! oh how i missed my BBFF! it wouldn't be Christmas without you :)

  2. HA! How cute! Love these!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

    1. funny thing is Jess i ever really got into these guys until i started blogging and saw them like EVERYWHERE! guess the only way to get rid of them is to eat them. LOL ;)

  3. The pretzels work perfect for these cuties! I like how you can place them in any position, fun!

    1. thank you! i wish the pretzels could bend Michelle! i would make them do somersaults-LOL :)

  4. Hi Lisa - Totally pinned on my Elf on the Shelf board!!! Hugs, Holly


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