Friday, December 21, 2018

candy cane piroulines

well, looks like i got the lazy blogger disease.
where symptoms consist of procrastinating, 
taking pics of things you create and then 
forgetting about them, and wondering if 
your readers will ever follow you again.

it seems to be a recurring disease 
i got this year.
oh my i cannot wait til the new year so 
i can refigure my things out and get back 
to my blog lovin' days of posting.

nevertheless i have a really quick christmas cookie for you 
cuz i am doing it out of pure guilt for the lack of posts 
and also cuz i know who the heck has time 
to make more cookies when christmas 
is less than a week away?

ok, here it goes anyway:
candy cane piroulines.
you know all those pretzel treats out there 
where you dip the pretzel in melted chocolate?
i was looking for something like that to do without having to use pretzels cuz i am tired of using pretzels after making oh, i'd say at least 99,435,217,654 in my lifetime...

i saw these cookies and holy christmas it hit me like,
"why the heck don't people use these cookies for food crafting?"

and so it began:
there's hazel nut flavor piroulines but 
i wanted to use the dark chocolate flavor 
cuz peppermint hazelnut? yuck.
anyway, just follow the steps below, dry on parchment paper, snip the candy curved edges off the cookie sides, 
and there ya go.
these are super yummy and if you still want 
the salty sweet taste, you can always dip it 
in dark chocolate and add sea salt to it.

in fact, you can decorate them like any pretzel treat out there so it suits your liking.
whatever way you make these, celebrate the holidays 
in your own way with it, and it's a win win all around.



  1. Oh, yes. Sooooo much better than pretzels!!!! Two days before Christmas eve? Yeah, I can do this! Thanks, BBFF! Have a fabulous Christmas!!! Dona

    1. oh Dona! YOU are the BEST blogger gift anyone can ever receive! thank you for making every day a merry one here on this blog. MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :>D


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