Thursday, September 29, 2016

ghostly pumpkin brownies

so i think i got the halloween bug cuz
i just wanted to make some brownies out of a simple box mix 
to fix my chocolate craving and look...
why i think there's a monster in my kitchen!
with a little mixing i think i got that monster outta here.
besides, it's still september and i should still be making fall goodies and such instead.

so i'll just pour that silly monster into a pan and bake as directed...
and think i'll add some mini m&m's while i'm at it...
and add some almond bark for more sweetness...
wait a second!
did my spatula just turn into a m-m-monster?!?!?

cuz my brownies look awful strange!
well, there are like, white blobs on my brownies?!?!
and oh my goodness i think those white blobs grew eyes and wait...!
what the heck is that monster spatula doing now?
my brownies are haunted!
that's ok. i got this and can still sweeten them up with some m&m's.

aha so there!
friendly ghost pumpkin brownies.
made by me and my monsters.

imagine all the possibilities you can do with a blank slate brownie.
it's almost scary!