Friday, October 26, 2018

candy corn m & m sprinkled cookies

tomorrow is my halloween party!
i could mimic a monster's scream right now only it would be of delight and excitement.
or it could be one of horror and fear thinking about all the stuff i gotta do to get ready for it. lol

regardless, i made these cookies for the kiddies-
candy corn m & m sprinkled cookies.
this is another slacker halloween post using a mix found at target.
all this come in it.
you just have to add the egg and butter.
then follow the directions, which by the way, takes more than THREE hours to make because you have to chill the dumb dough.
but i skipped a step where it says to roll the logs into rolls and just formed them like a triangle as best i could so all i had to do was stack them and cut down the chill time.
i dunno what it is but it is quite rewarding to cut 
tri-colored triangles it almost makes you forget about the looong chill time! lol
but wait.
i can never leave things alone 
when it comes to food crafting. 
so i took these:
he should be nervous cuz have you ever tasted these?
i'm not a fan of candy corn but holy cow these are really YUMMO!!!

i took them and crushed them all up in a blender.
and made candy corn sprinkles!

then baked according to directions.
but dang these cookies were waaay too big for a dessert bar so i cut them in half to get smaller sizes and they were just right.
don't forget the eyeballs!
cuz the candy corn can get real dizzy with all those 
tri-colors next to them.
so if you have 3 hours to spare, make these and you'll have one delightful halloween treat. lol


  1. Oh, girl! Leave it to you take something and make it better! These are great! But, inquiring minds want to know....what did you do with the scraps when you cut them down. I do hope you don't let me down and say you threw them away!!! Dona

    1. scraps? there were no scraps-i just cut the big triangles in half and formed them into a nicer triangles! but if you are talking about the extra crushed m&m's well they are in the fridge in my sprinkle stash! does that sound ok Dona? lol


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