Sunday, March 31, 2013


hip hip hooray!
the day has come to celebrate!

and that means i can eat aaaaaaaalllllll the jelly beans i want!

let's have jelly beans together and look at all the insanity i created just to get ready for this holiday.
cough cough choke choke!
guys!...y' -choke choke- the Heimlich?
cuz i think i just choked on a jelly bean! 
choke choke cough cough

i mean look at all the insanity i did in the past month!

or stuffed it into eggs.
and speaking of eggs, i made my family out of them.
and speaking of eggs again, i made them into cakes.
and speaking of cakes, i made them into bunnies.
and speaking of bunnies, i made them into cakestands along with other easter stuff.
and stuffed candy into them. 
and speaking of candy, these were made too.
along with these.
and these,
and these!
so then i had to make these to enjoy it all.
but i think i accidentally bumped my head or something cuz i just kept going like the energizer bunny again when i made these.
whew! whew! and triple whew!
talk about working my bunny tail off.

so i guess now i need to make an appointment with my shrink to discuss my crafting A.D.D. thing i got going on...
think i'll start on mother's day stuff now and eat more jelly beans while i'm at it.


REJOICE! and have a blessed holiday :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

3 quickie easter crafts plus we have a winner!

ok the count down is on!
that hip hop bunny is coming down the easter trail mighty fast!

and here i am again (man i sure am bothering you lately huh?!) with not one but 3 QUICK easter crafts! 
i think i overdid it on easter crafts this year (sigh!) but lately my son keeps saying easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and y'know it kinda caught on to me!
anyway, let's just do this.

first up, let's decorate your yard, hoping there isn't snow everywhere to keep you from doing this.
just open the egg, shove a part of the blade or leaf in it, then close it back up.
i do this every year so my bushes are polka-dotted :)

next up. 
got an easter dessert to make but have no time?
do this:
i got the cake at walmart.
it takes less than 5 minutes to make a chick. score!

and lastly, which isn't exactly a quickie, but can be if you buy a simple card (which in this case i didn't cuz for some reason i like to work harder than i have to :>P)
i got the frames at target. 
and the cards were $1.00-another score!
the bunny rabbit specimen art just needed glue dots. 
you can also remove the card pieces to change the pic later if you want after easter's over. 

ok ok i better let you go now! 
you got lots of egg-filling, easter basket-making and shopping for that easter outfit to do!

but wait!
we have one more thing to mention.

we have to announce the winner!

THE WINNER of my very 1st giveaway 
to celebrate my 1st BLOGIVERSARY IS......
(drum roll please)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Woohooo! CONGRATS TO YOU girl! 
Look for a fun package in the mail :>D

i also checked out all the favorite blogs you guys commented about too which were all awesome picks by the way!

so now remember for next time, you can't win if you don't that why i never win the lottery cuz i never buy a ticket?

think i'll just go and have a bite of my quickie chick cake while i sit by my easter pics and look out the window at my polka-dotted bushes to make me feel better about my continuous losing streak.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

easter bonnet lady push up pops

are you ready for the parade?

in your easter bonnet, with all the frills upon it,
you'll be the grandest lady in the easter parade! 

oooooh goodness. 
4 days til easter.
and i have yet another easter treat.

so do you have a cavity yet?
i have no teeth so it doesn't matter.
HA! just kidding.
i have 3 left and with the gold caps covering them, i am good to go with eating sweets 24/7.

let's see what can cause another cavity:
nooooo! not these sweet little innocent ladies?!?

well then due to their cuteness, i do believe we can make an exception to the rule and risk another tooth.
life's short y'know.

ok, ready for the tute?
here we go!

have you ever used push up pops? 
there are a bajillion ways to decorate them.
you can get them here.

now let's fill them up with the colored mini cakes.
ok next we're gonna decorate the outside of the push-up pop. for what i used here, the hats and everything else can be found at hobby lobby or michael's.

and speaking of hats (found btw in the hobby lobby doll section),

now that the hats are done, let's add a little more fun.
like mini baskets from michael's.

so what are you waiting for? make these and dig in!
oh don't listen to them!
y'know getting that cavity will be worth it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

washi tape bunny & carrot spoons

as a crafter/artist/diy'er, 
have you ever made something that was intended for someone else and after it was done, you wanted to keep it?

well, it's not that you don't wanna give it, it's that you wanna have one too!

