Wednesday, February 8, 2017

cutie pie valentine bark

i'm a little under the weather 
so i'm gonna get right down to this.

cutie pie valentine bark.
all you gotta do is this:

melt some candy melts, 
smooth in a pan,
plop more candy melts, 
add candy.
remove and flip.
add lattice and crust.
cut into pie slices.

oh add an XO too when you give it 
to your valentine sweeties.

you didn't get that?

ok ok here are the pics:

did you get all that?

if not, please comment, 
especially about how lazy i am making this post 
and how i really need to add detailed instructions...

oh but before you go,
i only have one more thing to say to you.
nite nite for now.
time to rest my congested decrepit self.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

valentine envelope brownies

does anyone get real mail anymore?
i mean the real stuff like written letters 
from family and friends.

i'm asking cuz it seems like forever ago 
when i got one. i guess that's the times 
these days, and all we get now are 
bills and junk mail.
so i made some valentine envelope brownies 
to comfort my old melancholy days.
you'll need this if you wanna make some.
but of course you can use any brownie mix and 
just bake it in a regular pan.
i like this pan cuz it makes every piece 
exactly uniformed which is highly important 
for my crafty OCD personality.
the poof part is not really necessary, 
it's just that the brownies poofed 
while baking. just allow to cool a few 
minutes and then flip over on a cooling 
rack to cool completely.

now to decorate, i actually decorated the 
bottoms of the brownies because i wanted 
a flat surface, not a poofy one.
then grab some red melted candy or bark or 
frosting or royal icing or whatever you want 
and add the envelope lines. then if you want, write 
happy valentine's day or whatever sentiment on the sides.

next candy glue your tiny heart for the envelope seal.
i have a million valentine sprinkles but these tiny hearts 
i got at 7-11 (yes! 7-11?!!) 
seemed to fit the size that i needed.

when all is done, you'll have your yummy delicious truffle valentine envelope brownie.
they're a whole lot more fun to open 
than dumb ole bills in the mail.
here's to sweet mail for everyone!