Saturday, January 21, 2017

diy decorated gold coasters

what is is about sparkly things that 
are so appealing?
and let alone gold sparkly things?

well i dunno,
but i do know it catches my eye  
so i went and made these
gold coasters to add some sparkly stuff in my life,
which is aka more stuff i really don't need.
dang these coasters are the prettiest things ever 
and they even come in red and pink too, 
thanks to ole target that likes to drain my wallet.

not to mention hobby lobby too that 
does the same thing and is where i bought 
these stickers awhile back.

this couldn't get any easier.
holy moly that's it.

here's a gold gander at 'em up close.
well, surround yourself with all kinds of people really, 
as that's the way to grow IMHO,
but heck, 
the sticker matches and looks pretty ;)
oh yes that is very true.
i am doing more and more of this and 
getting less and less crankier. lol
and of course i am doing it in my crafty room,
my especially happy place.
hope you get to make these so you can have a drink, 
place it on the coaster,
and spend more time at your happy place :)