Wednesday, March 22, 2017

year 4

happy 4 year blogiversary to me!
golly whiz i have been slaaaaacking 
on the blog lately!
i just read last year's blogiversary post 
and LOL cuz i surely did not make 
much progress blog-wise.
gosh i even took more breaks from 
this blog than i ever expected.

and guess what?
even though it was hard at first, 
it's now soooo freeing!!!

i mean, i love love love to create but 
i was getting into a blog rut where i was 
 forcing myself to make something just for 
 the blog and thus it took away some 
of the joy out of it, not to mention 
time away from my family.
and that was the last reason i wanted to do 
a blog in the first place...i just wanted 
to get joy out of it and pass it on.
but blogging is actually serious business. 
it's serious crafting and serious creativity.
but seriously.
sometimes serious is not that fun 
when it is forced so i am no longer  
putting unneeded stress on myself to make 
2 posts a week like i did.

from now on, i am blogging whenever 
and whatever needs to be shared,
about ideas that i make come alive 
outta my silly strange head.

i wonder where this blog will take me now?...