like if i were michaelangelo, 
laying all day on my back upside down painting this ceiling of miracles, i would wanna keep the painting.
i wonder if he painted his kitchen ceiling like with eggs and bacon or something.
now that would be something to see.


such is the case for me, when i made these:
my job for our big family easter sunday dinner is to make desserts.

but desserts aren't happening just yet as today is only tuesday and i don't wanna serve molded desserts on sunday if i were to make them now.

so i made these spoons instead.
like this:

i think they are funny and cute at the same time.
i would never ever in my lifetime think a spoon was funny and cute.

but these, i think, are.
see what i mean?
so if i decide to keep these instead of using them for the desserts on easter, i can do fun things with them.

like, make cool designs with them.
or take this picture for instance:
hey ya got any green bunnies?
no..go fish bunny.

or even better yet,
have a little dance with them.
but heeeey! wait a minute! 
i just figured out how to give them away without actually giving them away.

i am going to make desserts today so that they get molded to no fault of my own, take them to easter sunday dinner with the spoons, and tell everyone to eat up!

it'll be an easter/april fool's day treat!

do you think that will work?

Monday, March 25, 2013

bunny topiary cake pops

spring has sprung!
spring has sprung!

let's have some fun with that little extra bounce in your step knowing the winter blues are either headed out the door soon or already gone.

but first,
a gazillion thank you's go out to janine of sugarkissed who asked me if i wanted to join in on a spring cake pop group collaboration.

i had to pick myself off the floor from fainting happiness and when i revived, i joined in faster than the energizer bunny!

i absolutely love winter (i know you can kill me now) but it's probably cuz i never get snow here. living in FL means a lot of sun and no snow so hopefully these will bring some sun into your life.
it's spring fever time!

wanna make some of your own?

first i used chocolate cake and vanilla icing to make my cake pops. janine has a fantastic tute on how to make cake pops if you've never made them before if you need to get the basic recipe. cuz if i went into detail on how to make them, this post would be 10 miles long and i'd lose you at mile 2...

anyway, let's start.
i purposely shaped mine into 4 different pots for variety.
i just did it freehand, there's no rhyme or reason.

now you need your sticks.
you can get the cake pop kit here which have the green polka dot sticks.(save the candy melts and cake mix in the kit for another project.) or try here or here for plain green sticks.

so now you need peanut butter candy melts. i found mine at michael's and joann's. man, these things are deeelish! i almost didn't have any left to continue the project. 
(btw i chose pb candy because their color resembles terra cotta pots.)

the thick candy will allow you to make grass form instead of melting flat and smooth.
now that your pots are done, it's time to add the bunny.

at first i thought of making bunny cookies but that was waaaay too much work.
then i thought of cutting out bunnies from rice krispies but that was waaay too much work.
then i thought of making another cake pop bunny shape but...well you get the idea!

so when my bright idea seemed like waaay too much work for this lazy butt of mine, 
i went to walmart and eureka! i saw bunny marshmallows that were the PERFECT size! 
YAHOO! it was like it was meant to be.

you can leave it like this or go crazy like me 
and continue the madness.

still here?
yay! let's grab your green candy melt and:
here it is real close:
note that i just took the brush and went crazy with the candy and then added a candy eye.
 let's continue the madness shall we?
 if you are not liking the ribbon directly on the pot, just tie it on the stick part. or you can also make fondant ribbons if you want more madness. i added the ribbon at different levels to get this for my little garden:
i think that's all the madness for now...

oh wait!
never mind.
i gotta take the bazillion pics now!
i definitively got the spring fever!
hope you like these :)

and to make more wonderful treats to celebrate spring, you gotta check out all of these! c'mon you owe it to yourself for braving the below freezing temps and wearing a hundred layers of clothing.
Spring Cake Pops with Tutorials
1. Bunny Cake Bites by Miss CandiQuik
2. Kite Cake Pops by Party Pinching
5. Chick Cake Pops with Bonnets by
7. Springtime Cake Pop Nests by Munchkin Munchies
8. Elegant Spring Flower Cake Pops by Pint Sized Baker
9. Butterfly Kisses Cake Pops by Bubble and Sweet
10. Pastel Sparkle Cake Pops by Heavenly Cake Pops

they are totally awesome and i am totally privileged and honored to be a part of this totally special group post.
like totally!!!

and that's not all-check out our pinterest board for more cake pop fun here.

let the spring fever madness begin!