Friday, October 5, 2012

halloween candy cupcakes

 Oooooooooo! Weeeeeeeeeeee! Ooooooooooooooo!
are you excited for another halloween treat?
i hope so cuz i am crossing my fingers that you will like this.

cuz if you make these cuties and share it with everyone you will all smile and have a glorious day!
now that last line was really scary!
as in really cheesy scary!

whad'ya say we make some of these not so scary cuties? i hope you'll stick around and not be scared to do this, since it may look complicated (cuz i am very visual and detail oriented).


i first want to tell you i have an obsession for cupcake liners. 
yup. that's my jar of liners.
and there are more in boxes and in my cupboards and in my closet and in my garage and in my shoe...HA! 
just kidding, wanted to see if you were paying attention.

but honestly, i can't stop buying them. 
i have issues.

and what's even worse is that i never want to use them cuz i like looking at them so much so it just accumulates in my house. one day i think i will be attacked by the cupcake liner monster wanting all of them back.

and my obsession is so bad that i decided to make my own! 
and this time out of candy!

wanna make some too?
tell you what, let's make the WHOLE cupcake!
here we go.

you just need: 
molds (shown below), candy melts, candy/sprinkles to embellish, & candy to fill cupcake.

 use this mold.
you'll have 3 liners to fill.
for the 1st one,
1.  melt a small amount of dark green and light green candy melts
2.  use a brush to paint the liner with the dark green candy. the idea here is to make the liner look like grass once it's done (this will make sense to you (hopefully!) once you read the entire post.
3.  paint it here and there, leaving some spots for the light green to show. paint the bottom as well.
4.  fill the cup with the light green candy about 2/3 of the way
5. squish the top part of the mold and freeze.
you can chip away the extra candy off the liner after it's set or carve it away with a paring's best to put extra candy melt than not enough or you'll have a heckuva time not breaking them if they are too thin.

for the next liner, melt some red candy melts and,
and for the next one,
place the top part of the mold on top, squeeze the molds together and freeze about 15 minutes. remove from mold and cut or chip away the excess on the cupcake rim, if any.

 now we got the liners made, put them aside and let's make the tops!
use this mold:
(i know there are tops to the first mold we used but they are too swirly and we need plain ones to make this treat work.) 

use only the size of the mold that fits the liner mold. there are 2 spots to do so.
ok after they freeze, do this to the pumpkin: 
use melted red candy melt and 2 white sunflower seeds to make the mouth for the dracula.
don't forget to add eyes.
let's make one more.
grab some candy for embellishments,
draw frank's mouth using a foodmarker.

put some candy in the candy liners you made like m&m's and then put the candy tops on and admire.

and finally, frak.
oops! i mean frank.
let's look at those liners a little closer again.
and woolah!
they are done.

i originally put jack on the grass liner but my son said frank should go on the green one to match better so, anyway, that's how that came about.
uh oh..... 
i am finding it hard to eat these now.

i think i just added to my cupcake liner obsession :>P



  1. That is super cute! Love their little faces - would definitely have a hard time eating these. But what a great idea for a halloween party favor.

    1. thank you Emma! the party favors are exactly what i had in mind...i think! I have too many in my head! LOL oh and best of luck to you with the electric bass :) i'm your new GFC! :)

  2. Lisa! These are fantastic! I love them all. And- thank you very much for alerting me to the cuteness that is the simple cupcake liner. Somehow they had slipped below my collecting radar. After seeing your jar full o' cuteness I wanna make like a billion somethings with some of my own. (It seems I just thought I had made paper flowers out of everything.) :) Thanks so much for your delightful posts,my dear! LOVE!


    1. Amberly! looks like you caught the cupcake liner disease! symptoms include heart palpitations with every new design, an empty wallet, and heart felt joy just staring at them. hehe i have no doubt your creations are gonna rock!

  3. Awesome ideas!! I'd love for you to link this up to Do Something Crafty Friday:

  4. wow great job! i have those molds and have been trying to think if ideas for them...thanks for sharing!!!

    1. you're very welcome! i'm quite certain you can make wonderful candy cupcakes with your creativity Michelle! :)

  5. What a great party favor for Halloween. Super idea. Be sure to stop by Hungry Happenings and add it to my first ever link party, you might just win $70 in food decorating supplies just for adding your pictures.

  6. These are great! Spooky and yummy!!!

    1. thank you Mrs. Bishop! i really appreciate your commenting! :)

  7. This is really a cute idea! I haven't seen those molds but they sure look like fun:@)

    1. hi Happier Than a Pig! try michael's or jo ann fabrics-that's where i got mine :)and YIPPEEEEEE! i see you are my newest GFC!!! THANK YOU!!! :)

  8. I love these, they are really original - I've pinned them on Pinterest so other people can be inspired too. I've not seen molds like this before, will have to have a hunt to see if anywhere in the UK sells them.

    From your newest GFC follower. :)

    1. hi Angela all the way from the UK! oh my goodness, pinning and GFC?!?!?you are totally AWESOME! here is where you can get these molds shipped to you if u want! (but I would check your UK stores first as these are priced higher than jo-ann fabrics or michael's stores)

      for the cupcake mold:

      and for the dome mold:

      and THANK YOU THANK YOU again for being my newest GFC!! YAHOOOO! :)

  9. Really cute and very creative! Love them!

  10. Those are all just adorable! When I saw the first pic I just couldn't imagine how you had gotten the heads so perfectly rounded. They look awesome, I think the Frankenstein cutie is my fave!

    1. there are so many candy molds now Michelle-usually at 1.99 and you can do so much with them :) thanks so much again!

  11. What a fun way of using that cupcake mold!!! I love it! And I have the same cupcake liner addiction:-)

    1. LOL! now i don't feel so bad Jocelyn, about the liner accumulation! so happy you like them :)

  12. Too cute to eat! Sharing on Facebook

    Thank you for linking up at the Wildly Original party.
    <3 Christina at I Gotta Create!

    1. sharing on FB?!?! thank you thank you Christina! I think i must be the few left outta the billion FB subscribers who has an account and doesn't know yet how to use it-LOL (it's more due to time than taking the time :>P)


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