Saturday, October 21, 2017

skeleton pumpkin "i lost my head" halloween centerpieces

ok so i tried not to have a halloween party this year. i mean there is a TON of debris ALL OVER the roads from hurricane irma that have yet to be picked up by the city. but i do not forsee that coming soon. 
so i guess i'm having a halloween party anyway, and just think the debris are little haunted forests 
scattered all over the place. :>P

i'd probably lose my head if i didn't host one 
cuz i've been doing it forever.

speaking of losing my head, 
i made some party table centerpieces:
i have no idea what to call these so 
i am just calling them as i see them,
skeleton pumpkin i lost my head centerpieces.

here's how to make these super easy table centers.
it's as simple as just putting supplies together.
that one dollar tree arrow is pointing to what's inside the jar, which is a styrofoam cone.

actually everything was a dollar except the pumpkin jars,
they are posing as a dollar item in target's dollar aisle 
but are really $3.00.

anyway, here we go:
cut about a third of the cone as shown to leave room for the stuffing.

then follow the steps below:

here ya go...
hold on to that would ya already?!?!
i 'm tired of looking for it!
so maybe i just need practice at catching 
to hold on to my head?!