Tuesday, January 29, 2013

brownie crunch stadium crowd

so i needed a crowd. 
cuz of course, one won't do it. 
and two's just company.
they say three's a crowd 
but last time i looked 3 won't fill up the stands.

what am i talking about?
well, a very large part of any sport event is the crowd.
because without the crowd, it just isn't any fun.
and without the fun, the advertisers would be wasting their bajillion dollars on commercials no one would care to see.
and that would be no fun. 
well, at least for them.

personally i watch the superbowl for the funny commercials and half time show since i am otherwise clueless on the little x's and o's running around. 

and since i was making an all sports party for my son, 
i needed a crowd.

so i made a crowd.
yup, they are made outta brownies.

so first i had to bake them.
(use any brownie recipe you want)
yup smash them down as soon as they come outta the oven so they can stand upright.

and yes that is the same camera taking each shot.
stupid camera.
time was ticking away before the kick off!
crud! there's always one in the crowd who slows you down.
off to the alteration store we go.
ok now the ladies are all dressed.
next up is hair and makeup.
let's take one more look at the before shots.
and after...

ok now how about the guys?

oh how could i forget?

NOW we are all ready!

quickly! quickly!
it's gonna be hard to find a parking space!
(yes i decorated this cabinet organizer with these stickers and drew faces on them) 

snacks! we need snacks!

so now we are finally ready for kick off,
or the half time show,
or the commercials.
let the games begin.

Friday, January 25, 2013

cotton candy sno-cone cups

while i was browsing the aisles of michael's, minding my own business, thinking to myself
"why the heck am i here? i have ENOUGH stuff!. 
go home Lisa! go home NOW before it's too late."

uh oh. too late.

i wandered into the $1 aisle. 

and my beady little eyes caught something that made me shout out loud "ALLELUIA!" only to gain strange looks from the old lady next to me. 
there in the aisle were sports themed goods.
i'm talking plates, favors, cups, napkins, cupcake liners.

all in time for my son's all-sports party!
it was like the gods sent me to michael's just for those things.
all for $1.00!

so of course i stocked up on the dollar stuff and one of the things i got were cupcake liners with toppers. 

but i knew full well i wasn't going 
to have cupcakes at my son's party. 
cuz i already made crazy treats (which i will post soon aside from these) and last time i made cupcakes for a party no one ate them.
i think it's cuz they like my crazy treats better. and i make so many crazy treats they have no room for normal cupcakes. 

i've created party monsters outta my friends.

anyway, i LOVE cupcake liners and toppers.
like, i have about 2,347,543,125,986,042 of them. 
so what's another few?

and who cares if i hardly make cupcakes cuz i don't wanna use up the purrtee liners?
they're so dang cute.
i have issues.

but this time i did use them and here's what i made:
here's what you do if you wanna make some too.
aside from the liners, grab some sno-cone cups, gumballs, cotton candy (from the dollar tree store), skewers and glue (oops forgot to take a pic of the last 2 things).

then just cut each sno-cone cup about 1/3 or so from the top and then do this:
you may have to trim the top of the sno-cone cup if it sticks outta the liner.
(add the cotton candy last minute-cotton candy gets nervous being out in the open and acts quite strange)
if that's not enough,
now remember, any cupcake liner will do! 
oh imagine the colorful concoctions you guys will come up with. can't wait to see them!

so now, 
what are you waiting for?.......

those liners are calling you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

rice krispie valentine love letter mailboxes

you got mail.

remember that? 
my how time flies! 
now it's odd when someone doesn't have email.
and the social media keeps 
and growing, 

we have FB, the P site that takes most of your hours away from you, the IG photos, G plus, the RsS thing, the little birdie texts, the regular texts, the.. the.. oh goodness! 
do i have to name them all?

anywho, you get the point.
and i spend soooooooo many hours on the internet! way way way too many and i'm not even on half those social media thingies!
it's all too much for me 

and as our world is ever changing, i often wonder what will happen a few years from now. 
will we have a social media button for every letter of the alphabet?

so you can ask your friends, 

"so hey are you gonna join X, Y, Z site? or are you totally against L site? did you try the H app? how about the elemenopee app?"

ohhh! i'm dizzy thinking about it.
maybe someday i will join all those popular sites/apps but til then,
how's about going back to the old letter in the real mailbox? 
remember those?

apparently they weren't too exciting (probably cuz there were more bills in there than anything else!) which is why we all turn to email and such,
 but what if i mail you something edible?

something like this?
let's make some shall we?

you'll need:
 cool straws (see below)
rice krispies
red gummy life savers
1 red and 1 white airhead candy
red and white candy melts
black food marker
valentine sprinkles
paper for a real note

so while at target,
my eyes caught this:

i placed a regular one next to it so you can see the difference.

oh i was smitten.
it was definitely love at first site.
so naturally they happened to fall in my cart and i was 
gung ho on using them.

so i took the candy,
and grabbed a straw, and did this:
then out of sheer baking laziness, i bought rice krispies instead. 
i was going to use the circle part for the mailbox base but had to change my mind. 
so go ahead and eat that part of the rice krispie like i said.

i cut the krispie cuz i didn't want too heavy of a mailbox that could possibly topple over.

make sure you freeze that krispie first before sticking the straw in it. i froze mine for about 10 or so minutes, long enough to hold the straw or the krispie will get all weird on you and fall apart if it's not cold enough.

once you stick the straw in the krispie, freeze it again for a few minutes to set. 
yes-the candy melt will hold your mailbox up!

once the mailbox is all set and dry,
it's time to:

now let's get the letter!
then for the back:
almost done...
leave the letter sticking out so your sweetie can get it.

what's that? you wanna write a real note?
ok, i did this for my kids:
you're done. and look:

(imagine MY surprise when i saw how i spelled their! :>P)

oh look!

you got mail.
so as you can see, 
you can write anything you want on the love letter!

like for instance,
"please take out the trash. i love you."
"please remember to buy me some reese's cups for valentines. i love you."

and my husband says i'm not romantic?!?!