Friday, February 28, 2014

bite size oreo birthday cakes

i always tend to go BIG when it comes to celebrating birthdays for my family.
i dunno why i just can't settle on a simple celebration.
y'know, like a cake and a small gift.

no, i gotta go for the gusto,
making a zillion and one treats, having a party, and getting a bunch of gifts for the birthday person.

maybe, just maybe as i get older and loose some of that energy,
i may have to calm down a bit and go for something small.
something special.

like this:
i don't know what's in my glasses i wear but some things just pop out at me...

i got this handy tool at a craft store at either 
Joe or Mikes (can't remember).
JoAnn Fabrics or Michael's, my 2 boyfriends heehee 
(don't tell hubby i visit them quite often, not that he doesn't already know!)

anyway, the tool is awesome and much easier to keep a hold of the thing you're dipping rather than using a fork.
but a fork will work too 
so no worries if you can't get it.
carefully slide it off the tool or fork.
i use a knife and sorta "push" it off onto the paper.
you can use a toothpick to score the bottom to get a clean edge before it dries.
i like how the cakes look layered. do you?

now let's decorate them.

i broke each pocky cookie stick to about 1 1/2 inch lengths.
if you can't find pocky sticks (i got mine at world market along with the candy seeds) pretzels will work too.
careful don't burn yourself.
you can now decorate them as desired, 
like piping some frosting on it but since i am a lousy piper, i did the next easy step.

hope i didn't blind you with all the colors! 
but before ya go, here's one more idea for these:
oh well you're blinded for sure now...
but we know big things come in small packages eh?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

candy bar cake pops

something happened.
i'm not sure exactly when it happened but it happened.
the thoughts of everything edible on a stick came to be. 

i am sure it has something to do with blogging but whatever and whenever it was, i'm thinking sticks make food cuter.

see, i can't even eat a candy bar and not think of sticks.
let's see how i made them.
just trim to size the 2nd wrapper.
the pics are a little small so just remember to cut a small slit in the whole wrapper to wrap around the stick, line up the small wrapper to the large one, tape them together, crinkle the front end and fold the back end of the wrapper like you're closing a potato chip bag.

basically it's like wrapping a small gift (chocolate cake pop) with wrapping paper (candy bar wraps) and leaving part of the present exposed.

so all those gift peekers and present guessers who shake the boxes before unwrapping them will not be challenged when they get these. 

but i don't think they'll mind.
oh and don't forget to notice how you magically moved the stick so it's now in the middle too.
you illusionist you!
so have fun unwrapping them.
knowing that things are better on a stick.

and if you stick with me, 
i promise i'll have more fun on sticks for ya.

Friday, February 21, 2014

mini donut cupcake stands

donuts? check.
cupcake stand? check.
easy? check.

wanna see what i'm talking about? 
ok ok so i had to kinda sorta hide these from hubby cuz i have waaay too many cake stands already and have become seriously obsessed with them but when i saw these, i kinda sorta broke down and rethunk my financial status to rationalize getting these non needed but well ok, 
really needed mini stands.
so don't tell anyone in my neighborhood that i bought them all...
and i probably would've gotten more if there were more available but 4 was all they had.

i bet craft people hate me when i go into craft stores cuz i tend to buy everything and leave nothing for them.

but i gotta keep crafting to keep my sanity from work and everyday life y'know?
and with the new stuff i buy, i also gotta use my old stuff up so hubby will think 
"gee she's in that (craft) room an awful lot. well, guess it's good she is using up the stuff in there...wonder why the heck it never looks like there is a lack of supplies though?..."

these are the times i don't mind 
that he doesn't read my blog.
seemed like rust-oleum was easiest to control and covered more in one spray. 
valspar came a close second.
krylon had a very stubborn cap to remove and i had to do multiple sprays and it dried the slowest. or is it cuz i had this spray the longest? i have no clue. 

but that's just my silly opinion. 
cuz why would anyone use rust-oleum on a cupcake stand anyway?

hey who said that?!?
let's just get another craft supply that i have and that you have seen here on this blog many times before.
oh how i LOVE paint markers.
i just have more control over them to make better details as opposed to the million paints and brushes i have that cry out to me from neglect. and the drying time beats paints anyday. not to mention the vibrancy of the colors.

ok i'll move on...

and just when i thought making donuts on the 1st three was getting a little redundant, 
i made this:
i gotta admit this was my first time makin' them.
anyway, i put them all together and:
or a mini donut in a cupcake liner.
or a cookie or whatever treat can fit.
just make sure it's not sitting directly on the stand unless you like food poisoning.
that i would not recommend.

oh me likey. especially the size of them.
oh and one more thing to say,
that's so true.

so donut go away. like ever.
cuz i donut like the fact that you may not return.
and i donut want that to ever happen cuz you donut want to miss what i plan on making next, 
whatever the heck that will be since i donut have a clue.

cuz we have lots and lots of fun together.
donut you think?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

filled mini plastic mason jars

decisions decisions.
i have a heckuva time making them when i like something. 

are you the same way?
i mean if you see something you really like, does your mind tell that you really want need them all?
sigh, it's a losing battle i say.

here, lemme show you an example where decisions were somewhat challenging...

i used this download again to print, the same one i used to make these bags that you guys liked so much. i figure if it's not broke, why fix it so the decision to use it again was a fairly easy one.

i just made a word document and 
used multiple copies of the jar.
when you do it, decide what size you want and then copy and paste from there. 
mine are about 2x3 inches.
you can make them as big as the page or 
as little as you want.

it'll be fine no matter what you choose.
easy decision #2.
then i took the 2 layers and matched them up exactly to look like one jar.
i also made sure i did NOT sew the top of the jar.
you'll see why in a sec.

then add some double stick tape on the inside of the lid to close it all up. 
tie the ends into a bow,
and you are done!
oh how fun!
and look, we got more to fill!
decision time.
let's do it.

hey wonder if we can make strawberry preserves outta those?
oh so colorful!
hey look, even "plants" work.
and non-edible items too.
doesn't everyone have a jar of buttons lying around?

anyway, here they all are:

dang there are a ton of things you can add!
imagine the possibilities.
(decisions #4 thru 1,730,987,354)

uh oh, i think i'm gonna change my mind again...

ok so now that they are filled, 
what should we do with them?
whoa! there's a cute way to use them.

what about something else?...
card game anyone?
get serious already would you Lisa?
hey that's a good decision :)

and look, here are more good decisions:
now the only real decision to make is to decide when i am gonna stop with the ideas.

lemme go make more jars and think about that one...