Friday, April 28, 2017

diy cinco de mayo party plates

hey did you get to see my post about making 
a mother's day plate?

i was a little ahead on that holiday and 
forgot 'ole cinco de mayo was coming up first.
so...i made these plates.
if you follow that post i mentioned, 
you too can make these festive mexican plates 
for the 5th of May or actually, any fiesta.

first i grabbed this cactus image form here (if you scroll way down the link) and then printed it out backwards.
i cut it out and taped it print side down 
on the front of the plate so i can do this 
to the back of it using a black paint pen:
remove the printed image on the front 
to reveal how well you traced the image.
hey now! how fun is that?
now get to coloring the back of the plate
with more paint pens.
keep going to finally get your finished 
cute party cactus:
now let's make plate #2 using this image 
from google. don't forget to print backwards!

cut out the fiesta part and tape it
to the front of the plate, 
then trace and color on the back of the plate.
party time!
we need some pinatas for the party.
i just moved the pinata image around and 
then kept it taped so i could follow 
the color pattern.
pinata time!
taco 'bout a party!
(i used this image and just free handed the taco)
so there you have some fun 
cinco de mayo party plates.

you can use them as is or place 
charger plates under them to really 
have the images pop.
don't forget to seal the image with dishwasher safe mod podge applied on the back!
the possibilities of making your own 
custom plates are endless!
but be careful cuz once you start you 
may never take a siesta cuz 
you'll be having too much fun.
taco 'bout a party!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

cactus brownie bites

hey i'm gonna show you how to make a cactus.
and even if you don't have a green thumb,
i can assure you these will never die.

unless of course you eat them...

you can make these tiny treats for 
cinco de mayo dessert.
all you need are:

1. brownie bites from your grocery 
(which i see everywhere including walmart)
2. melted green candy melt in a piping bag
3. flower sprinkles
4. white sugar sprinkles
5. chocolate frosting
6. parchment paper

first let's make the cactus.
there's no pattern here, 
just make a hot dog shape with mini 
hot dog shapes attached on parchment paper.

don't forget the foot on each to use 
as an anchor to hold it up.
(you'll see in a sec)
oh skip that last feet part in the pic.
that would be painful to step on. lol

allow to dry on the parchment paper.
as they dry, take your brownie bites and 
make a slit in the middle with a knife like so:
now it's time to plant those cacti.
just push the anchor feet into the brownie.
you can leave as is or go the next step.
i took some chocolate frosting and actually 
added some peppermint extract to make 
a chocolate mint treat but you certainly can leave it out.
and there you have your fancy mini cactus treats :)
lo and behold you can eat the spines too 
and you won't ever get poked.

and see, they look like real cactus plants even from the back view...
now this is one cinco de mayo treat 
everyone can take care of 
(at least in a tummy-sorta-way).

Saturday, April 22, 2017

diy hello world clay bowl

happy earth day everyone!
did you know the eARTh without art 
is just EH?
ha-that's on a shirt i bought for someone.

anyway, today i have the whole world in my hand
with this diy hello world clay bowl.
wanna see how i made it?
cuz i'm gonna show you either way. lol

you can get any modeling clay but i got this kit 
from brit & co at target cuz it has pretty 
much all you need except for a glass bowl.

just follow the directions.
first i tried only blue and white.
but i didn't like how it came out so i added the yellow.

then it came out "earthy" colors and that's when i decided to make the world like this:
i only meant to make a cool bowl but it's funny how the universe works when it comes to making things you didn't expect to make. 

when i got the swirly looking world earth thing, 
i still wasn't 100% satisfied so i rolled 
some thin snakes and formed them into letters.

can you tell i was totally winging 
this craft when i did it? lol

then i baked it according to directions.

and after it cooled,
i took the gold marker from the kit and did this:
well say!
i made a craft for earth day thinking i 
was just gonna make a cool looking clay bowl.
funny how the universe works...


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

diy mother's day quote plate

looks like the next holiday coming up 
is cinco de mayo.
but this post has nothing to do 
with that holiday.
it's about mom's day and quotes and plates.

only cuz i just realized mom's day comes 
after cinco day but what the heck, 
i will do my share of cactus and sombrero or 
whatever soon enough.

for now, let's talk about these diy mother's day quote plates!
it starts out with these plastic clear plates i grabbed at target for 4 bucks.
(note the size of the center which we'll
 talk about in a few secs)

first grab a sheet of copy paper.
cut that circle out and lay aside for a minute.
(jeepers that's terribly hard to photograph!)

next up is to choose a quote.
i used this site and picked out mine,
but do whatever works for you of course.

then i went into microsoft word to fit
 a 6 1/2 inch circle space
 (thus the above mentioned size)
and then printed it backwards like so:
now it's time to place that circle template over your quote and trace it around like so:
next step:
then grab a paint pen and copy your quote on the
BACK of your plate.
when you're done, remove your paper quote from the front.
just let it go, let it go...
now you can see your quote from the front!
draw some doodles on the
BACK of the plate to spruce it up.
then color in.
ooo how pretty :)
don't forget some little hearts to fill
 in your letters.
then last step is to use dishwasher gloss.
and there you have it!
ready to give to your mom or if she's in heaven like mine,
i am sure you know a sweet
mom out there who'd like this :)
as for me i know a bunch so looks like 
i'm gonna be making a bunch more!