Tuesday, November 14, 2017

thanksgiving napkin rings

it's hard to come up with thanksgiving stuff that has never been done before, and since there are a million turkey stuff that can be found in blog world, i decided to come up with something about our pilgrims and indians.

like these thanksgiving napkin rings:
ok so i know they are not sophisticated or anything 
but heck you are at hoopla palooza 
and nothing is sophisticated around here! lol

basically all i did was purchase the napkin rings at home goods and painted them using acrylics and paint markers.
you can use whatever napkin rings you can find,
as long as you can paint over them.

i favor paint markers over any paint when it comes to detail work-it's just easier for me to do it that way,
but use whatever you want.

it's a squaw in the making.
and here is myles standish and his pilgrim lady.
so let's put 'em to work shall we?
they didn't get any mouths because all they would do was eat.
so let's say we'll do the eating for them ok?
(s'cuse me but could you pass me the apple pie?)


  1. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, looks like I need to start thinking about napkin rings! Super cute!

    1. thank you Kim! i bet that's gonna be some gorgeous meal you prepare! :>D

  2. ACK!!! I can't believe it!! I have everything I need for this project!!! I'm pinning it for next year, though. Once again, I'm house sitting through Thanksgiving. But NEXT year, I'm NOT!! (cue Scarlet O'Hara) "A God is my witness, I WILL host Thanksgiving again!" Dona

    1. ok Scarlet i hear ya! i know Rhett will be awful happy to know you are cooking dinner for him because he gives a damn! lol ;>D

  3. I'll pass you the apple pie and you can pass me those adorable napkin rings!! Super cute, Lisa!! :)

    1. oh that sounds like a wonderful plan Karen! thank you! :>D

  4. How cute! Thanks for sharing with Party in Your PJs!


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