Friday, June 29, 2012

the coolest little shop in the big apple

 i was there just recently on vaca visiting my sister. 
man, there's sooo much to do!
and that's not even the half of it! 
i wanted to share, so this is more of an eye candy post.
i just had to show you my fave thing in the big city:
so my eyes BUGGED OUT when i walked in. my camera almost had a breakdown as i clicked away like a maniac. and the cashier girl was super friendly and giggling at me which always makes for a good time. 

so much awesomeness of cute colorful craziness, i couldn't even think or see straight. it was like my dream shop!
let's look at some things a little closer...
man, i could go on and on! 
anyway, this is the front of one of their three nyc stores.
the owners are from poland and they named their store after their children.
they said they are working on their website and i said please hurry already, especially since i live all the way down in florida!

so if you hear of it opening, you will be my hero! and of course if i see their site opening, i will surely let you know too.

hope you liked the eye candy today :>D
and mostly hope you get to check it out.
so what looks good to you?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

shake that red white & blue

is it really?
i mean, it looks more like a 
pink, pale yellow and turquoise shake to me.

but there are no pink, pale yellow and turquoise holidays so we will stick to 
red, white and blue.
just in time for independence day!

this makes one serving but you can mix more ice cream to make more servings or use 
smaller portions for smaller/more servings.

the trick is to freeze each layer or you will run into all kinda problems. i know this cuz it took me 3 hours to make this when i messed up again and again, i tried again and again and yet again til i got it right.
i declare myself insane.

impatience took over me and i just added the layers thinking i could trick old freezer and duh on me when the colors kept messing up. but if i did it right in the first place, it would take less than an hour to make it (includes freeze time).
so color the ice cream freeze it, layer it, and enjoy.

man i wish someone told me that before i made it. 
i surely would've had more time for laundry!

on the other hand...
laundry can wait.

like forever-
think i'll make more shake. hehe

Thursday, June 21, 2012

summer sunshine donuts

i've been meaning to post this but got into cleaning my son's closet and...
dang! the day is already over.

i knew i shouldn't of played with those old robots i found in there!

hope these brighten(pun intended)your day!

oh and btw,
if you are new to this blog,

I hope you stay awhile
or at least come back!
(you can subscribe too if you want-BIGBIGBIG hint...)

i must tell you though that i am a little tired so in lieu of long ramblings on to make these donuts, i am crossing my fingers that you can follow this tutorial and make your sunshine donuts from the pics below. (i just used a donut mix i got at world market, followed directions on the package, and made the glaze with confectioner's sugar and milk added until smooth).

ok, here we go!

Monday, June 18, 2012

contagious giggle

what do 45 million people have in common?

they all watched Micah.
one can never tire of the pureness.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

dad showed me...

found this quote and picture on the web
and immediately thought of
what my Dad means to me...

"A father is neither an anchor to hold us back,
nor a sail to take us there,
but a guiding light whose love shows us the way"

8x10 Inspirational Quote Print with a Heart Illustration for Dad (red-orange, green-yellow & blue-indigo), Father's Day Gift, Gift for Dad


Thank you for being my light.


Friday, June 15, 2012

mini burger cookie bites

yahoo! it's summer!
time for some bbq burgers! 
are you ready to make some of these cuties?

but uh oh!
my kids are picky eaters.
a lot of it my fault, i know.

but i am doing my best to change that.

they actually had broccoli the other day and didn't freak out like i expected.

they do love burgers though but this version calls for 
yup, no cooking!
man that sounds lovely to me, since i am a lousy cook.

this version isn't along the line of the broccoli category but it can be a treat for the kids after they eat their broccoli.  

they are gonna love it really!

nonetheless, my kids don't really care for coconut like some other mini burger cookies use so i made another version of burger cookie minis without the coconut.

oh, by the way, the coconut is used for the lettuce in the burger, but this burger is using another way to do it.

what'll you need to make these?
 get betty crocker's green and red cookie icings as you can see, and the yellow cake mate icing. you'll see why if you choose to read on (which i hope you do)...

ok first:
yup, your bottom bun.

stop looking down there...
next up:
the trick here is when you add the mint cookie "burger", try to lay it so it squeezes out some of the green icing to make it look like the lettuce!
see, it's coconut free :)

and you can tell by the pics there's no need to get all fancy and stuff.
that's what makes this so fun to do.

my daughter is actually making these while i take pictures of her work.
i promised i wouldn't show her wearing her pj's on the www but that's besides the point.

now where were we?
oh yeah, 
as you can see, the red and green icing flows thinly out of the tube.

this is where the yellow icing comes in handy.
look at its consistency:
doesn't it look like toothpaste?

but it works wonderfully to hold it all together when you do this next step:
before i forget to tell you, 
eeeew! scary burger!
let's pretend we didn't see that...

look at this one instead:
all you need now is to package it!
so get this:
i got the fry liners at world market.
that's an awesome store i tell ya!

anyway, then do this:
    a liner cut as above will get you 4 wrappers out of one liner.
 oh how dang cute again!
so go ahead!

   promise i won't tell!
they aren't as sweet as you think either.
they just taste like a thick mint cookie. 
a yummy thick mint cookie!
 you can even add coconut if you want :)

hey! father's day is coming up this weekend!
make a bunch for dear ole' dad!


make it for any holiday or just plain because :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012