Thursday, June 16, 2016

father's day dressed-up dad marshmallows

well in a few days we'll be celebrating 
the man of the house.
although in some cases, 
that may not necessarily be my hubby, lol,
nevertheless it is father's day.

a day when dads can dress up and 
eat a marshmallow.

like so:
it's fairly easy to make actually, 
just poke an oval marshmallow into a straw
(or cut a marshmallow into an oval shape with a cookie cutter) and dip it in pink candy melt after 
you candy glue a banana nose sprinkle on it first.
(i had some egg shaped marshmallows leftover 
from easter (?!?) and yes 
they still have awhile to expire)
then before it dries, add some eyes and 
chocolate sprinkle hair.
or use yellow, orange, or black sprinkles,
depending on dad's hair color.
i made these a "before and after" of my hubby.
i am positive he likes the "before" 
baldness ones but heck i need to remind him they all taste the same.

hope he smiles and doesn't get too depressed 
about the hair loss.  lol
so allow to dry on parchment paper and 
you'll have a bunch of dads.
make sure the kids help out in making these,
as they can draw the mouths on with food marker and add the sprinkle hair.

but wait!
they look like they need a little somethin'.
it is, after all, for a father's day celebration.
they're right you know.
i have no idea why the heck men's clothes are so dang expensive, 
especially when you add a tie to the mix.

hey let's look at marshall's, 
where their clothes are always reasonably affordable, 
even for name brands.


hey look!
i just found shirts for the all the dads!
('s actually a father's day card)
and LOOK!
6 shirts for a grand total of $2.99!

(plus a dad's day card you can decorate 
the front on your own-wow what a deal!)
that's only a little over 49 cents each per shirt,
not including a few cents for tax.

awww, how handsome they look!

let's add one more thing, with washi tape.
with your kid's touch using a sharpie.

hey wait! 
i see one of the dads is shirtless?!?!
no shirt? no shoes?
no problem. he'll still get service.
it's dad's day after all.


  1. Girl, my BBFF of all time, you amaze me! You can make something out of something else better than anyone I know!! These are so cute!! Queen of Qute....that's you! Dona

    1. oh gosh thank you Dona, BBFF! and i kinda like that title, Queen of Qute! to me you are a Thesaurus Treasure Treat :>D

  2. These are adorable, I am in love with the mini shirts and the way you dressed dad! :)

    1. thank you Kim! they are so silly but when i saw those shirts i knew i had to do something with them! :>O

  3. they are so cute!! the little shirt/ties make them so fun!!

    1. awww thanks Michelle! as soon as i saw that card i knew i wanted to make these! LOL :)


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