Saturday, February 17, 2018

strawberry rose topped brownie torte

in my last post,
you saw a glimpse of today's treat,
strawberry rose topped brownie torte.

it's a definite people pleaser that combines 
chocolate, frosting, ganache and strawberries 
so y'know it's gonna be good! 
just use your fave brownie mix and a mold or you can even put it in a regular pan and cut into squares.
i used a heart mold cuz i had these at 
a galentine party last weekend.
follow the directions on the box to bake 
then when they're done baking,
this way they will lay flat on the bottom 
and the top to hold the strawberry.
remove from the mold after 5 minutes then allow to cool completely before slicing each brownie in half as shown:
next up you'll need to make the frosting 
with these ingredients:

then pipe it on top of the brownie bottom 
and top it off with the other half.
next, mix 1/2 cup whipping cream boiled for a minute then add a 6 oz. bag of chocolate chips and stir til smooth for some delicious ganache topping.
and last but not least, cut up a strawberry 
to look like a rose.
this tutorial is awesome and shows you 
a step by step on how to make your roses.
then lastly add it to your mini tortes 
for some beautiful deliciousness.
dang these are sooo yummy!
of course you want the recipe which you can get here
and as you will see, i left the frosting all one color 
(even though it looks beige in one pic and white in the next!) and i didn't make any candy or frosting decor, just used the strawberries instead.( i do make the christmas tree but it's february and thought that'd be weird to do so! lol)
if you're on a diet, just make 'em anyway 
cuz they're so pretty you can just stare at them...
or better yet, pass them to me!


  1. Oh! So elegant and so easy! Ah, you are a wonder, girl!!! Scrabble next how about cutting in shamrock shapes! Woo hoo!! I'm on it! Dona

    1. yes that would be great Dona! you could even use green colored whipped cream to match the holiday LOL šŸ€☘

  2. Chocolate, frosting, ganache and strawberries? Count me in! :)

  3. You had me at ganache! These are such cuties and look delicious too! :o)


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