Friday, February 27, 2015

st. patty's day lucky candy bags

hoo boy i got another candy packaging treat for you guys.
guess my brain is on the sugar highway 
since my break 2 weeks ago.
i'll chalk that up to survival mode.

today we're gonna make these:
they're pretty much like my valentine mason jar ones but this time i just free handed because 1, i was too lazy to make a printable, 2 i made these in the middle of the night (don't ask what time) and 3, because um, uh, just because. 
it just sounds better when you have 3 reasons.

make sure when you cut out your U to only cut the FRONT part of the bag.
throw the paper away once you made the heavy outline.

and for the final step,
and there you have it!
the fun thing about these kinda bags is that you can cut out any shape and use any color bag you want-
the options are endless!
actually the final step for me is to take photography lessons to take better pics but for now i'm lucky to have you here!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

st. patty's day leprechaun candy cups

sometimes it gives you a big ole fork in the the road that forces you to make a decision.
scary stuff i tell ya.

if you've visited me in the past,
you know i took a little blogger winter break.

2 weeks as a matter of fact of making other stuff a priority, 
thus taking away from making fun stuff such as these:
nothing like a cup full of candy to make life sweet.

here's how to make some.
it's not shown but cut a little around the pattern to leave an overhang to the bottom of the cup.
ok i know that sounds totally confusing but hopefully you'll get it here:
i used the bottom of my donut mug to make the bigger circle. use whatever you have.
oh and i just used tacky glue.
ok put that hat aside and grab another cup.
i just free-handed the hole with sharpie 
and cut the orange felt. 

ok he said "kiss me" so that's our next step.

that was fun!
let's make another one.

i didn't have any rolos at the time but that can serve as the gold.
and because i couldn't decide on what pic to use for a title, here's another one.
and yet another one.
if that title decision was a fork in the road i would be all twisted around wouldn't i?

anyway, it's good to be back.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

BIG bear hug brownies

well official love day will be here very soon.
so i have another sweet for your sweetie that'll work with really anyone who is just your sweetie for your life, 
for the day or for the minute.

i mean, do you want to give something to somebody but not in a romantic way without all the "you complete me" or 
"your eyes are like diamonds" 
or "i'd die without you" kinda treat?

what if that someone's your really nice neighbor, or 
piano teacher, or your kid's buddy?
no worries, this will work and you can make a bunch 
to spread around. 

 what i'm talking about is a hug.
a BIG bear hug.

edible ones at that.
with the betty crocker brownie pack mix, i was able to whip up 12 of these without painting mason jars, gathering baskets & painting them red, or cutting out a bunch of cardstock hearts.
then gather the bear parts.
pictured are melts to use for candy glue but almond bark and melted chocolate chips work too.
now put them to work.
it's much easier to attach the arms and heart when your brownie is cooled or even better yet, chilled in the fridge. the chocolate glue sets up a lot faster to hold the arms and heart in place.

oh and those arm cookies?
let's take a closer look.
i just cut off both ends and ate the middle part.
ok now where were we?
i drew the little smiley eyes on tiny white sprinkles.
so that was that.

i think your sweeties will love this bear hug 
on valentine's day.
on second thought, 
i think it might be a little hard to give these kinda hugs away on account of how yummy they are...?

Friday, February 6, 2015

perfect man boxer candy pops

hey did you know there's such a thing as the perfect man?
i think he's very, very, very difficult to find as everyone keeps trying to search for him, myself included, but am still quite content with the one (hubby) i have.

anyway, with valentine's day coming up, 
i just so happened to find a bunch of them for you!
let's take a look at how they came to be.

add details with a black food marker and woolah! 
it's the perfect man.

"honey, we've been driving over an hour! i think we're lost."
"no problem i'll just stop and, 
why i never....

we gotta label this guy!
and look! 
there's a bunch more.

one who does homework, one who loves to wash dishes,
one that hates to hog the remote!?
(oh only in my wildest dreams)
and we already met the one who asks but the one who doesn't ask is pretty perfect too.
is it even possible a man can put dishes away?
or tell you to shop more?!?!
and then folds the laundry to help clean up because he can't wait for his MIL to come visit and stay as long as she likes?
what about never having to worry about cooking dinner?
or have one that loves to talk about his feelings?
but i do believe this may be my perfect man out of all of these.
24/7 crafting. ahhhhh!
can i get an amen?!

i dunno. 
you'd think i'd take them all and make one giant perfect man but i gotta watch my diet.
because we know behind every perfect man is 
a gingerbread man?!?!