Saturday, October 31, 2015

happy halloween party

today i am one year older and plan to veg out.
no more parties for me today, 
unless of course someone else throws them.

i say this only cuz i hosted one last saturday 
and this is how you can have one too.

if you give your people a halloween invite, 
you have to fix your house.
when you fix your house,
spider webs are mandatory.
also mandatory is food.
cuz spooky food's some of the most funnest food.
spooky food like a throwing up goulash pumpkin, rice casserole baked in a pumpkin, ghostly cheese flatbread, pumpkin shape pepperoni pizza, and the classic mummy dogs.
spooky food needs a spooky table,
for all the spooky dishes like these to hang out.
and you'll need spooky drinks of course.
in spooky containers that watch your every move.
with all that staring going on,
eyeballs will have their fill of halloween fun.
and speaking of fun, 
you'll need a pumpkin carving table.
and a setup for kid games and goodies. 
where some of your goodies are sugary sweet.

then everyone can finally party.

and then go trick or treating after a spooktacular meal and frightfully fun games.

then when the bags are filled with candy, 
the bellies are full of spookiness,
and the eyes are filled with halloween wonder,
it'll be time to hang it up and call it a night.
but only after you grab that hershey bar 
outta your kid's trick or treat bag...

monster hugs to you,

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

monster mouth cookies

so i had a BIG halloween party this past Saturday.
which explains all my exhaustion.
i'll make a post about it soon so you can see the insanity.
there were like 45 kids plus parents and friends and family and well, you get the pic.

anyway, as the list of people going kept getting longer,
i was panicking a bit thinking i wouldn't have enough treats.
and one of the treats i had on my list was to make those colorful monster cookies that you see in blogland here.

but dang it all, i can never leave anything alone.
and as far as making these cookies, 
i liked the color of them but was 
bored once again with the circle shape.

then i came across these:
tell me, what do you see?

it's not what you think they are...

so i'll let that thought soak in a bit and show you my short cut way of making monster cookies which came to me like a rainbow on a cloudy day.
AHHHHHH! said the halloween angels to me,
as i sang and danced in the target aisle cuz i found me a shortcut to make the cookies.
aaaand it came with googly eyes!
purposefully make weird shape cookies.
these are monsters after all...
and it's the perfect kid cookie to do for kids and unlike OCD moms like me who like everything perfect.
cuz the more imperfect the more character.

ok so as soon as you take them outta the oven,
stick the eyes in the warm cookie, grab a spoon, and do this:
you can add the eyes first or make the mouths first.
it doesn't matter.
just don't dilly dally around drinking a latte or take a bubble bath cuz your monsters will die on you before you know it (ie: cool down).

ok so let's get back to that handful of stuff i had in my hand.
did you guess what they were?

did you guess this?

just add them to the warm cookie too 
and as they melt, they'll automatically stick.
so there you have your big eared or fat hand or whatever weirdo looking halloween monster cookies in less than an hour.
so now the only thing left to do is sink your teeth into them.

Friday, October 23, 2015

beaker bark

holy spooky smokes people.
my cup runneth over.
not to mention my plate and any other dinnerware i have at the moment.
so my blog posts have slowed down a little.

today i got another spooky treat for you,
and this one came right outta my lab.
it's easy peasy beaker bark that resembles all the other candy bark out there but this one is actually shaped unlike all the broken pieces of your usual bark.

here's how you can do it too in case you are wondering:

and there you have it!
congrats on being a mad scientist like me! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

skeleton spider centerpieces

what do you do when you only have a few dollars to spend on halloween centerpieces?
you raid the dollar tree and pick up some unsuspecting victims.

like these:
look at that unsuspecting skeleton.
he looks so content.

so let's get these at the dollar tree.
and do this to the skeleton base:
but wait!


i gotta put him someplace! 
here, i'll try this:

oh wait, i found a place for them.
uh oh i think someone's freaking out.

better them than me i say!

and i say that only cuz lately i've had so much on my plate that i'm walking around like this: