Friday, May 30, 2014

tv cookies

don't tell my hubby but i got the remote.
yes the remote, the thing that holds the answer to all his dreams. 

well, not really, but it is something very precious to him, something that he cannot seem to live without.

i know it cuz he sure as heck gets all flustered when he loses it.

can't say i blame him seeing he is 0.2 centimeters away from the tv and cannot seem to use his finger to push the little on button or any other buttons on it for that matter.

so today i have the remote.
let's watch some tv ok?!

oh look here's a commercial.
ok ok these make me drool. 
let's change the channel.

hey i think i see those cookies again?!
and i've used those sugar sheets before.
they're pretty much tasteless but still fun to use.

i love the food crafter(make believe)channel.

they are the trader joe's cookies with their curved fronts. 
looks like you can candy glue sugar sheets on them fairly easy...

let's change the channel again.

hmmm...toothpicks do rule.
whoda thunk there'd be a (make believe) channel all about toothpicks?

i'm still channel surfing...

whoa! is that a tv?!?!

and a tv stand?!

why that is 



must be this channel. let's surf some

what are they trying to say?!

i bet my hubby would like these!

why i'm sooo excited i can hardly stop clicking the remote control!

clickety click clik

MY HUBBY'S GONNA KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i gotta go tv shopping now!

but WAIT!
i think the tv just came back on!
is that football?

must be the channel.
let's channel surf...
uh oh!
hubby's coming back!

help me hide the evidence that i used his remote !
that was a close one.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

pom pom mason jar

today i am back in my craft room.
 i am supposed to be organizing, rearranging, and sifting through my over abundance of craft supplies but instead i made something.
i figured it is kinda towards the organizing category.

so this is how you can make one too.

i got the tissue paper at hobby lobby, these chalkboard labels at michael's, and the pom poms at jo ann's.
so now let's write on the label.
ok now i realize this jar is covered with pom poms and the little sign may be redundant but not really for me cuz when i am looking for pom poms i can say to myself  " HELLO pom poms are over here you crazy hoarder you!" since it has been 99.9% of the time that i cannot remember where i put certain craft supplies when i need them.

 so now it's time for the lid.
ok so what about the back?
no worries, i got it covered here:
and there you have it.

now to get to my other 2,351,164,769,000 
jars i have in my craft room to hold the other 
3,452,553,765,234,001 supplies...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

star spangled mini apple pies

with graduation coming and a party that i am helping to host for one of my besties, i almost forgot about memorial day coming up! 

so lickety split we better get a patriotic treat or craft before the holiday comes and goes right?

how about some good ole american apple pie.
and let's do it mini size.
i got the pie cutters at world market from the clearance rack with the box all ripped up in the back (that you can't see) but you can always use 
a regular 'ole star cutter for these too.
using this cutter just helps in the filling process. but i think if you don't have this cutter, you can cut out a star and then another one just slightly bigger so you can put them together and seal it yourself with your fingers.

anyhow, here's how this cutter works:
the cutters give you the option for the lattice detail like you see on the box in the first pic but i opted outta that. now that the pies are ready, let's decorate them.
use a dry brush to clean up the crazy sprinkle mess before popping them in the oven or they will turn into cooked sprinkle puddles.
 then bake according to pie package instructions. 
i baked these at 450 degrees for 10 minutes.
and there you have it.
oh say can you see!
by the pie's early light.
what so proudly we hold,
at the mini pies so gleaming...

Monday, May 19, 2014

my writing process: BLOG TOUR

hi guys!
today i am doing something a little different. 
i am participating in what's called a 
which basically is a "tag-you're-it" kinda post to get to know what's behind some of the writing process on a blog.
i was lucky enough to be asked by Holly, the brilliance behind the uplifting and courageous blog,
i LOVE her outlook on life and how adversity has made her into a powerful, strong, and inspirational woman who can uplift not only those with cancer, but all of us.
she is also the author of 2 books where she shows her brilliance!
wowza! :)
so if you are in need of encouragement or just want something to uplift you, go check her out here.

in the meantime, i guess it's my turn to 
answer the blog tour questions.

What Am I Working On?
laundry laundry and more laundry.
so i am trying to talk my family into joining a nudist camp so this eliminates a lot of my time washing, drying and folding clothes not to mention putting it away since no one knows where their closet and drawers are in their room, thereby giving me more time for crafts.
oopsies-sorry i got a little carried away with that. i am supposed to be talking about my BLOG and WRITING!
currently i am working on a graduation party for one of my closest friend's son, attempting to clean my hurricane decorated craft room, and also making some summer food and crafts for an end of year party at work.

but for my brain, it never stops.
like NEVER!
it has been known several times to wake me up in the middle of the night and give me ideas i never knew existed. then upon my waking hours i resort to the craft room or kitchen and start making stuff like a craft zombie who can't get enough.
in dreamland, i am writing my 5th craft book, only second to martha stewart, and creating new episodes for my tv craft show that has all the colors of the rainbow and those in between found in an overabundance of craft supplies in an outrageously organized room. 
my kids and hubby are wearing whatever they want cuz they have their own personal laundry lady and it's not me.

How Does My Work Differ From Other of its Genre?

i get bored when it comes to crafts. 
meaning i take what i see and try to make something different from it. i don't know why my mind wanders elsewhere when i see something i like, sometimes i wonder why i just can't make things simple, but i guess that's not me.
and once in awhile i post a recipe but that has to be a 7 out of 5 stars for me to do that.
as far as crafting with hot glue or candy glue, i get all giddy and childlike when i make stuff that's never been seen or ever made before. i like to keep things fresh and exciting when it comes to making stuff. 

seems the more i create, the more ideas i get and the more fun we have around here. i want people to get excited and do a "whoop whoop!" when they see me in their inbox. well, ok maybe not to that extent but i do want people to be excited.  
i never intended for this blog to be 95% tutorials but it just ended up being that way. i don't write too much about my personal life cuz i'm just a private person i guess. 
i don't like to write a lot about work and family stuff-this blog is totally for FUN. period.

Why Do I Write What I Do?

life's hard man and in my line of profession, nursing comes with a lot of heartache and stress. i've been doing it for the last 29 years and i needed some FUN! 
good clean fun.
i've been making stuff since i was ant high so i guess it's just in my blood. you know that saying 
"do what you love, love what you do?" 
well that's why i blog. 
and as far as nursing goes, that's another story i will spare you.

How Does Your Writing Process Work?

no clue. duh. or is it
that's just it. i create in the craft room or kitchen, take pics, and then sit down to write and edit the pics with no clue how it is going to come together. i think that is due to time constraints and the demands of family and career life that give me no choice to think about the how, what, where and when of writing beforehand. there are many times i shake my head at myself and ask where all the insanity comes from. but that's what makes it cool y'know? it's the one time that "get-all-my-ducks-in-a-row-OCD-organizer-planner-type-A-personality self" can actually relax and be spontaneous! 
i also write the post, let it sit for a day and come back to read it. if i don't laugh at myself or find something that will inspire others, i delete it and start over. 
yup, i'm anal like that.

Who’s Next?
it's Cindy of 
Little Miss Celebration!
ok can i tell you about this lady a sec?
i discovered her blog recently and it was LOVE at first sight! i mean, all you have to do is read the title of her blog and if you love celebrating, then this is the place to go.
she's got crafting, baking, beauty tips, and more! Cindy's projects always seem so bright and cheery to me :)
here's just a sample of her awesomeness:
spring pom-pom topiaries

santa face door hanger reinvented

caramel pecan milkshake shooters in chocolate cups

lemon-lime curd in sugared wonton cups

map your skin care needs before you buy products
see what i mean?
you're in love too right?!
so go check her out here at Little Miss Celebration and 
show her some love!

ok so for me, i guess that's it in a nutshell. i basically gave you no clue about my writing process since 
i am clearly clueless myself.
so i guess you gotta keep coming back to see if i ever get a clue and i will keep heading off to craft land in my kitchen or hurricane room and keep doing what i love.
here's to soul feeding.