Tuesday, April 29, 2014

peanut butter taco cookies

ever come up with something 
only to find out it was already there?

it happened when the idea to make these treats came to me upon awakening one morning and i was so excited to get started on them.

i always like to challenge myself to think up new ideas that are fresh on this blog. 

but for these i made them first without doing the usual google search. so when i thought of this idea and found that it really wasn't my original idea my heart sank a little.

 but Sandra's cookies and talent are so impressionable and genius to me they are now lodged in my conscious and subconscious mind, and it just takes this old brain to realize that this idea was really her original idea when i saw and commented on her post last year. 
i just (oopsies) kinda forgot it was already out there. looks like i read waaaay too many blogs with waaaaay too many things i wanna make.

anyway, i wasn't gonna post these but i obviously changed my mind. at least they are a slightly different idea to the original and i made them in only 1/2 hour.
here goes:

i flipped the cookies out of the whoopie pie pan onto a cookie sheet then i flipped them again onto another cookie sheet.
while they are still warm, cut them in half.
if you want a lot of ground beef (aka chocolate) place another kiss on the other side too immediately upon flipping them as shown then spread after the kisses soften to get "double meat". 
i wanted the back of the cookie to be shown on the outside for more uniformity to resemble tacos which is why i flipped the cookies twice.
(i sure hope you understand what i just said!)

whoa! it's a walking talking taco!

and there you have the unoriginal but kinda original peanut butter taco cookie.
treats for the upcoming cinco de mayo celebration coming up next Monday.
i know peanut butter and chocolate doesn't really sound appetizing when you are talking tacos but i wanted some chocolate in there somewhere and wanted to make these in a hurry.
peanut butter ready made mix with chocolate hershey kisses and sprinkle taco cookies 
should really be the title for these cookies but we'll just stick to my unoriginal idea and call it a day.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

sombrero hat garland

when i saw these eggs at walmart over easter, 
my heart skipped a beat.
it's what happens when inanimate objects catch my eye and it's love at first sight.
it's all the color as you may have guessed if you've been following me.
aren't they beautiful?

well i had them in a bowl and now that easter is over and cinco de mayo is coming up soon, i used them to make something.

so first i grabbed some cardboard and spray painted it.
and as the cardboard dried,
i snipped my eggs and kept the larger oval shaped top.
the eggs had 2 tiny holes on top.
next i grabbed some twine, taped one of the ends off and threaded it like so:

now that the cardboard has dried, i used the top of a curling ribbon spool as a template and cut out some circles.
then i took some dollar pom pom trim from the target store and hot glued it to the edge of each circle.
can you guess what i did next?
yup i hot glued those eggs to each circle.
and i got a row of hats.
sombrero hats!

all ready for cinco de mayo!
you like amiga?
i made some edible ones too last year that i think will give you a chuckle.

and you wanna know something?
we don't even really celebrate cinco de mayo here but i am all for making crafts on any given holiday.
ay yi yi yi!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

spring flower peeps

hey how was your easter guys?
do you have a bunch of peeps leftover?
yeah, me too.

and seeing that i had so many bunnies here and there (they must've mass produced over night!)and that i like butchering them as i did here
i wanted to use them for a springtime/earth day celebration/mom's day treat.
(yes all 3 celebrations cuz i like to put a lot of needless pressure i put on myself :>P)

so anyway, wanna see what i did with them?
okie dokie.
without further ado, let's take it 
by the usual step-by-step routine.

hey! did we just turn bunny ears into leaves?!

and we turned a bunny body into a flower center and more bunny ears into petals?!
hey wait a sec-is that what i think it is?
i think it needs a little reinforcement 
since it's so wobbly on the straw.
let's try this:
then grab some candy melts or almond bark and,
stick that liner right over the flower so there are no falling petals.
and look, you can make a BIG one too!
spread some candy glue over the bunny faces,slap a liner over it to hold the flower together, wait til the glue dries after a few minutes, and then flip it over.

 the thing when making these is that marshmallow sticks to marshmallow when the white part is exposed but since there are so many petals attached, the flower gets heavy.
no worries though, cuz the liner holds it all together.

you can leave it like so but since i can't leave things well enough alone, i did this:
i also put a heart in the center of the main flower.
so the only thing left is to bag them up if you don't give them as a full bouquet.

give them to someone to celebrate spring now that the snow has all melted! (has it?!)

give them to someone today to celebrate 
and wouldn't they be nice to give all together for mom?

mom's day is coming up sooner than you know!
and they are lots cheaper than a dozen roses but don't say i said that! :>O
hey should we tell that flower it's really a bunny peep?!?

Sunday, April 20, 2014


happy happy easter 
i have just a few things for you.

first off, here's my 2014 roundup, in case you didn't catch something, not that you have time to do it seeing it's already bunny day, but hope something catches your eye for perhaps next year's festivities.

or you can enjoy this cartoon instead which gives you the story of the first easter egg.

oh and one more thing to remember,
so enjoy today and all its Easter glory!
have a BLESSED EASTER everyone!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter basket and bunny macarons

don't be afraid. 
it's not as hard as everyone makes them out to be.
in fact, cookies with royal icing are much much harder and take more skill.
believe me, as i am a very poor royal icing piper and managed to make these.

wanna see what i'm talking about?
well, let's go!
so many thanks to Michelle (of Sugar Swings) and her super cute reeses's treats for cluing me in on these!
 when i went to walgreens to get them, my eyes were like popping outta my head as i searched the candy aisles. but they weren't there and i was sooo sad (i know i am hopeless). so i got myself a giant bunny peep to make me feel better and headed to the cash register. while i was in line, i looked at the candy next to the aisle and woolah! there it was!
oh i was SOOO happy!!! (i know i am hopeless)

then i put those aside and went to the next step in my adventure and made the following from this recipe.

(but like i said i am the world's worst piper so bear with me...)
when you pipe the baskets, make some whole eggs with no holes for the back of each cookie. i did make the first batch with all holes but i suggest you do half with holes and half without to get the best results.

and i followed the recipe to a "T" so if you want details and helpful clues on these, please check out the recipe there.

then you can get this:

hey look!
it's a macaron basket 
here are a few more details:

and there you have a ton of baskets for everyone!

but wait!!!

something's missing. 
i think it needs one more thing...

i found these beauties at jo-ann's but have seen them at michael's too.
(yes, i went there AGAIN! sigh)

but look the trip was worth it!

i think they are much cuter like this.
oh and before i forget, i used some of the macaron mix to make a few of these:
Ooo! i like these very much.
i didn't even use a template. 
i just winged it.
and did you know drawing on macarons with food markers is a total breeze unlike drawing on cake pops?! you gotta try it!

so there it is.
my last minute "why are you making another treat for easter" treat as my hubby calls them.

and i tell him because i can.
just like YOU can too!
happy happy hippity hoppity easter everyone!!!