Saturday, February 17, 2018

strawberry rose topped brownie torte

in my last post,
you saw a glimpse of today's treat,
strawberry rose topped brownie torte.

it's a definite people pleaser that combines 
chocolate, frosting, ganache and strawberries 
so y'know it's gonna be good! 
just use your fave brownie mix and a mold or you can even put it in a regular pan and cut into squares.
i used a heart mold cuz i had these at 
a galentine party last weekend.
follow the directions on the box to bake 
then when they're done baking,
this way they will lay flat on the bottom 
and the top to hold the strawberry.
remove from the mold after 5 minutes then allow to cool completely before slicing each brownie in half as shown:
next up you'll need to make the frosting 
with these ingredients:

then pipe it on top of the brownie bottom 
and top it off with the other half.
next, mix 1/2 cup whipping cream boiled for a minute then add a 6 oz. bag of chocolate chips and stir til smooth for some delicious ganache topping.
and last but not least, cut up a strawberry 
to look like a rose.
this tutorial is awesome and shows you 
a step by step on how to make your roses.
then lastly add it to your mini tortes 
for some beautiful deliciousness.
dang these are sooo yummy!
of course you want the recipe which you can get here
and as you will see, i left the frosting all one color 
(even though it looks beige in one pic and white in the next!) and i didn't make any candy or frosting decor, just used the strawberries instead.( i do make the christmas tree but it's february and thought that'd be weird to do so! lol)
if you're on a diet, just make 'em anyway 
cuz they're so pretty you can just stare at them...
or better yet, pass them to me!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

galentine's day party

happy valentine's day everybody!

i've said it before i'm not a big valentine's day gal-
the mushy thing is not me but when it comes to 
galentine's day,
you can call me anytime!

so with that being said,
here's what i did about it last weekend at my
galentine's day party.
target! oh target! how i love thee target!
i love thee to the...

oh sorry! got carried away there.
which is what happened to me before when i saw all the galentine dollar spot target items in the last few weeks.

i made a few posts recently about this party stuff 
herehere, here, here, and here
so now you can see how it's all put together,
and i won't go into detail.

instead i'll just show you via pics by category.

first up, the table seating area:
then the love you to pizzas station:

where i cut 30 gajillion veggies including heart shaped green peppers and pepperoni,
til i couldn't see straight and just told myself 
and stopped cutting after pepperoni heart number 573.

my gal pals went a little gaga putting their toppings on their pizzas. lol
next up the hor d'oeuvres and craft table:

everyone got a dollar tree container that had a headband, necklace, ceramic box, a game card, and a towel.
with that we made the crafts below which included a personalized emergency chocolate box, a mini photo heart ornament, and a large wooden heart they decorated themselves that i had to give them separately cuz it was too big to fit in the container!
then last but not least came the dessert table:

i'll post the recipe for those brownie tortes real soon...
but in the meantime i need a nap 
from looking at all the stuff i did. lol

hope your valentine, or galentine or whatevertine 
is super great for you and your sweetie(s)!


Sunday, February 11, 2018

conversation heart mats

today i have an easy peasy galentine craft that doesn't really need a how-to if you have a cutting machine.

they're conversation heart mats for 
a galentine's day celebration.
i found these at target's dollar spot.

and all i did was make up some galentine phrases on my silhouette with the arial font, reversed the letters before cutting, and used gold iron-on vinyl.
so here they are.

text me, you are a cutie, girl power, and cool chic.

i was not a cool chic nor a cutie when i first made these as i never follow directions on first tries cuz i am too impatient and excited to get on with the project.

nevertheless they came out and were a hit at my galentine party.

so hey now after being a cutie and a cool chic full of girl power, all that's left is this:
here's to a fun heart day for all gals and guys! :)

Friday, February 9, 2018

valentine fudge boxes

fudge fudge call the judge...
hey you oldies like me, remember that jump rope song?
well, how 'bout we talk regular fudge instead, as in,
Valentine Fudge Boxes.
this is an easy fun food gift you can give to all your galentine buddies.

it starts out with my fave easy peasy fudge recipe of chocolate chips and a can of frosting for one batch of creamy fudge.

for this i made 2 batches.
here's all ya gotta do:

i had this mold forever and can't remember where i got it 
but here's a very similar one here.

once the mold was filled i had some more 
fudge leftover so i just did this:
that's cupcake liners! ugh.

anyway, i made some strawberry flavored ones too.
only this time i spread it in a pan, chilled to set, then cut out the heart shapes with a mini heart cookie cutter, and then rolled more balls with the leftovers.
then when they were all set, 
i got to sprinkling them all up.

then i grabbed a mini heart box from the dollar tree.
and i filled the box up with the fudge pieces.
so instead of regular chocolates they get this delicious, creamy, decadent, sweet, sprinkle topped, heart shaped, chocolate iced, box of homemade goodness. lol

it's just another reason why galentine's day is a whole lot funner than valentine's day.