Friday, December 20, 2013

santa oreo placecards

i figured the time was gonna come soon enough.

my son's 10.
i figured he would be into the non-believer santa mode now.

i figured i better have a way to explain that santa is not really real, 
that the video that he was getting directly from santa was not real,
that the picture of santa in our living room was not real,
that the packages labeled "from santa" was not real 
that the red light in the sky we saw on christmas eve was really a plane and not rudolph's nose.

so i planned on telling him the truth, 
or more so, his friends telling him and i as a parent would be excused from the explanation without even trying.

but i figured wrong.

hey buddy, you think santa's coming this year?
gawd mom! are you kidding me? my friends said he's not real. they are so dumb!
what exactly did your friends say?
they said it's just the parents and santa's not real! 
oh they are so messed up.

and he walks away shaking his head 
before i get a chance to respond.

it looks like another year of "from santa" labels, wrapping santa's gifts up separately from ours, putting cookies and milk out, and searching for that red light in the sky before he goes to bed.

not to mention, 
jingling the bells later so he'll hear it when he is really awake pretending to be asleep, and eating stale cookies and warm sour milk first thing in the morning cuz i forgot to do it the night before, or assembling toys so they are ready in the wee hours of the morning cursing those darn directions that skip important steps.

so where is santa when i need him?!?! 


oh hey!
i think i see him now!
well aren't they funny!
1. pour some red candy melt on parchment paper
2. allow to set a few minutes
3. just before it dries completely, 
score as shown about 2 inches apart
4.grab a tree cookie cutter
5. place on top of one of the scored sections
6. push down using the top third of the cutter only
7. remove carefully
8. keep going
9. til you make a bunch 

now take some white chocolate covered oreos, green mint oreos and peppermint red oreos and pair them up. then make the little signs as shown below, cutting the names out individually.
put the names aside, grab the white oreos, and do this:
1. use red candy melt to draw a smile as shown
2. now attach the hat using more candy melt
3. embellish the hat with white candy melt in another decorator's bag
4. add your chalkboard sign made out of a piece of black sugar sheet and written with white food coloring
5. dot some candy melt for the eyes and nose
6. attach to face
7. now grab some mint oreos
8. squiggle vanilla candy melt and sprinkles on top
9. attach santa face before the vanilla candy dries-you may need to hold the santa face for a minute to take hold

now repeat a million times 
if you need to make a bunch like i did.


and off they go...
something we all need not only this holiday season but for everyday of the year. 
no wonder my kid still believes in santa!


  1. You sure did make a lot of them!! They really turned out cute, I'm sure the kids will completely love them! Don't you just love sour milk? Me, too!! I'll say to hubby, hurry and eat the cookiesss!!!! LOL. I'm grateful my kids believed so long, too. I think your son is just wayy smarter than the other kids because he does believe :)

    1. i had to make 38 of these guys not for the kids but for work! so i am hoping the number i made makes one believe that they're pretty easy to put together. anywho, doing the santa thing is a little tiring but the years fly so i'm gonna do it anyway :) i think more people should believe too even if it means drinking sour milk-lol! thanks so much Michelle! :>D

  2. I love these! I would not have thought to use candy melts..much better tasting than fondant. I also love the font in your comment section..i remember the good old days when "Santa" stayed up half the night assembling Christmas toys!

    1. thank you Karen! i don't like the taste of fondant so i keep using candy melts. those good ole days you speak of are one of the reasons i have to keep doing it-i know soon enough i'll miss this time when he still believes :)

  3. So sweet! Love your son's take on Santa. How could he not with all the great things you do to convince him. :) Heck, I still believe in Santa! Love your cookies!

    1. HAHA thanks Scarlett! i know what you mean, with all the stuff they have these days for Santa, it's hard to be a grinch! lol thanks so much for stopping by! :>D

  4. Cute, cute, CUTE! I loved reading about all your family rituals. With all that fun packed into one happy night, and being a naturally skeptical person, I'm inclined to suspect that your son might just be "playing" you guys, not wanting all of it to go UP the chimney with a bound! You never know! Smart kid, though - whichever way he's thinking!
    Those little Santas would be amazing at the "kids' table." They'd love seeing their names and you wouldn't have to buy place markers!

    1. i kinda wish he was playing us J but he truly does believe! guess it's part of the Christmas magic :) part of me does want him to stop believing especially when i'm now-lol! :>O

  5. Your creations and stories always make me smile!

  6. Girl, YOU are on a ROLL! More cuteness. Thank you for sharing these. I love them, too.



    1. my poor brain is turning into a hard roll on account i am overusing it this month! lol thanks again Sheila! :>D

  7. Cute idea! Pinned it!

    1. thank you so much for the Christmas present (pin) Phyl Van! :>D


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