Thursday, December 25, 2014

merry merry day with a merry christmas party

the day has finally arrived!!!
merry christmas everyone!!!!

when i look at these from a party i had just 9 days after thanksgiving, 
it makes me realize that it's not so much my age that makes me tired, 
as it is with all the craziness i concote.

but boy oh boy does it bring a ton of happy happy memories.
it's worth the fatigue and i'll do it again like i do every year.

cuz i'll forget the work, 
and i'll forget the stress, 
and i'll forget the money that goes into everything.
but i won't forget the joy.

whatever it takes for you,
whether it's insanity like me or 
a peaceful christmas slumber, 
i hope this christmas gives you nothing but 
happy happy memories.



  1. You must be a blessing to those who know you, and to those like me who "know" you through your blog. Have a wonderful day with your family. And rest up! There is a whole new year ahead for you to dazzle us with your interesting brain! Love ya, girl! Dona

    1. well one thing i know for sure Dona, YOU are a blessing to me! have a very blessed and happy Christmas my BBFF! think i'll go into the night in a peaceful slumber now :>D

  2. Oh my goodness, Lisa! JOY just bounces off this page! Every single little touch is attended to! Wonderful! I imagine, being held 9 days after TG, that your idea was to launch the Christmas season. I know this just put everybody in the mood, leaving them smiling away and ready for more of the fun this time of year is filled with. Love it all! What a beautiful setting too!

    1. well if anyone would know JOY it would be YOU J! :) considering you are quite familiar with joy (heehee) i created a monster waaaay back in the old days when i started my extravagant parties and wait til someone else has one, but nope, they always wait for mine! sigh-it does take a ton of work but it's such a blast. guess i could sit around and watch tv but i don't even know how to do that at this point now! LOL :>O

  3. Now this is what you call a great Xmas theme based parties. My fried always struggle with his corporate events and I think I can show him this blog and some other theme based parties so he can put up new ideas every time.


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