Saturday, May 21, 2016

diy wool ball glittered letter pillows

pom poms.

these are the ingredients for 
a quick and easy diy craft to get this:
all it takes is this:
pillows form target's dollar spot, 
wool felt balls from jo ann's or michael's,
and this glittered letter craft kit.
i found the kit at home goods,
aka one of my ultimate fave stores,
for only $4.99.
i was just standing in line to pay for miscellaneous other things that i did not need, when i saw this in the aisle staring at me.

this is what was inside:
i'm keeping the black pillow case for something else later, 
 probably a halloween pillow or something 
and used my pink and orange target pillows instead.

on the back of the kit are the 
easy to follow directions.
i kinda didn't listen to the IMPORTANT part of the directions cuz i got too impatient...
which is why the "s" my sparkle 
didn't sparkle as well as i wanted. 
oh well, live and learn.

they still came out good enough i think.
and especially when i added the balls.
i originally thought to sew them all individually 
but due to laziness, i ended up 
hot gluing them instead,
hoping it would work.

and lo and behold it did!

i put the wool balls in a scatter fashion 
for the sparkle pillow and placed them 
as sun rays for the shine pillow.

so there you have it.
they remind me of candy.
which makes me think, 
i haven't made candy in awhile...hmmm?