Friday, November 3, 2017

halloween party 2017

hiyo post halloween people!
i wanted to share a halloween party with you that i had last weekend. mostly because i gotta put all the crap away now and will be behind in making turkey crafts unless the weather decides to cooperate and get cool again so i can move around faster and get the work done.

90 degree weather in november is no fun and lugging huge boxes around with sweat in your eyes just completely stinks so let's hope for cool weather so i can get to the turkey crafts already!

anyway, here goes:
i usually set up in my backyard because i don't want 50 kids running around my house but due to hurricane irma, some of the trees were a little unsteady and had a chance of going TIMBER at any time so i ended up decorating and having the party in my front yard this year.

that all worked out cuz i was bored with the back yard parties since it's party number 18 here. we ended up doing a haunted forest, had a whole kid corner in the yard with bobbing for apples, mummy bowling, witch hat ring toss, a campfire pit, and a table full of skeleton goodies.

i put solar lights everywhere and my neighbors for sure thought i was nutty. i always go all out for holidays and they could really see now that everything was up front, literally.

then i had my usual dessert table that 
most of the treats i blogged about.
what else that was different this year 
was a haunted forest walk.
i had hidden popping ghouls and goblins and gave everyone a light stick before they went thru it. 

some folks ask me where i get all my decorations and when i say my bday is on halloween, they instantly get it. 
and now halloween stuff is on clearance and i can't seem to figure out if that is the scariest thing for my budget or is it scarier to think i gotta put all this stuff away?!? :>P


  1. WOW! That looks like quite the party, I'm sure you're guests enjoyed every scary moment! And all those desserts??? WOW again!

    1. thank you Kim! it was a very fun party but not so fun putting all the stuff away-ugh! anyway, happy you enjoyed the pics and i'm just following you with all the desserts made! LOL ;>)

  2. Oh, this is amazing! Everything looks spooky-great and the treats look so yummy. What fun for the kids! Your home is beautiful :) x Karen

  3. aww thank you SO much Beatrice! some of the adults told me they have more fun than the kids and can't wait for my next one! i told them they can host the next party but they never do! lol :>O


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