Saturday, October 21, 2017

skeleton pumpkin "i lost my head" halloween centerpieces

ok so i tried not to have a halloween party this year. i mean there is a TON of debris ALL OVER the roads from hurricane irma that have yet to be picked up by the city. but i do not forsee that coming soon. 
so i guess i'm having a halloween party anyway, and just think the debris are little haunted forests 
scattered all over the place. :>P

i'd probably lose my head if i didn't host one 
cuz i've been doing it forever.

speaking of losing my head, 
i made some party table centerpieces:
i have no idea what to call these so 
i am just calling them as i see them,
skeleton pumpkin i lost my head centerpieces.

here's how to make these super easy table centers.
it's as simple as just putting supplies together.
that one dollar tree arrow is pointing to what's inside the jar, which is a styrofoam cone.

actually everything was a dollar except the pumpkin jars,
they are posing as a dollar item in target's dollar aisle 
but are really $3.00.

anyway, here we go:
cut about a third of the cone as shown to leave room for the stuffing.

then follow the steps below:

here ya go...
hold on to that would ya already?!?!
i 'm tired of looking for it!
so maybe i just need practice at catching 
to hold on to my head?!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

swamp monster oreo bark

so i went to dollar tree and was looking for green candy for a halloween treat i had in mind.

at first i had circus peanuts in different colors and was just going to use the green ones but circus peanuts? really? i kept looking.

and then i saw these:
and for a dollar??? SCORE!

let's check 'em out shall we?
uhoh looks like the caramel distribution is not equal worries, it'll still work and 
what did i expect for a dollar?

ok so let's get these monsters awake.

why does this monster make me giggle instead of scream?

and look at all of them--
they're just chilling.

do they even look like monsters?
oh my!
that's more like it.

but they do have attitude so i'm gonna stick them in the fridge on top of their wrappers to chill out while 
i continue with the treat making.

let's get some oreos and crush them and scatter them on a sliver circle tray i got at the dollar tree too.

and then let's melt some candy melts...
ok so we'll take the melted candy melt, pour it unevenly in drops over the crushed oreos,shake to smooth out the colors, and play with the colors to get a swamp lake...
ok so maybe i played with the colors too much?... 

time to get those angry attitude swamp monsters out of the fridge and put them back where they belong,
in the water.
space them apart as shown:
keep going with the random spacing til they're all in the swamp lake.
hey you monster!
stop yelling! 
you should be happy you are back in the swamp!
well if you don't like it, you can leave.
no wait!!! come back!
uh oh, i chilled them out in the fridge again but looks like i'm gonna have to separate them. they still look awful angry...

hey check out the cool bark layers!
i think these monsters need more time to chill out don't you?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

spooky scary skeleton kid party table (with oriental trading company)

 being a blogger means you get some perks 
and one of my biggest ones is being 
an ambassador for oriental trading company!

i have to admit i get a few offers but i turn a lot down-
the company has to mean a lot to me and oriental trading definitely delivers.

i was able to put together a spooky skeleton party for the kids at my upcoming halloween party 
with some really cool affordable stuff.

 here, lemme show you! 
first off, you gotta check out these
how cool are they?!?
the box is a little coffin that you can address 
and fill in the details inside.
it even has a picture of a pillow that the included 
stretchy skeleton it comes with can lie in!
then you can start off with the backdrop, that comes folded in 3 different sections that can easily be put together.
the one i got is of course this 
but they have so many more choices too! 
now for the favors.
we'll start off with these 
in bright colors and come in this cool display box. 
they're squishy and i think i may keep one for myself...
oriental trading has a ton of halloween crafts. let's get some like these 
which may be the prettiest skeletons i've seen lately. 
and these skeleton puppets
are so easy and darn cute.
there's no glue required and can be put together in minutes.
ok so we gotta have candy at the kid's table right?
how about these skeleton buckets?
they are 3 x3 and larger than i thought so you can stuff 
quite a few pieces of candy in them.
i may have to keep one of these for myself too...
and speaking of candy, check these cuties out.
skeleton skull chocolates. 
but uhoh! they are sold out for now so check these 
anyway, i used them as "confetti" 
to spread all around the table.
so there you have it!
to see more halloween, go to oriental trading site here 
and spend the next 17 hours looking at allll their stuff!
you will not be disappointed at what you find and then you'll be even more thrilled with their prices. yahoo! 

for this review i was provided the party supplies free of charge by Oriental Trading Company. 
no other type of compensation was received for this review and i provided my own 100& honest opinion..

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

cake fair 2017

we interrupt our halloween posts to bring you a special event i got to attend this past week in orlando called:
ok so it wasn't actually called that as you 
can see by the pic but it was pretty much 
one of THE coolest events i got to return to 
after i attended their first one back 
in 2015 that i never got around to blogging about it when it was called the Orlando Cake Fair.

it's held at the orange county convention center 
which is basically a city in itself seeing how humongous 
it is but when you walk in, 
you see this:
see those mannequins up there?
they are dressed in sugar. no kidding.
it's for their fashion show where of course they use real models.

i could attend that show for a mere $150 but i chose to go the cheap route and pay the $30 general admission fee that basically let's you run around the event in all your glory.

and run around i did cuz i HAD to check every single vendor there and oogle at all their wonderful cake and food craft items. i was in heaven.

and i couldn't help but think of other bloggers too like Beth of Hungry Happenings, Kim the Partiologist, Sue of Munchkin Munchies, Karen of Sugartown Sweets, and etc etc etc.

holy heck folks like these woulda gone 
gaga as well as getting broke. 
lordy know i spent my dollars there!

cuz look at just some of the stuff they had there! 
every freakin' food craft thingamajing 
you could think of and more.
it was that and about 100 other more displays!

and if that wasn't enough they had event stuff too of course.
and lookie who else they had!

yup. and they had even more celebrity chefs 
from the food network and TLC and more!
they had some go on stage and talk about their work and show some cake demos.

i went to see these 2 cuz i had so much more to see.

like the following incredible unbelievable and out of the box over the top million other things to see.

let's look at this one again!
when you are done picking your jaw off the floor, 
here's another showcase cake to look at.
oh and we can't forget baby grinch is there!
and yes, these too, are all CAKE!

as you can see there's a 
serious serious serious cake competition.

you can actually sign up for classes 
to do some of this stuff.
i didn't cuz, duh, i can't even...
(cuz if i started a cake like the showcase ones, i'd end up lookin' like that scary head in the pic you just saw when i pull my hair and skin and eyeballs out! lol)

wanna see these in person yourself? 
go here and check out when it'll be happening again, 
and maybe i'll see you there cuz i'm already signed up to go for the next 100 years they have it.

so what did you think when you saw all that?!?
the world is full of awesomeness.