Wednesday, February 14, 2018

galentine's day party

happy valentine's day everybody!

i've said it before i'm not a big valentine's day gal-
the mushy thing is not me but when it comes to 
galentine's day,
you can call me anytime!

so with that being said,
here's what i did about it last weekend at my
galentine's day party.
target! oh target! how i love thee target!
i love thee to the...

oh sorry! got carried away there.
which is what happened to me before when i saw all the galentine dollar spot target items in the last few weeks.

i made a few posts recently about this party stuff 
herehere, here, here, and here
so now you can see how it's all put together,
and i won't go into detail.

instead i'll just show you via pics by category.

first up, the table seating area:
then the love you to pizzas station:

where i cut 30 gajillion veggies including heart shaped green peppers and pepperoni,
til i couldn't see straight and just told myself 
and stopped cutting after pepperoni heart number 573.

my gal pals went a little gaga putting their toppings on their pizzas. lol
next up the hor d'oeuvres and craft table:

everyone got a dollar tree container that had a headband, necklace, ceramic box, a game card, and a towel.
with that we made the crafts below which included a personalized emergency chocolate box, a mini photo heart ornament, and a large wooden heart they decorated themselves that i had to give them separately cuz it was too big to fit in the container!
then last but not least came the dessert table:

i'll post the recipe for those brownie tortes real soon...
but in the meantime i need a nap 
from looking at all the stuff i did. lol

hope your valentine, or galentine or whatevertine 
is super great for you and your sweetie(s)!



  1. Looks like you and your girlfriends had a wonderful party!

    1. indeed we did Beth! only thing that woulda made it better is your chocolate mousse! lol :>D

  2. Is that your house???!!! What a great place! Perfect for entertaining! And entertain you did! What can be better than friends, food and fun? Wow. I need a nap just thinking of all the work you did! YOU ARE AN AMAZING BBFF!!!!! Dona

    1. sorry took so long to reply i was taking a nap 😴 LOL just kidding you know if you live by me you'd be going to all my parties Dona! 😁

  3. WOW! Now that is what I call GALentine's party!

    1. yeah we gals needed a nite of therapy and fun Kim! 😁


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