Friday, November 17, 2017

thanksgiving cornucopia cookies

i'm not sure about these.
i had a vision of making these macarons 
but the time to do it messed me up.

so i took the easiest short cut possible and
 just (turkey) winged it...
so ladies and maybe a gent or two out there, 
let me introduce to you,
cornucopia cookies.
made with the best intentions to make them look like real cornucopias and ended up settling for these instead because as mick jagger sings 
"you can't always get what you want." blah.

what's really not blah is the time to make them.
the longest part about it is finding 
the sprinkles in my cupboard.

all you need is this:
plus some melted chocolate bark in a piping bag.

i got the fruit blast and harvest decor from home goods and the dylan candy set and pearls from michaels.

let's take a look at the sprinkle collection shall we?
ok so the green ones look more like smooshed limes.
let's just say they are green beans instead?

and speaking of smooshing, let's squish that dough:
i put a baggie over the cookie and 
shaped it like you see above.

then i baked 1 cookie with the sprinkles 
in it already to experiment and uhoh...
good thing i just experimented with 1 cookie... :>P

so i basically gobbled that ugly one up 
and did this to the rest with a spoon:
the cookie shaping that works is done before 
i took them out of the oven, right til 
they were almost done baking. 
(top left corner pic above)
then the ditch was made immediately upon 
removing them from the oven. 

i had to reshape the cookies because they spread waaay 
too much in the oven and looked like blobs.
but it actually came out more realistic like the basket weaves in a cornucopia when the cookie was pushed into shape... 
(?!? idunno!)

ok then while still warm, pipe the chocolate as shown 
and follow the steps below.
well do they look like cornucopias to you?
or more like smooshed fruit topped peanuts?
i guess i could've just made a pie or something but pies need to take a back seat once in a while 
(even though i am still gonna make them!)

i guess if i mix them up with the turkey cookies i made then the whole smooshed peanut vision goes away? 
i think the little kids will like these...
then they can say "gee Ms. Lisa! thank you for the smooshed fruit topped peanut cookies!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

thanksgiving napkin rings

it's hard to come up with thanksgiving stuff that has never been done before, and since there are a million turkey stuff that can be found in blog world, i decided to come up with something about our pilgrims and indians.

like these thanksgiving napkin rings:
ok so i know they are not sophisticated or anything 
but heck you are at hoopla palooza 
and nothing is sophisticated around here! lol

basically all i did was purchase the napkin rings at home goods and painted them using acrylics and paint markers.
you can use whatever napkin rings you can find,
as long as you can paint over them.

i favor paint markers over any paint when it comes to detail work-it's just easier for me to do it that way,
but use whatever you want.

it's a squaw in the making.
and here is myles standish and his pilgrim lady.
so let's put 'em to work shall we?
they didn't get any mouths because all they would do was eat.
so let's say we'll do the eating for them ok?
(s'cuse me but could you pass me the apple pie?)

Friday, November 10, 2017

turkey reese's stroopwafel cookies

there are a million turkey cookies on the web.
so i decided to make it a million and one.

today i made some turkey reese's stroopwafel cookies for ya!
they are super duper easy peasy and 
making them is actually kinda fun. 
first get this:
do you or have you ever eaten stroopwafel cookies?

they're kinda cute, especially the mini ones.
these i got at home goods but 
i see them at world market all the time.
they are filled with caramel and although 
they look crunchy, they're more on the soft side.

anyway, they make great turkey bodies.
and sunflower seed candy make great...
so let's take some melted chocolate (i used a bit of almond bark i had not pictured on the supply list) and just start gluing away.
and lo and behold you just turned a waffle cookie and 
reese's cups into a bunch of turkeys.
i like these cuz they're little and you can put them as a placecard for turkey dinner.
you know when some people on social media see a food craft they get all "oh i ain't got time for that! who would spend so much time putting little candies on cookies?!?!"

well that would be me cuz until i find turkey cookies 
at the store, i'm gonna make 'em.
and as i give these to my sweeties in my life and they get a kick outta them i will wonder, why do some people have to be turkeys?!?

