Wednesday, January 27, 2016

diy doily garland

oh goodness it's starting to look 
a little fru fru around here,
 as you may agree after you read this post.

cuz if you're familiar with these parts, 
you know i am not fru fru.

anyway, the reason for all 
the dainty pink stuff for the 3rd post in a row 
is not due to heart day coming up, 
but rather it's due to the baby shower 
i am currently working on.

as few as the posts have been here lately, 
i've never worked so craftily as 
i've done this past week or so...
i was thinking 
"hmmm, what should i do for the blog?" 
but then i had so much shower stuff to do 
it didn't even dawn on me 
that i was already crafting.

confused? yeah me too.

anyway, when the shower is over 
(it's next saturday) 
i will make a post of all the craziness.

in the meantime, 
here's a diy for you on how 
to make a fancy fry fru garland 
for your cupid love or whatever.
i got some heavy duty cardstock 
at michael's on clearance, 
5 sheets for a dollar-yippee!

for a baby girl shower,
 these were pink-sparkly-glitter 

so i cut them up and glued the pennant 
back to back cuz i needed a garland 
for the entry-exit way.

just remember if you make a 
back-to-back garland to be seen 
from the front as well as the back, 
your letters will be reversed when glued 
together so that you can read it correctly 
no matter which way you are looking at it.

i only learned that from a duh experience 
when i made one in the past,
and made one pennant at a time.

for instance, i glued one B on the front 
and another B on the back on the same pennant.

one side said BEST WISHES
and the other said SEHSIW TSEB.

i was gonna leave it and tell people 
it was secret code
before i had to fix the whole 
blasted thing all over again.

oh well, 
see told you i'm not exactly fru fru.

either way, hope if you diy,

Friday, January 22, 2016

valentine's oldies but goodies

oh dear! oh dear! 
7 days without blogging makes one weak.

well at least for me-goodness we had 
2 tornado warnings last week 
a bunch of trees went willy nilly in my yard and
 the power went on vacation for a day 
my oven broke
goodness am i spoiled with electricity or what?!?!?

i couldn't get on the internet,
i couldn't watch tv to see if 
the tornado was gone or not,
i couldn't see anything in front of me,
i couldn't get any water to run,
i couldn't bake
most importantly,
i couldn't craft!

the world's at an end!!!

ok so maybe not.
regardless, all is well now except i still don't have any 
new crafts or a new oven and such for you so 
i have to resort 
to old archived posts.

hmmm, guess i'll pick some love-themed stuff 
for upcoming valentine's day 
just in case you had a tornado week too 
and missed it when it first posted.

here goes:
you got mail!

heart on a stick


ok that should hold for at least 
a little while til i get my sanity back.
no wait!...

Friday, January 15, 2016

flower pom pom garland

hey i got a cheapo easy peasy 
fancy schmancy 
craft for all you sophisticated mama's out there 
planning a party.
or you can use it for valentine's day 
decor by adding a heart or 2 to each.

 it only costs $4 for the supplies or 
even less if you choose one flower.


well that was easy wasn't it?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

baby face flower centerpiece vase

new year. new you?
well i dunno about that, 
but i do know there are new babies in the air!
only cuz i am helping out 
with my friend's daughter's baby shower.

she asked me for help and of course 
i said yes then she said 
there are 75 guests coming!
i better get busy huh?

well, i did and this is what 
i came up with first:
so do you wanna know how i made it?
oh well, i'm gonna show you anyway. lol

here's some of the stuff i got from michael's.
but first you gotta do this:
then grab some hot glue and,
vase face is done with baby headband and all.
wasn't that easy?
let's do the inside now.

and so you are done with little miss baby.
or are you?

i wanted some height on these so i searched and saw those tulle balloons 
on pinterest with no tutorial 
so i made one up myself.
here ya go:
the sides get all funky if you use 
just enough tulle to cover when you 
try to wrap the balloon.

just use the hot glue (low temp) to pat 
the sides down and all is good.

and OoOoOOooOoo
you are all done.
new year. new babies.
new ooo's and ahhh's.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

snowflake pie crust cookies

hey bakers i have a question for you.
have you ever tried to use 
cookie cutters with tiny detail that 
when you lift the cutter to get the shape 
and put it on the cookie sheet 
the tiny detail falls apart?
that is unless you roll your dough to 
infinity thickness.

ok so i may be exaggerating a bit but 
i'm not one to like thick sugar cookies.

i'm more of a melt-in-your-mouth cookie lover and 
thick cookies don't do that.
but it's hard to have not-so-thick 
sugar cookies when you have 
tiny details in the cutter.

that's why i like these: 
ok so i cheated and used pie crust instead 
of cookie dough but golly gee 
trader joe's piecrust tastes like 
melt-in-your-mouth cookies so i went for it.

then you can use cutters like these for all 
the tiny detail that actually stays put!

then all you gotta do with the 
confectioner's sugar is this:
golly gee i spent hours on other cookies 
over the holidays and these 5 minute jobs 
were one of the top ranked.
and everyone thought they are "real" cookies.

who'da thunk?

oh hey btw,
i FINALLY bought my hoopla-palooza dot com domain cuz 
a certain daddy has hoopla palooza dot com. ugh.
oh well, guess this makes me more official?!
i had absolutely NO CLUE how to do it but hopefully everything works out alright and you'll still be able to hang out with me once in awhile :>O! :>D!

Monday, January 4, 2016

mini cups of cocoa cheer

i am officially in 20 degree weather as i write this and loving it.
this means a ton to me cuz FL is 
too freakin' hot and the more i freeze,
the happier i am cuz the holiday spirit grows in me.

yeah yeah i know christmas 
and new year's are over but 
i am going to show you how to make a little winter treat to give out cuz who says anyone has to stop giving?
oh and also cuz i LOVE hot cocoa 
and will find every excuse to drink it 
outside of hot, sticky, humid weather 
i'm usually in.
(and yes i am on vacation as i speak 
if you haven't figured that out yet)

anyway,this is what you can call a warm fuzzy that requires mini mason jars from 
tj maxx, marshall's or home goods.

then grab some sweet stuff like this:
put that aside and grab some 
dollar tree or hobby lobby picks 
you can find on clearance now along with 
mini cupcake liners.
now stick and draw on 3 mini marshmallows 
with food marker like this:
and grab that hot cocoa jar again.

and there you have your winter cheer-
after holiday-
what the heck it's fun to give-
kinda treat.
all ya gotta do is add water 
and share some good cheer. 
i gave these out for my BFF's 50th bday party 
but like i said you can give them out just for fun or 
make some for your family as a surprise treat.
it's a great way to start the year 
don'tcha think?