Tuesday, November 29, 2016

diy christmas in a jar

hello folks!
hey how was your turkey day?
ours was quiet with crazy days 
before and after full of christmas decorating,
 shopping, party prepping and...
boring laundry.

boring laundry is all season long.

anyway, i looove this time of year. 
wouldnt you just love to jar it up and 
keep it all year long?
like christmas in a jar?
well sure!

 let's do it.
nothing really new to this craft but i made 
SEVEN of these and each one was different.

here is the inevitable tute for 
one of the ones i made.
add a styrofoam block and a small dowel.
also ribbon and a tag if you want.

i hate when that happens...
no actually i love it cuz it means i am outta 
this season long heat full of laundry here at home in FL. 
bend it so it conforms to the side of the jar 
if needed for curve-sided jars.
use glue to secure if you want.

then that's it!
i added a homemade tag and ribbon to spruce things up.
and no, it's not "to and fro"
as there is an "m" under that leaf.

and here is an official pinterest picture 
if you care to make me happy...ha :>P
you guys oughtta make one.
they're so fun and can be individualized to whatever 
you find at michael's or whatever craft store 
that has black friday deals like i found 
or just use regular ole year round coupons 
and skip all the crazy ads that hog up 
your emails lately.
here's to more crafty christmas craziness ahead!

Monday, November 21, 2016

diy thanksgiving utensils

if you are looking for a thanksgiving craft 
that's quick, easy and practical, 
how about making some thanksgiving utensils?
all you need are these:

the stickers and rub-ons are from hobby lobby 
and the utensils from party city.

look how easy it is to make these:
and stick the sticker on.
and that's it in a nutshell.
or pecan pie or whatever you want it in.

you can mod podge the handles to avoid the rub-ons from rubbing off when you use them again.

oh of course you have to handwash these.

so here they are:
close-up of the forks:
the spoons: 
and the knives:
if you don't have rub-ons you can always 
write down family/friend names instead.
whatever way you choose,
here's to a wonderful thanksgiving 
to you and yours :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

turkey garland

hey now it's only a week away 
from thanksgiving so i gotta get cranking with  the turkey day festivity prep.

whaddya say to this? 
here's an easy peasy craft to turn any plain room 
into a thanksgiving celebration.
all you need is this:
like it says, it's a placecard kit but 
since it comes with 10 placecards,
 and i didn't need that many, 
 i decided to make a turkey garland out of it. 
here's the how-to:
i just cut the shape free hand.
it doesn't have to be perfect and i liked the 
fact that every turkey has their own shape.

ok so next:

then repeat repeat repeat to get this:

ok settle down settle down you wild turkeys you!

let's say we hold these guys down before we lose control.
so there ya go.
an orderly line of thanksgiving turkeys to adorn your room.

hope thanksgiving gives you a chance 
to gobble til you wobble :)!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

nutter butter turkey cookies

well apparently nutter butter turkey cookies 
have been done again and again.

and seeing that last week's election had me glued to the tv and thinking 
what a crazy world we live in, 
i simply did not care if 
nutter butter turkey cookies 
were going to be made once again.

anyway,speaking of turkeys,
let's just get to the tute ok? 

but before we go, i just wanna tell you these turkeys do not have candy corn feathers
like so many nutter butter turkeys have.

i dunno, candy corn and peanut butter 
together seems odd to me 
so i just made them so they wouldn't be 
"picked over" when they are eaten, 
meaning someone removes all the parts 
and just eats the cookie.

cuz if that were the case, 
why bother making them?
anyway, here we go.
peanut butter chips, candy eyes, 
wilton orange triangles, 
and candy sunflower seeds.
oh and course, nutter butter cookies.

at this point you could add the 
orange triangles for feet but i liked 
the abstract footless turkeys myself.
these cookies are mostly for the kids 
cuz some of them aren't crazy about pie.
golly i need to have their temperatures taken 
cuz they must be ill not to like pie. 
well, to each his own, 
just like so many about this past election... 

but as long as we get along,
does anything else really matter?