Friday, June 26, 2015

kid's summer bucket list corkboard

do you have a summer bucket list?
or do you have a summer-to-do list instead?
i unfortunately, have a summer-to-do list which i'm trying to incorporate a bucket list into as well.

in the meantime, 
my kid made a summer bucket list on his own,
and with a little help from me, we made it into this:
it all started out with this:

after the drawings are done, we glued the little suns on.

then he took 2 more circles and did this:
here's a close up of his activities:

we had a corkboard that he pinned his circles on.

then he made a little sign to go with it.
where he chooses his activity for the day :)
we plan on adding more activity circles and making a few of them for extra special summer days.
the only thing it doesn't include is "mom i am so bored" !

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

chocolate eagle spoons and forks

hi guys!
i'm here today to talk about candy, chocolate, 
spoons, forks,and eagles.

do they go together?
well of course they do when you make these:
it's another 4th of july treat that's real easy to put together and the kids will get a charge outta them while lighting up a few sparklers.

i wanted to pay homage to our national bird as there are tons and tons and tons of red, white and blue treats on the net.
i kinda paid homage to the eagle last year too when i turned them into brownies.

so anyway, it looks like the eagle has landed once again.

ok so that's the spoon treat.
now it's time for a fork treat, which, 
by the way, took me awhile to think up.

(i was gonna make a knife eagle too to complete the set but thought that would not be pretty if someone ate one...)
anyway, let's make the forks.

look it's a flying eagle!

hey look a buncha flyers!

oh say can you see?
by the eagle's early flight...

no? no.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy dad's day!

happy father's day to all you dads out there!

i hope my hubby realizes how hard it was to buy him the perfect father's day card and gift.

cuz i took the kids to the store and said this was the best gift ever but they disagreed, telling me it would be more appropriate for me.

of course i agreed...

my kids thought this was funny but i said if we got it we would have to include hunting lessons (or not)...


so the kids suggested getting him another tie but i didn't think that was a very good idea...

until i saw THIS tie!
now that's what i call a perfect present!
i can't wait for next year's father's day to add to his collection!!!

in the meantime, 
to all you dads.
wear that tie proudly :)

Friday, June 19, 2015

guest post on design dazzle's summer camp series: summer sun souvenir tin

hey guys!
today i'm doing a little bit of traveling as you can find me over at DESIGN DAZZLE where i'm spending time as a camp counselor.

come over HERE and visit me while i show you how your kid can make this and have a summery cute memory they can keep forever!
it's all fun fun fun!
see ya there!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

tv treat bags

dad's day is coming up this weekend!
what'ya say we make something for him on account that it is insanely difficult to get a father's day gift that he doesn't already have. 
or worse yet, doesn't want or need, 
like a pair of socks or something.

i would be happy with a pair of socks.
heck i'd be happy with anything actually because we are women and women are insanely easy to shop for!

like we got jewelry and flowers and chocolate 
and clothes last year and then this year we get 
jewelry and flowers and chocolate and clothes, 
and next year we get jewelry and flowers and chocolate 
and clothes and so on and so on and we'd be HAPPY right?

but this doesn't work for men.
at least not the men i know, 
cuz how many hammers, ties, cologne bottles, or tire wrenches can the guy have?

so to solve this horrible dilemma i came up with something i think they will like?...
cuz one thing all the men i know not only like, but love, 
it's TV.

and i bet if they got a new tv every year they would be on cloud nine.

only problem is, a new tv every year would cause an overcrowding problem not to mention an empty wallet.

so what to do, what to do...?
i guess i could make tv cookies again like i did last year?...nawww...

hey i know!
what about this?!
it's a new tv! and it's a snack!
food + tv = happy man

here's the how-to:
just draw a curved corner rectangle as the tv screen 
and carefully cut it out making sure you only cut the front part of the bag.

you don't have to use the target bags 
but i like them because they have a flat bottom. 
you can get the bags at michael's too.

i hot glued a string around the screen, 
glued some buttons for the knobs and 
used washi tape for the tv detail. 

but there are no rules here, just use whatcha got in that craft supply of yours :)

now it's time to get a snack.
my hubby loves these nuts but feel free to use any nuts you want! 

you'll need to break about 2 inches or so 
from the bottom of those stirrers. 
i just snapped them with my hand.
then carefully push them into the slits until they stand on their own.
be careful not to puncture the nut bag!
(no not me, the nuts!)

now for the last detail.
and now you have a new tv for dear ole dad!

(i put candy hearts in these)
are you nuts about your dad?

hope he's nuts about these!
my hubby just thinks i'm nuts.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

cupcake liner 4th of july candy sticks

today we're gonna make a simple and cute party favor for fireworks day coming up.
you think all the 4th of july stuff floating around these days are enough?
yeah me too but we gotta celebrate right?

it just takes a few supplies to get 
your red white and blue on.

everything's from jo ann's except for the straws which come from target's dollar spot.

ok here we go.
the cardboard backing is what makes these candy sticks sturdy. 
and they fit perfectly on the liners. :)

next grab your glue gun.
only apply the glue to the edge as shown, leaving the silver cardboard alone.
you don't want to close up the liners because you need to do this next:
now grab that glue gun again.
and now all you gotta do is shake shake shake them!

they're kinda like flat maracas. 
maracas for independence day.
hey, just stay with me.

if you get tired of all the shaking, just rip the liner and the kids can enjoy the candy inside.

don't like candy?  
it would be cute to put a little necklace or glow bracelet in there too instead of candy.

in fact, you can put anything in it except maybe uncle sam.
ok now i'm just being silly.
how about putting a small box of snappits instead?
i think uncle sam would approve!?!