Tuesday, January 24, 2017

emoji text message valentine pretzel rods

😊! 😁!
i'm texting you today 😆
just like any other texts you get. 
but today i am doing it with pretzels 😍

look it's 
emoji text message valentine pretzel rods!😄😁😊😀❤💕💗

man that's a long title 😲
it started out with this 🙄
it's easy to miss those emoji m&m's unless 
you are a crazed holiday head like me 😱
and spend an hour 😨⏰ investigating everything related 
to any holiday ever which is how i found those emojis 😂

the sprinkles are from years ago 😭😢
so if you can't find them, 
just use any valentine hearts and 
pipe on the x's and o's 😉

but before i get to that,
here's how to make them 😁

then pipe away but do a much better job 
than me please unless you want 
wonky lettered texts which is what i made here 😜 😛
😍 XO #valentine
😉❤💗 happy❤day XO
😍❤😍 U R sweet XO
😍 happy XO day 💗

ok so i won't bore you with close-ups 😴😪 
so here they are all together 😆

with all the texts you get,
betcha wouldn't mind getting all these huh? 😉😆😂