Monday, December 31, 2012

realistic resolutions for 2013

it's almost 2013.
the time for new year's resolutions.

i resolve to lose 10 pounds.
i resolve to be more organized.
i resolve to spend more time with the kids instead of my computer.
i resolve to make my holiday cookies look like these:
is it all poppycock?

let's do a reality check and call this post:
here goes.

i resolve to not gain 10 more pounds.
(this means i can have 2 cookies after that meal instead of 5. or 5 little ones instead of 2 big ones.)

i resolve to be more organized with ummmm...lists that i have lying around.
(this means throw the list away when all the stuff is crossed off of it before making another one...huh? you mean i have to cross the stuff off?!?!?!?!)

i resolve to spend more time with the kids on the computer 
when i ask them to wash the dishes so i can have more time with them right after i make a post and link up to 17 million linky parties.

i resolve to make my holiday cookies look like the ones above.

.  .  .  .  .  .

...hey now!
THERE'S a resolution i think I can actually pull off!

good luck on your new year 2013 resolutions!
realistically or unrealistically

Sunday, December 30, 2012

a love letter to pavlova

oh pavlova! pavlova!
how i love thee pavlova!
let me count thou ways.

i love thee for thy simple ingredients my soul can reach.
i love thee for thy fluffiness.
i love thee for respecting thy personal space.
i love thee for being able to 
i love thee that under extreme conditions,
i love thee no matter thy size.
i love thee that
i love thee that
oh yes, i love thee in so many ways.
i would take an entire day just to 
make this (adapted from here)
they will roll out the red carpet for you on New Year's Eve.

HAPPY 2013!!!
(and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful sis :)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

mini christmas cake stands

ok so i went and did it.
i posted this long tutorial the weekend before christmas when everyone's so crazy busy they don't even have time to flush the toilet. (what?! like you haven't been to a public restroom before?)

anywho, hope you still like this:
so i went and got this at hobby lobby:
and did this:
so as you can see, 
it's just paint and/or tape, glue. 
paint and/or tape, glue.
paint and/or tape, glue.

easy right?
now let's get the desserts.
and there you have it!
i could've made an entire mile long tute but i am pressed for time like you. so i'll just keep my fingers crossed that the pics are enough to understand how to do this.

wanna take a closer look at each one?
okey dokey.

aren't they cute all together?

see how small they are?
it's just a little treat so no one should mind the calories.
you could tie a ribbon around one and give it as a gift. (tie it around so that the dome stays on and doesn't fall off.) 
yeah right Lisa!! 
oh well, 
at least you have about 369 days til next Christmas!

so keep smiling and have a wonderful most awesomest most happiest most mostest holiday of all!
i am off to look for more stuff i won't be able to do this year for christmas!