Friday, April 29, 2016

iced flower butter cookies

dear cookies,
there are just too many of you.

the recipes to make you 
are overflowing in my pinterest board, 
recipe box and email inbox.

not to mention i have an overload of cookie recipe books to fill a football field.

i also have flour, sugar, icing, frosting, 
confectioner's sugar, vanilla, eggs and 
every chip you can imagine to make you.

but i am too lazy.

so i am going to go to the store now...

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

and i picked these up so i can make 
cookies for mother's day.

i'm gonna grab some cookie icing.
and sprinkles.
then grab a fork and dig in!
ok just kidding.
but i'm not kidding about MORE sprinkles!

and more sprinkles!
and more and more and more sprinkles!

ya see cookies,
i told you there were too many of you...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

cupcake liner taco placecards

hola amigas!
no i'm not spanish but i sure as heck 
love mexican food.
chips and salsa are one of my weaknesses.
not to mention tacos to go along with it.

especially these:
it's a diy taco to festive up your 
cinco de mayo days.

all you need is this:
brown, green, red and orange (or multi-orange 
like i have here) mini cupcake liners.

and grab some scissors and 
glue while you're at it.

first step:
the only reason i used 3 liners is to make the taco shells 
a little sturdier and thicker.

now that your tacos are done,
let's use some tattoos from target and fancy them up.
cut the paper labels out,
and glue to your tacos.
leave the salsa and sour cream out though...
you can string them up and make a taco garland 
if you don't want the labels on them.

but i like them with the labels.
so let's put them to use.
ta da :)

i used all 4 tacos for the sake of a pretty pic just for you
but just use one taco for a place setting 
with a name and/or use them as food labels.
and write whatever you want on them.
your cinco de mayo guests will love it,
and will sure taco 'bout it all nite.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

mother's day chocolate covered marshmallow picture frames

goodness mom's day is awful close to fiesta day.
i just may get a cactus on mom's day 
to celebrate a 2-for-1 deal.

let's focus on mother's day today.
how about a treat?
these are chocolate covered marshmallow picture frames 
that the kids can decorate for dear 'ole mom.

you'll have to make the picture frame though,
before you give it your the kiddies or well, 
i can't promise you they will look 
like pictures if you don't.

anyway, let's get started.

making the lines with a toothpick will resemble (hopefully) a wooden frame.
lay the marshmallows back on the 
parchment paper until almost dry then:
so now your frames are all ready!
grab those food markers and get to drawing or 
give it to the kids to draw a pic for dear ole ma.
no need to stick these pics on the fridge.
or put 'em in a folder for memory sake.
nope, these pics are for livin' in the moment.
how about making a gallery wall full of mother's day marshmallow art?
you don't even need any nails to put these up.
just a sweet tooth sweet mom to give them to :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

diy sombrero hat umbrellas

ai yi yi yi!
it's cinco di mayo season.
do you celebrate?

i say i don't but the past couple years 
we have gone out for mexican food on 
the 5th of may so i guess i better say 
that "yes i do celebrate it."

so in honor of the upcoming holiday,
i made some drink umbrellas for your
margaritas and mojitos,
neither of which i drink cuz well, 
i don't drink.

but who says you can't have an umbrella 
in a non-alcoholic drink?
and who says it can be in the shape of a sombero?

i do that's who!
these were fun to make.
lemme show you the easy-how-to.

so there you have it!
isn't that enough to celebrate cinco di mayo now?

don't they look cute in margaritas and mojitos?

source for original drink pics
ok, so yes they are cartoon, 
but ¡Ay, caramba!  
it's hard to make a margarita or mojito for 
a blog post when you don't even drink...

so i'm off to make a limeade with 
a little sombrero umbrella.

just promise me after you put these in your drinks 
you won't use them in the rain.