Saturday, June 24, 2017

firecracker sparkler favors

rah rah rah!
sis boom bah!

no, this isn't cheerleading time, it's 
firecracker sparkler time!
ok don't ask what the cheering 
has to do with this craft,
i guess the boom part is what got me.

anyway, speaking of getting, 
get these to make some:
the cupcake kits come from marshall's and/or homegoods.
i am forever buying cupcake kits and 
never making cupcakes 
but instead using them for other stuff like this. 

i think the cashier ladies think otherwise though,
especially when they see my major thighs. lol

anyway, let's move along, 
as these are pretty simple to make and 
also make a big impact, i hope.

i originally used these bags 
but after doing so, 
realized they weren't that necessary.

anyway, did you know sparkler boxes fit 
perfectly in pretzel rod bags?
well, now you do. 

anyway, you can skip the bag part but 
here's the rest of the tute for ya.
tape the cardstock around the box. 
fold the top of the bag down inside the cardstock.

now pick a liner,
i picked the striped one here:
next take the star picks in the kit and 
poke thru the cardstock to place.
use 3 stars per firecracker.
now take 3 picks from the 
other cupcake kit and do this:
i made a red, silver, and blue one
cuz i didn't have white shiny paper.
but i actually like the silver better anyway.

you think the kids' eyes will sparkle 
when they see these?
hopefully so, 
unlike my kids who are so used to my shenanigan creations 
that i'd have to light a fire under
their bottoms to impress them. lol
or maybe i should just use a firecracker?