Tuesday, November 21, 2017

thanksgiving utensil holders

this tute for thanksgiving utensil holders 
is sooo easy even a turkey can do it. 
basically all you need is this at walmart:
for $1.97 each!
and then i grabbed some jars and a glass from dollar tree.
instead of gobble gobble we are talking cheap cheap here. lol
then just wrap it around if you have a good one.
and what i mean by "good one" is the other wrap i got was defected but i managed to get it to work like this:
then grab your utensils/flatware and put them to work.
remember these that i made last year?
well i used them again and grabbed my pie servers too.

and that was that.
extra?! well of course it is!
isn't that what thanksgiving is about?
(extra thanks, extra grateful, extra pie...)


  1. You always find the cutest things for your table, I think you shop even more than I! ;)

    1. well i guess i will have to admit to that...meaning the shopping part...uh oh! lol happy thanksgiving Kim! 😁🦃


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