Friday, October 12, 2018

from the archive: spooky halloween serving spoons

hi yo!
this weekend is dedicated for making 
all kinds of halloween goodies!

i kinda don't get how some bloggers make halloween stuff so darn early unless they freeze everything...?!

guess i could do that too but heck i'm afraid some of the treats would taste ghastly if i made them too early (maybe that's what they are supposed to taste like on halloween?)

anyway, today's post is all about 
what or "who" is serving the treats.
so here's an old halloween archived post that still 
stands today at my annual halloween parties. 

spooky halloween serving spoons.
click HERE for the post.

i love these guys. 
hopefully i can whip up some 
halloween goodies to match these halloween goodies. lol

anyone know of a good witch that can cast a good spell on me?

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

dollar tree skeleton picture

today we are gonna do a lickety splickety halloween craft. 
because halloween is coming up lickety splickety.

all you have to do is take a trip 
to your nearest dollar tree, 
grab some hot glue, and you are 
on your way to making a 
dollar tree skeleton picture
for your spooky viewing pleasure.
so all the supplies will cost you $3 plus tax.
daggone dollar tree is becoming one of my staple stores. 
holy cow i think their inventory is 
remarkable and you can find sooo many things 
in there that would cost so much more in other stores.

and no i am not getting paid for saying that but if anyone out there wants to pay me, 
i'm all ears. lol

anyway, where were we?
oh yeah. you probably already figured out 
how easy peasy this is but here are the directions anyway.

hot glue the eyes and place over the cheek bones.
then pull the ring off the door hanger and discard so you just have the bow and the bells.
glue the bow to the neck area and woolah!

oooooooky spooooooky!!!!
the pic has a mirror image too so you can look into it 
and see how spooky you look in the morning before you brush your hair. 
LOL just kidding Beautiful!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

texas sheet cake ghoul cookies

it's a cake!
it's a cookie!
well, kinda...
it's a cake cookie?!

well, whatever it is, it is scary, 
and just in time for halloween.

texas sheet cake ghoul cookies.
i found this recipe on pinterest and 
my eyeballs lit up.

i'm not a fan of chocolate cake. 
but i LOOOOOOVE texas sheet cake.
i think it has something to do with the frosting 
and that my mom made it many times and 
holy halloween heck i couldn't get enough of it!

but when it came to making it, it took 
a lotta steps and made a cake to feed an army.
so to the rescue comes this recipe that is a super shortcut to the next best thing and doesn't feed an army cuz 
it's just enough.

anyway, let's check out how to make these babies. 
here goes:
oh my!
that's all you need to make sheet cake cookies?

while they are baking, 
make the frosting which comes together real quick too.

you can pour the frosting over the warm cookies but i scoop it on to make less of a mess.
now normal people would leave these cookies alone after they frost them or add some walnuts on top but 
nooo, not me, 
i gotta halloweenize these guys!
or you can skip the ooooh, creepy, and spooky part and just add sprinkles.

me too mr. ghoul!
make these yummies and scream with delite cuz there's nothing like taking a regular cookie recipe and turning them into ghouls.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

top 60 party planner

oh. my. goodness.
i made it!
i'm one of the top 60 party planner blogs?!?
check out this post: 
to be in the company of all those incredibly awesome party blogs?!?!?

i die!

Top 60 Party Planning Blogs
and all my readers!

so with that, i'm off to make some posts 
before i get on the top lazy blogger list! lol