Friday, January 22, 2016

valentine's oldies but goodies

oh dear! oh dear! 
7 days without blogging makes one weak.

well at least for me-goodness we had 
2 tornado warnings last week 
a bunch of trees went willy nilly in my yard and
 the power went on vacation for a day 
my oven broke
goodness am i spoiled with electricity or what?!?!?

i couldn't get on the internet,
i couldn't watch tv to see if 
the tornado was gone or not,
i couldn't see anything in front of me,
i couldn't get any water to run,
i couldn't bake
most importantly,
i couldn't craft!

the world's at an end!!!

ok so maybe not.
regardless, all is well now except i still don't have any 
new crafts or a new oven and such for you so 
i have to resort 
to old archived posts.

hmmm, guess i'll pick some love-themed stuff 
for upcoming valentine's day 
just in case you had a tornado week too 
and missed it when it first posted.

here goes:
you got mail!

heart on a stick


ok that should hold for at least 
a little while til i get my sanity back.
no wait!...


  1. Oh my goodness Lisa! Glad you made it through the tornadoes! My brother-in-law who lives in Virginia, thinks we are crazy for living in what he calls, "Tornado Alley"!

    Sorry your oven broke..but hey, look at all the fun you'll have picking out a new one! :)

    As for the adorable treats and crafts from your archives, they are adorable and this is the first time I'm seeing them. Sooo cute! As for your oven, you'll be back to baking in no time..I'll be waiting to see your new creations! :)

    1. goodness i have to agree with your brother-in-law Karen! ha! those tornadoes were a scary thing! and as it stands today, i still have NO oven! we're surviving off of stove top meals and microwave. lol but i did order a new one and it should be coming anyday now. so maybe when i finally get it going i'll be a nonstop baking fiend!? lol :>O

  2. Oh, girl! You've had an awful week!! But my BBFF could repost for a year and I'd never get tired of revisiting her stuff!!! So get shopping for a new oven....or is it just the element you have to replace? Bah, that's no fun. Go get a shiny new one. You deserve it!! Dona

    1. hey now there's an idea Dona! repost from now on-that sure would save me a ton of work and supplies! lol naaaw, i wouldn't do that to me BBFF-i haveta give her new ideas right!? why of course! you need shiny new ideas like i need an oven heehee :>D

  3. I'm so happy that you are O.K. after such a terrible week. It stinks when an appliance dies, but having a new one is always so wonderful. I can't wait to see all the new treats that come out of yours. Love the older posts too!

    1. thank you SOOO much Beth! i feel like i've lost my best friend in the kitchen! lol it's funny how we take things for granted. so for now i will just live vicariously through your blog! ;)

  4. Oh Lisa! U R 2 CUTE! What did people do before lights and scissors that worked in a craft room? I love those little mailboxes the best - but everything you make is cute!

    1. hey that "U R 2 cute" sounds just like a valentine sweetheart candy! no wonder your comments are always so perfect J! :>D

  5. Such cute ideas! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  6. I love these Valentine's Day gifts. They aren't the typical goodies, which is really great. Thanks for sharing your post at the Over the Moon Link Party.

    1. thank you so much Sandra! i try to go the opposite of typical-lol ;)


here's wishing for a stuffed comment box... :>D