Thursday, June 30, 2016

stars and stripes flag fudge

ok i gotta hurry.
my hubby tells me 2 days-yes 2 DAYS-
ahead of time that we are going on vacation.

and this is gonna be an epic vacation 
so i gotta get everything ready like yesterday.

but "wait!" i thought.
"i gotta make something for the blog!
 it's gonna be july 4th any minute and i gotta 
think think think about making something 
red white and blue!"

of course these thoughts are only in my head 
cuz i have no time to make something for this blog 
if you asked my spontaneous hubby, 
but i did anyway.

so introducing, 
flag fudge.
with stars and stripes.
that you can make lickety split as i prove to you 
while i am using my other arms to pack, 
do multiple loads of laundry, send off bills, 
vaccuum, clean out the fridge, mow the lawn, 
notify family and close friends, etc etc... get the picture...

just use this easy recipe 
and you're on your way to making goodies 
everyone will love especially uncle sam.
yup, you just need butter, white chocolate chips and condensed milk.
i cut the recipe in half cuz 
i just wanted to make a small batch.

just nuke all 3 ingredients, 
color about 1/4 red and 1/8 blue and 
leave the rest the off whitish color.
place the red and blue in a piping bag then:
keep layering, alternating the white and red colors 
for the stripes, then pipe a blue star on top
just use the white color and top with piped red stripes and a blue square for the flag.
place in fridge til firm then,

there's only 8 pieces shown cuz uh...
i had to sample one...

ok so there ya go,
fun festive fudge for the fourth.

now go forth and fudge out!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

july 4th coaster covers

goodness how did the 4th come up so fast?
didn't we just have dad's day?
well, i guess it's a good thing i have a stash of independence day stuff in my craft room.

it's also good to mix it all up and 
get some 4th of july coasters that 
can also act as drink covers.
these will make any drink look festive 
for all your firework day festivities.
whether you choose to make them as 
coasters or covers.

here's what you'll need:
cupcake set and star straws from marshall's,
(or any red, white and blue liners and straws
with silver cardstock)
flag picks and stars from hobby lobby
and mod podge. 

oh and most importantly, 
cork coasters from ikea.
first up, flatten a liner and glue to the coaster.
the liner edges will hang off so fold them down to cover the coaster edges.

next, stick one of the sparkler toothpicks 
from the cupcake kit directly into the coaster as shown. thread a straw piece 
through the toothpick and glue in place.

yeah i agree.
here's more pics to hopefully clear it up,
and an added toothpick with a straw.
you'll need to place the straw covered toothpicks 
toward the edge.
here is the reason, as the glass will help with placement.
once the straws are dried and in place,
cut a point off one of the glitter straws 
and glue for the tip of the "firework straws" as shown.
add another firework straw but this time,
lay it down on the coaster.
you can add a tiny flag toothpick to the mix
and write on one of the star picks 
like you see below,
and stick it in the center if you use 
the coaster for a drink cover.

see what happens when you stick something 
in the cork, it easily holds it in place.

then once all your fireworks are in place,
along with the flags and such, 
mod podge the liner so it doesn't get too wet from your drink if you make these as coasters,
something i still need to do once i run to the store to get the mod podge since i'm out! 
(oopsies-hey i was winging it 
when i made these :>P)

anyway, like i said you can use these for regular coasters or drink covers 
to keep the nasty bugs outta your drink, 
which seems to happen a lot 
during summer picnics and outdoor parties.
it may seem like a heckuva lot of steps 
but you can make one of these in 
10 minutes or less!

hope you like these,
as making a july 4th craft is not an easy task these days if you are looking for something different,
as i see when i google july 4th crafts and everything possible that can be 
red, white and blue has been done,
and done 
and done.
but for these,
 all you need are a couple fireworks and 
you'll be set for red white and blue day!
oh hey, never mind.
you're all set now :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

emoji treat boxes with emoji gumballs

hey you like to text?
yeah me too.
you like to use emojis?
yeah, me too.

in fact, i like to use it so much 
i can't seem to text message someone 
without a familiar yellow face attached to it,
otherwise, it just looks so....i dunno, plain.

anyway, with all the emoji love going on,
i decided to make something using them as an inspiration.

so here goes another treat:
emoji treat boxes.
heehee they make me :)

in fact, i think i am going to let these  little yellow faces tell you just how these were made, 
after a trip to jo ann fabrics, where i got these:

you still with me?
let's make more shall we?

time to fill it up..
using plain yellow candy...?
no! :>(


Thursday, June 16, 2016

father's day dressed-up dad marshmallows

well in a few days we'll be celebrating 
the man of the house.
although in some cases, 
that may not necessarily be my hubby, lol,
nevertheless it is father's day.

a day when dads can dress up and 
eat a marshmallow.

like so:
it's fairly easy to make actually, 
just poke an oval marshmallow into a straw
(or cut a marshmallow into an oval shape with a cookie cutter) and dip it in pink candy melt after 
you candy glue a banana nose sprinkle on it first.
(i had some egg shaped marshmallows leftover 
from easter (?!?) and yes 
they still have awhile to expire)
then before it dries, add some eyes and 
chocolate sprinkle hair.
or use yellow, orange, or black sprinkles,
depending on dad's hair color.
i made these a "before and after" of my hubby.
i am positive he likes the "before" 
baldness ones but heck i need to remind him they all taste the same.

hope he smiles and doesn't get too depressed 
about the hair loss.  lol
so allow to dry on parchment paper and 
you'll have a bunch of dads.
make sure the kids help out in making these,
as they can draw the mouths on with food marker and add the sprinkle hair.

but wait!
they look like they need a little somethin'.
it is, after all, for a father's day celebration.
they're right you know.
i have no idea why the heck men's clothes are so dang expensive, 
especially when you add a tie to the mix.

hey let's look at marshall's, 
where their clothes are always reasonably affordable, 
even for name brands.


hey look!
i just found shirts for the all the dads!
('s actually a father's day card)
and LOOK!
6 shirts for a grand total of $2.99!

(plus a dad's day card you can decorate 
the front on your own-wow what a deal!)
that's only a little over 49 cents each per shirt,
not including a few cents for tax.

awww, how handsome they look!

let's add one more thing, with washi tape.
with your kid's touch using a sharpie.

hey wait! 
i see one of the dads is shirtless?!?!
no shirt? no shoes?
no problem. he'll still get service.
it's dad's day after all.