Tuesday, March 28, 2017

easter egg table with oriental trading company

hi guys!
today i have an easter treat full of 
easter eggs that i had to use a 
whole table to display them!

this is such a simple easter egg table 
that can be set up in no time flat.
except for the giant egg (from ??),  
tablecloth (from party city), and 
grass fields and fences (from michael's),
all the other stuff comes from the fantastical website, 
the idea for this table came about 
a fairly long time ago actually...

y'see, we live in florida and having 
an outdoor easter egg hunt for my kids 
was always so tricky to do cuz 
i would want to set it up 
the nite before so when they woke up, we could say,
"LOOK! the easter bunny was here!"
as they looked out at our yard filled 
with easter eggs all over.

but that never happened because of a few things:

1. doing an egg hunt meant i had to wake up earlier than they did and hide the eggs outside. this never happened because they always woke up before me. zzzzzzz
2. our garbage can gets attacked quite frequently with raccoons, bears, and 
other critters i thought the only thing 
that would be left if i did it the nite before 
would be chewed up easter egg shells 
all over the yard.
3. ants ants and more ants
4. all the chocolate would be a melted pool 
of sad bunnies or reese's cups because of 
the hot florida sun baking the eggs.

so what to do?
i had an indoor easter egg hunt forever.

but alas the kids are way over the age 
for any easter egg hunts.
dang it.

anyway, i decided to still have an "egg hunt"
only do it this way cuz then i still get to fill eggs up 
cuz i am an obsessed holiday head that 
cannot let go of holiday traditions.
so gosh now i have to have an easter party.
i mean, look how cute this garland is:
 here's a a closeup of all the things
on the table,
courtesy of the awesome oriental trading company.

carrot containers and emoji bunny lollipops.
chocolate easter eggs with their chicks.
i put eggs in the chicks.
all the candy is from oriental trading too.
and i put chicks in the eggs.
check out these bunny eggs.
i think i may recolor their spooky eyes 
though, but they're still cuties.
i put bunnies in the bunnies.
so there you have it.
an easter egg hunt kinda table that 
requires no hunting at all.
it has no melted chocolate, raccoon chewed up eggs, 
or pesky ants. just candy and fun and
lots of easter sweetness.
stick with me and i will show you what i made for the carrot containers for more easter sweetness to come!

for this review i was provided the party supplies free of charge by Oriental Trading Company. 
no other type of compensation was received for this review and i provided my own 100& honest opinion..