Monday, October 31, 2016

happy halloween twenty sixteen!


hope you have some fun fun fun 
today dressing up as a french fry, gumball machine, a shower rain cloud or whatever.
cuz what other day would it be acceptable to dress up like that?

and what other day is it acceptable to eat ghosts, eyeballs and fingers?

geeze halloween's so weird.
no wonder it's my bday.

anyway, here's a roundup of this year's halloween posts:
(just click on the links below)

well, there you have it.
another halloween to put in our records.

 and look! 
i already see the turkeys heading our way...

Saturday, October 29, 2016

quick halloween treats: frankenstein bars and finger fudge

oh goodness!
no more halloween ideas to fulfill for me cuz my party is TONITE.

so without further ado, 
here are 2 lickety splickety halloween treats to make 
for a last minute treat.
use any sugar cookie mix and follow directions.
then frost with green frosting (i used this recipe) and...

next up, i used this fudge from walmart and the fingers from joann's to do this:

i'll show you how it's all cut up when i post about the party next week since i have to wait for it to set up.
for now, may all your tricks be treats :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

quick and easy vampire oreos

vampires are dumb.
 seems like no matter what time of day it is, they always say,
 well maybe they're not so dumb after all, 
since they are correct at least part of the day
 (or should i say night?)
and well,
 they aren't dumb if you make 'em like this too:

you can fix the top of the circle with black cookie icing like so.
oh goodness! settle down now!
you can't just yet!
nope, not yet...
ok, now you can!
uh oh...errr...lemme rephrase that agreement.
no problem.
(just don't tell them we
vant to eat their heads! LOL)
sick halloween humor

Saturday, October 22, 2016

rice krispie trick or treat bags

i grew up using a pillow case for my trick or treat bag and was perfectly fine with it except for one thing.
i could never get that thing filled.

at least, not like my brothers,
 who trick or treated til all ends of the night and brought home a bulging pillow case filled with loads and loads of every sweet imaginable.

dang my 1/3 full case was heavy enough.
i never knew how they could lug such a huge sack of sugar all through the neighborhood but they managed to do it, 
even though other things like mowing the lawn was a near impossible task for them.

anyway, remember that scene in the original willy wonka movie where gene wilder (r.i.p.!) drinks tea and then eats the cup?
man, as a kid, that was the coolest thing i saw in a movie and wanted one of those cups even though i was secretly afraid i may cut my lip or something on tea cup glass.

oh well, such the stresses of a childhood. these days kids can actually eat all their candy PLUS their bag if you make them these:
rice krispie trick or treat bags.

here's the how-to:

you may need to squish the rice krispie to the straw if gaps appear. 
just remember to slowly push the straw when the krispies are soft before you chill them so they won't fall apart.

now you need to get pretzel rings or carefully break a regular pretzel to do this:
carefully push the pretzel handle into the bag and allow to dry on parchment paper. 
i used a fork to help the handle stay put but you can use whatever you have to keep the handle in place.

the only thing left to do is decorate the fronts with a black food marker.
ding dong!

oh! i hear some trick or treaters coming!
quick, grab that candy or they'll ask you to smell their feet!

good gracious if that ever happened i would have to declare halloween 
a really really scary night.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

wacky and whimsy pumpkin centerpieces

i have a question for you guys.
when you see a blog post and it has a bunch of writing in it, do you read the whole thing?

i am 100% guilty for NOT reading the whole thing.
one reason is due to time and another is that if it's a recipe or a food craft,
i totally skip to the pictures cuz i am very visual.

ok i really should not blame time for anything cuz if i do like the post, 
i stare at the pics for what would probably be the same time to read what is actually written.

i am a total lazy eye read and full force pictureholic.

does that make sense?
anyway, look at me, i'm writing too much already so i am just gonna show you the insanity of what i made when i put a bunch of craft supplies together to make a bunch of 
pumpkin centerpieces that are 
both wacky, whimsical, and not to mention weird...

so that's one thing i didn't include in the supply list,
dollar tree orange and green vases.

  i am using these for my  halloween party as centerpieces and i had to have something with weight and height to keep the light-as-air pumpkins from being carried out to nowhere with the wind.

so there you have it...

holy pumpkin cow could you imagine all the writing i would have to do if i made a tute for each pumpkin?
why it would be christmas by the time you nice 
"read-the-whole-post readers" got done :>O

Friday, October 14, 2016

diy halloween eyeball favors

i'm not much into makeup.
my cosmetic bag, if you even wanna call it that,
consists of 4 items plus an eyelash curler.

yes you read that right.
it takes me all of 10 minutes to get ready whereas it takes my teen daughter hours.

good gracious i would DIE if i spent that much time on myself.

i would much much rather spend hours making cake pops or a diy craft whereas my daughter would DIE if she did that.

but enough about us.
okey dokey.
here is a diy craft that didn't take long at all to do,
similar to my makeup session.

today we are making eyeball favors
for your halloween party gathering.

here we go again:
those treat containers made my eyes 
get really BIG when i saw them.
gosh they are actually too big to make one treat in so 
i filled them up with eyeballs. 

there's a clear part and a cloudy part to the container.
here's what to do with that plastic dollar tree eye and some hot glue onto the cloudy part of the container.
don't ask me why one part is cloudy and the other is clear.
but i left the clear part alone so the eyeballs inside could be seen clearer.

ok let's get those glasses now.
so hey do you wear false eyelashes?
from what you read about me and my makeup routine, i certainly do not but my daughter does once in awhile.
heck, i wouldn't know what to do with those things if i did get them except for thinking there are bugs in my eyes all night and rubbing the heck outta them.

anyway, carefully peel those eyelashes 
from the glasses and do this:

well whadya know!
those eyelashes DO make a big difference!
but let's get real here.
sometimes those darn eyelashes do NOT cooperate,
as they aren't always easy to peel off.
but i was bound and determined to have eyelashes on all my eyes so i did this, gluing one lash at a time.

so hey! don't judge. 
some folks are better at makeup than others...
and besides, when do halloween monsters have pretty eyes?

ok now i've seen everything.
the lashes are good to go here so i guess it looks like 
the eyes have it.