Friday, January 30, 2015

marshmallow valentine cupigs

how's your love life?
no no no.
lemme rephrase that.

ever fall in love at first sight?
you know like all of a sudden there you are then a certain somebody catches your eye and 
your heart goes a thumpety thump thump thump?

yeah, i know, it only happens in movies.
at least in my life.
guess i've always been quite picky as there was this cute boy in my 6th grade class where all the girls would go go gaga over and i just said "meh" cuz i wasn't interested in someone everyone else was interested in.

they thought i was weird for not liking him but heck he even liked himself so that was enough since he had too many arrows in him already.

yes i said arrows.
something this little guy knows all too well.
yes that's a pig.
and he actually is a cuPIG as opposed to a cupid.

 i saw a cupig card at hallmark that inspired me. 
so i made some edible ones.

here, lemme show you.
get this:
you'll also need some candy melts or almond bark.

first attach the 2 regular marshmallows 
together with candy glue.
put these all together x3 and you get:

and put them aside a sec.

now grab those piggies again.
you can allow the piggies to dry now and then go on to the next step.
oh i forgot to say to plop a dab of melted candy on the back of the pig so the pretzels stick.
(and dang that picture is blinding white! ugh)

ok now for the finishing touches.
oh dear.
or should i say oh pig?

me no likely.

they're weird looking.
i messed up their eyes gosh darn it. 
and their heart sprinkle mouths are goofy.
and i gave 2 arrows to one pig to fix it but it still didn't help.
the good thing is i know when i eat these they are gonna be a super yummy treat but 
let's be insane and,
i made some more.
this time with a double squished marshmallow nose so it'll stick out more.
cuz yes i am a freak and besides that, 
i thought of a shortcut.
dang that sure is piggie pink!

let's just move on.

and finally the candy eyes and the food marker details and 
i got my cupigs that i imagined.

oh my little cupigs are so busy flit flit flutterying away!

poor guys. better get them some reinforcements.
well, weird pig help or not, 
looks like they gotta lot a love to spread around.

maybe next time i make these i'll still dip them in the candy and make their faces like the 2nd time i did it.

whadda what?
i'm gonna make them again?
sure why the heck not? they're super easy and a whole lot quicker to make than writing a 24 picture blog post about them!

ok there's only one more thing to ask.
you're waaaay too close cupig!
not sure if i want one of your arrows but if YOU want some love, 
just know you got alotta of it from me just for stopping by.


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

giant football stadium cookie

 i'm not too crazy about this post today.
it's about football.

but no worries, i like football themed food, 
i just like to post different ideas on this blog and this idea is in no way my idea.

 but it's a big one nevertheless.
big one in the way of size. 
as there are really cute stadium cookies out there but heck i wanted to make a big one cuz number one, i am short on time and number 2, i stink at piping.
and i mean REALLY stink at piping.

those little numbers on the field are enough to give this non-icing piper a bad case of hives.

so no numbers on this field.

and those x's and o's and arrows up there will be your only reference as they look like loser football teams and superbowl is not about loser football teams.

and i would much rather sit on my couch than be at the game amongst a gazillion people cuz the bathroom is only a few feet away and there is no waiting line.
plus the fridge is quite close to my living room too.
not to mention the goodies like hot dogs and chili.

anyway, i have a coupla little tips on how to make this cookie in record time and still have time to make your chicken wings or hot dogs or whatever it is you make for superbowl dinner.
it's cool that when it baked it turned into this roundish rectangle shape thingie-
perfect for the stadium and i didn't even plan on it coming out that way.
i just colored ready made frosting cuz i was lazy.

then add those x's and o's or you can pipe football players on the field

so i'll be sitting at home watching the gajillion dollar commercials while i munch on this cookie.
uh oh.
hope he doesn't need to use the bathroom soon either...

Friday, January 23, 2015

football yardline chocolate spoons

hope you guys like chocolate spoons.
cuz i declare it "chocolate spoon week"!

that sounds much better than 
"let's be brain-dead for other blog ideas week".

did you catch my recent spoon post
cuz that's what got me thinking of these and with 
"official love your heart day" 
and "hope your football isn't deflated day" coming up, 
i made these:
i used these to decorate:
cuz when i was staring at the valentine  spoons, i thought 
"dang they sure look like footballs."

yeah, that's the ticket.
so when you draw the numbers, draw them in 
consecutive order like 50-40-30 for one 
then 20-10-goalpost for the other.
or just draw the numbers, whatever you want.
it's a touchdown!
well, actually a buncha touchdowns all in less than an hour cuz i made a dozen spoons.
less than an hour for a buncha touchdowns?
sounds like my kinda game.
that way there's more time for eating.
and if you are wondering why chocolate spoons would be cool for superbowl day, 
then think superbowl breakfast with hot cocoa.

just make sure not to dunk the paint part in it unless you wanna poison someone... 

or you can make spoonful scoops of football fudge instead.

another cool idea would be to get spoons to match the color of your fave team and write the team's name on the spoon.
too bad i have no fave team to do that so i'll leave those spoons up to you to help celebrate 
national chocolate spoon week

so that's about how much i know about football. 
i think that's plenty enough?!?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

valentine chocolate spoons

the following is a true story.

it's 10:12pm.
wrapping up the day but
did i remember to make a post for this week?
oh crap! i forgot!

search for something-anything in the craft room.
yes! this will do. 
almost forgot about those dollar tree stickers.


dang that was easy!

let's make another one.

and another one.

less than half an hour til my bedtime.
(remind myself i have to work tomorrow.)

but all these are for 
and i'm doing this outta
don't these spoons make your heart all aflutter?
ok that was really cheesy.

take some obligatory angle blog pics.

arrange a group shot and add a title.
hey i got time to play around with another design shot.
ok 10:46pm
blog post done.
clean up already and hit the sack.



dream of chocolate.
and spoons.

tell your brain to shut up.
it's 5:41am.

take your kid to bus stop and immediately go into kitchen.
hey the sun's not even up.
in fact it's pitch dark.

try not to wake hubby up with all the click clicking of the camera...

ok now to locate my happies...

awww here they are!
add some to that chocolate spoon before it dries sitting on some parchment paper.

then add detail with a food marker.
a spoon of x's and o's.

and here are some flowers for the butterfly.
and more <3s.
better hurry.

have to be at work in half hour.
but ya gotta have some with milk chocolate too right?
like a chocolate heart couple with some sweet hearts.

you're pushing it girl.

quick-take a group shot.
and another one for the post title.

go! go! go! 
get ready before you're late for work!
oh but first i gotta grab a cup of cocoa...