Tuesday, October 30, 2018

halloween face-in-hole party prop

hiyo! i'm a little behind in my halloween posts.
it's cuz i had a big halloween party over the weekend and holy cow it took a lot out of me as far as time so blogging had to take a back seat.

anyway, with halloween coming tomorrow, 
this probably won't be on your to-do list now 
but mark it for next halloween cuz it's a 
totally fun party "activity" for lack of a better term.

today we are talking about how to make a 
halloween face-in-hole-party prop. 
you first need a photo stand which i got here
or i guess you can make one out of pvc pipes or something but heck i'm surely not going there!

to make this actual party prop is so much easier.
and it's cheap cuz you just need plastic tablecloths, scissors, and mod podge!
you are not gonna like this tute because i have no patterns for you...
it's cuz i had a vision in my head then i just started cutting away freehand.

i guess i forgot to mention you need some scissor skills to do this..?! oopsies!
anyway, i just started cutting out skeleton parts,
and halloween words out of the white and orange tablecloths...
and didn't care about the crooked jagged edges cuz it just added to the halloween look. 
once you have all your pieces cut,
lay out all the white and orange parts on the black tablecloth.
cutting tablecloths is a little tricky cuz they are so darn thin but the effect to make the prop creepy turns out cool when you glue the parts down with mod podge.
as you can see i didn't glue the entire thing down, but instead parts here and there.
i didn't think i would get this effect cuz i thought it would just dry normally but instead i got the creepy look which i was thrilled about!
once it's all glued down and dried,
cut out the face holes.
again i just did the whole thing free hand.

remember the more imperfect your shapes are,
 the more perfect it comes out :)
then grab your party guests and have a thrilling hilarious time!
the best part of this craft is you can make a million designs out of tablecloths even if it's not halloween.
now how scary fun is that?

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