Thursday, January 7, 2016

snowflake pie crust cookies

hey bakers i have a question for you.
have you ever tried to use 
cookie cutters with tiny detail that 
when you lift the cutter to get the shape 
and put it on the cookie sheet 
the tiny detail falls apart?
that is unless you roll your dough to 
infinity thickness.

ok so i may be exaggerating a bit but 
i'm not one to like thick sugar cookies.

i'm more of a melt-in-your-mouth cookie lover and 
thick cookies don't do that.
but it's hard to have not-so-thick 
sugar cookies when you have 
tiny details in the cutter.

that's why i like these: 
ok so i cheated and used pie crust instead 
of cookie dough but golly gee 
trader joe's piecrust tastes like 
melt-in-your-mouth cookies so i went for it.

then you can use cutters like these for all 
the tiny detail that actually stays put!

then all you gotta do with the 
confectioner's sugar is this:
golly gee i spent hours on other cookies 
over the holidays and these 5 minute jobs 
were one of the top ranked.
and everyone thought they are "real" cookies.

who'da thunk?

oh hey btw,
i FINALLY bought my hoopla-palooza dot com domain cuz 
a certain daddy has hoopla palooza dot com. ugh.
oh well, guess this makes me more official?!
i had absolutely NO CLUE how to do it but hopefully everything works out alright and you'll still be able to hang out with me once in awhile :>O! :>D!


  1. Well, these are beautiful! I LOVE pie crust, and I love a pretty cookie, so it's a win all the way around, BBFF!! And whatever you did to your blog, I sure hope I don't lose you again!!!! Dona

    1. i just ate like 10 of these babies-uh oh! :>O anyway, if i lose you i will stop blogging cuz one cannot live without their BBFF! ;>D

  2. Sometimes it's really hard to get the cookie to hold it's shape. I have those plunger cutters and I use them for fondant and pie crust or even wonton wrappers. I love what you did with the pie crust, making those perfect little snowflakes! :)

    1. wonton wrappers? goodness that's a new one on me! and of course it comes from the party queen herself so THANK YOU Kim! :)

  3. Ok, so I never knew you could use pie crust to make sugar cookies! What a great tip/idea! They turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    1. i found myself nibbling on the pie crust the last time i made a pie so that's when the idea came to me! :) thank you The Remodeled Life! :)

  4. I LOVE Trader Joe's! I'm not surprised you'd have great luck with the pie crust dough you used. Pretty clever! And very pretty, highly detailed snowflakes too!

    1. trader joe's is the only brand i'd use cuz it's so darn yummy! they are delicate but i kept them in the fridge and they held up enough to pop them in my mouth-heehee thanks J! always love it when you come by! :>D

  5. Great idea! Pinning to share! Thanks for linking up with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday!

    1. thanks again Laurie! oh i love it when you pin my stuff! :)


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