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

faux pie pie-topped pie servers

hey i got my first 2017 turkey post for you. 
only it has nothing to do with turkey. 
it will, however, make many a turkey happy 
if you used this instead of a baster.

i'm talking about faux pie pie-topped pie servers!
i'm gonna get right down to the diy cuz 
they were a lot of fun to create.
let's go!

grab these supplies.
i got the cake servers from dollar tree!
the rest of the stuff comes from hobby lobby.
so let's bake some pies.
i didn't measure how much clay to mix of each color, 
i just grabbed a part of the small block and started mixing.
there is no right or wrong, just play with the clay. lol

now make the filling.
i sometimes make a chocolate cream pie for turkey day too 
so i had to include this one.
hey look how cute! hehe
can't forget about the detail tools...
are we missing anything?
turkey? no...
stuffing? no...
mash potatoes? no...
oh yeah! the apple pie!!!
i just basically made a ball of clay to add height 
to the apple pie and then covered it.

and there you have them.
let's bake 'em according to the clay directions and not at 350 degrees for an hour like regular pies unless you want crispy critters...

so while those bake (at 275 degrees for 30 minutes) 
let's grab those stickers and servers.
now while those dry, let's take those baked pies 
and allow them to cool.
well at least they look like the real pies i make! sigh actually while they were still warm i smooshed the tops so the crack wouldn't show so much. too bad i can't do that to real pies!

anyway, let's use this that i got on amazon 
to make them shiny:
then when they finally dry, hot glue them to the dollar tree cake servers to make them pricelss pie servers! HA!

now with all the pies i make for turkey day i can use the server for each pie and not worry about mixing pie fillings up cuz i really don't like pumpkin in my cherry pie...

i'll use the pumpkin server for the pumpkin pie!
and the apple server for my apple pie and gee...
 what should i use the cherry and chocolate servers for? lol just kidding!
just handwash these cuz even though i used dishwasher safe mod podge over the stickers 
i wouldn't say the pies are dishwasher safe...
cuz when the heck are pies ever gonna be dishwasher safe?!? cuz i dunno about you but i usually put my pies 
in the oven or better yet in my mouth lol
i reeeeaaaallllly like these! 
so much so i made a hashtag about them:
haha am i a turkey or what?!?
gobble gobble.

Friday, November 3, 2017

halloween party 2017

hiyo post halloween people!
i wanted to share a halloween party with you that i had last weekend. mostly because i gotta put all the crap away now and will be behind in making turkey crafts unless the weather decides to cooperate and get cool again so i can move around faster and get the work done.

90 degree weather in november is no fun and lugging huge boxes around with sweat in your eyes just completely stinks so let's hope for cool weather so i can get to the turkey crafts already!

anyway, here goes:
i usually set up in my backyard because i don't want 50 kids running around my house but due to hurricane irma, some of the trees were a little unsteady and had a chance of going TIMBER at any time so i ended up decorating and having the party in my front yard this year.

that all worked out cuz i was bored with the back yard parties since it's party number 18 here. we ended up doing a haunted forest, had a whole kid corner in the yard with bobbing for apples, mummy bowling, witch hat ring toss, a campfire pit, and a table full of skeleton goodies.

i put solar lights everywhere and my neighbors for sure thought i was nutty. i always go all out for holidays and they could really see now that everything was up front, literally.

then i had my usual dessert table that 
most of the treats i blogged about.
what else that was different this year 
was a haunted forest walk.
i had hidden popping ghouls and goblins and gave everyone a light stick before they went thru it. 

some folks ask me where i get all my decorations and when i say my bday is on halloween, they instantly get it. 
and now halloween stuff is on clearance and i can't seem to figure out if that is the scariest thing for my budget or is it scarier to think i gotta put all this stuff away?!? :>P