Thursday, December 13, 2018

guest post: snowmen centerpiece on design dazzle

hey guys!
with these wintry cuties!
c'mon over and visit my happy carrot topped guys here and lemme know what'cha think!

see ya over there :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

diy christmas filler ornament

oh my!
i do not know why christmas seems to be closer this year in coming since we had turkey day earlier, you'd think i wouldn't be so panicked but i am.

i'm so panicked i forgot i made a bunch of christmas crafts even before turkey day that i need to share with you. 
like this 
diy christmas filler ornament!
this ornament is bigger than the size of a baseball 
so you can put a really cute scene in it.

i found the huge ornament at michael's.
but i think the hardest part was 
figuring out what to put in it.
i was crazy trying all kinds of things but they were either too tall or too wide or too this or too that i was going nutty.

but then i happen to fall on 2 different things to put in it and didn't even realize they were both meant to be.

the supplies you'll need are small ornaments or figurines, hot glue, snow fluff, and anything else you want to include, including styrofoam balls, pom poms, or whatever in the pic above that i didn't even end up using. lol

i got the house and the truck from good ole hobby lobby for 40% off each.

anyway, the first step is to put hot glue at the bottom of each half as shown. be sure you are holding the ornament straight up with the hole pointing to the sky as shown.
next put pieces of snow fluff on the hot glue and 
fluff it up to make a small pile. 

do the same thing to the other half.

you'll want some of the fluff to hang out 
over the edges as shown.
then hot glue the house on one ornament half and the truck on the other ornament half.

i also added a small tree i got from target's dollar spot that i hot glued next to the house.

next, i added some glitter snow flakes and put the halves together to make a whole.

then i hot glued the bottom edge only to prevent the ornament from opening up and also leaving the rest of the edges clean of ugly hot glue marks. 
you can see that when the halves meet, the fluff fluffs up more! yay :)
so there you have a christmas house complete 
with a holiday truck and gosh golly 
it's so holly jolly!
who'da thunk you could use 2 things 
to make a christmas winter scene?!?
so now i gotta check out the other crafts
 i made so i can make more posts and 
save this christmas panic i have for 
the fact that i haven't really started buying gifts yet.

hey isn't halloween over? :>P

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

quick christmas treats

wanna make some quick christmas treats?
of course you do but you are busy.
but you wanna have a christmas party.

uh oh you have housework.
but you wanna have a christmas party next week.

oh boy you loove christmas treats.
but you have very little time to make them for your christmas party.

oh my! what to do? 
no worries, i got you.

cuz this is exactly what my dilemma was and i managed to make a bunch of quick christmas treats in no time at all to delight the guests and kids of all ages.

all ya gotta do is head to walmart or your local grocery store, pick up some treats, and dress them up with candy melt and sprinkles.

the pics will show you how 
but the directions are all the same. 
just dip it, or use the candy melt as glue and add the sprinkles. 

i'll let the pics speak for themselves:

so there ya go.
brownies. palmiers. oreos. and cookies.

a hohoho whoooole bunch of holiday sweetness that took a fraction to make and still tastes the same as if you were to make everything from complete scratch.

ok so maybe not exactly the same, 
but it sure beats the time it would take to make them and that my friend, is a holiday treat!