Wednesday, March 21, 2018

lemon oreo chicks

happy spring everyone!
looks like i missed st. patty's day due to life happening but i am on the easter boat,
starting things off with these easy peasy lemon oreo chicks.
it's fairly easy as you will see from the pics below
using yellow candy melt, candy eyes, and orange sunflower seed candy.
after dipping, lay on parchment paper and quickly add the eyes and beak before it dries.
then you can use the back of a fork like you see below 
to add the feather top.
this dipping is easy because you can leave the top part of the cookie exposed without getting 
your fingers in the candy melt.

so i kept going and going and going.
to get 40 of these baby chicks.
which only took me 45 minutes to do the entire oreo package.
and 2 seconds to gobble one up!